What Happens If You Get Caught With A Deleted Truck?

Are you thinking about what happens if you get caught with a deleted truck? Definitely, you are! Otherwise, you would not be here!

If you get caught with a deleted truck on a public road, depending on the violation stage, you will be charged with an amount of money as a fine. The amount will be different in different violation stages and countries. 

Whatever it is, go through this guide if you have any kind of questions regarding the law of deleted trucks. 

What Happens If You Get Caught With A Deleted Truck?

If you are caught with a deleted truck, you will be charged with a fine in most countries. Different countries have different kinds of rules, but most countries charge a fine as a punishment. And the amount depends on a few factors.

If a big corporation is caught with deleted trucks, they are charged with big amounts, ranging up to $45,268. And if a consumer truck owner is caught, they are charged less. The least fine in the United States of America for deleted trucks is $2500, and it is for consumer truck owners.

Having that said, depending on the level of violation, companies even get charged with fines as high as a few million! But it’s rare!

So, Why Are Deleted Trucks Illegal?

A diesel particle filter is crucial to a truck as it traps the finest particles right before the air leaves the exhaust. And in the deleting process, the DPF is removed. Not only DPF but the exhaust gas regulation system is also removed. 

The EGR system works towards recirculating the exhaust gas into the intake chamber to lower the temperature of the chamber. And when the intake chamber temperature is low, it produces a very low amount of NOx gases. 

And when they are removed from the vehicle, high amounts of harmful NOx gases are spread in the atmosphere, which is a poison for the environment. These gases increase environmental pollution at an alarming rate.

According to EPA,

Over 550,000 trucks have been deleted in the United States in the past decade, which increased diesel truck pollution by 15 – 17%.

Moreover, they polluted the air as much as 9 million non-tampered diesel trucks would have done in a lifetime. 

Since these gases hurt mother nature, in 1997, the United States made the use of diesel particle filters and EGR systems mandatory. And since then, deleting trucks has become illegal. 

Is It Illegal To Have A Deleted Truck? 

In most developed and developing countries, deleting trucks is completely illegal. Whether it is USA or Uk, deleting a car is 100% illegal there, and have a strict fine system for whoever is caught with a deleted truck on the public road. The amount of fine varies from country to country. And it also depends on the level of violation.

Even though it is a major violation of the rule, most people still think it is a small violation that officers won’t waste time on. To be honest, that used to be right once but now the scene is different.

Now EPA is very active regarding such matters and is charging a huge amount of money as a fine to discourage people from deleting trucks.

Is It Legal For Shops And Tuners To Delete Trucks?

Definitely not! But still, many shops and tuners are deleting trucks. If caught, they can be charged with big fines. One trick that most shops and tuners apply before deleting a truck is to make the customer sign a waiver stating that the deleted vehicle will not be used on public roads. 

Though once they used to bypass the law with that but not anymore. EPA will hold the shop and tuner accountable for deleting, it doesn’t matter whether they have a signed waiver or not.

Not only that, with tuners and shops, EPA is imposing fines on companies that make aftermarket parts or software to bypass emission control.

Is DEF Delete Illegal In California?

Yes, DEF deletion is completely illegal in California. Also, selling or installing soot or aftermarket DEF filters is illegal there. A company named LKQ Corporation was caught selling illegal DEF and was fined $294,000 for the violation of the rule. 

California has laws regarding the condition of the DPF as well. You are required to keep the DPF in working condition. And if it is damaged, you will have to repair the filter or replace the old one with an authorized new diesel particle filter.

Is DEF Delete Illegal In Texas?

Texas also has strict laws regarding the diesel emission control system. They prohibit the use, sale, and lease of any vehicle that doesn’t have an ECS (emission control system). And if caught violating the rule, will be subjected to penalties which can be as high as $25,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Delete A Truck?

The price of deleting a truck depends on a bunch of factors. The first one is the competence of the mechanic, if the mechanic is experienced in deleting, they will charge a premium. And it will be worth paying a premium as well. 

There are two major types of tuning, base tuning and complete performance kit. Both have different prices. Overall, to delete a truck by an experienced mechanic can cost anywhere between $4000 – $12000.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Deleting Trucks

As told before, deleting a truck has some advantages and disadvantages, here, we will be broadly discussing that. And will also give a verdict on whether you should consider deleting your truck or not. 


  • Increased fuel efficiency by 20 – 30%
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Increase engine power


  • Risk of getting charged with high amount of fines
  • Dropped resell value
  • Highly contributes to environmental pollution 

Trucks that were produced before 2013 will be most likely to get benefitted from deleting. After that, every truck came with improved diesel regulation systems and engines, which are more reliable, durable, and efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you still delete a diesel truck?

If you want, yes, you can still delete diesel trucks, but that would be completely unnecessary. Trucks after 2013 have better engines with reliable and efficient systems. And Deleting trucks that were produced after 2013 will have no change on anything. It will be a waste of money.

Should I get my diesel truck deleted?

Doesn’t matter how weak your diesel truck has become or how bad fuel economy you are getting. You should not get your truck deleted. If caught on public roads, you can be charged with heavy fines. Moreover, deleted trucks are a big threat to the environment.

Is deleting a diesel truck illegal in Texas?

Yes, deleting a diesel truck in Texas is illegal. Not only deleting, selling, leasing or use of any vehicle that doesn’t have an emission control system is illegal in Texas.

Can a dealer sell a truck with DPF delete?

It depends on the local law. If your country allows selling DPF-deleted trucks, then you can do it. Otherwise, you can’t, and you should not.


A fine of $2500 – $7500 if you are a consumer truck owner or a fine over $7500 to a few million if it is a corporation, this is what happens if you get caught with a deleted truck.

Even if there is no law about deleting trucks, you still should not delete trucks as they can ruin the environment pretty fast. 

And if you are using a truck that has been produced after 2013, then there is no point in deleting the truck, as there won’t be any changes at all. Hope this guide answers all your questions regarding deleting trucks.

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