What Does the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Do- Complete Answer!

What does the exhaust back pressure sensor do, and why is it essential? The sensor is a calculator which measures the exhaust pressure passing the valve. Measuring the inner and outer pressure is necessary to control the engine performance.

Well, it’s a common question that many vehicle enthusiasts have.

No matter what type of vehicle you own, all of them have an exhaust back pressure sensor that plays a significant role in determining the overall performance of your car.

What Does the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Do- Detailed Explanation

An exhaust back pressure sensor (EBP) is also known as a DPF sensor and is connected to the exhaust back pressure valve. The sensor is quite near the turbo and the engine.

You have to check if the sensor is working correctly or if it needs a replacement. But you must know the purpose of exhaust back pressure sensor.

  1. The EBPS measures the air before and after filtering through the CCV filter pipe. The measurement always indicates that the pipe is clear and removes exhaust from the vehicle when necessary.
  2. It is the sensor that monitors the engine’s condition; the sensor will let you know if the engine is getting proper fuel and energy or not.
  3. Some sensors are efficient enough to control a car’s exhaust flow.
  4. An exhaust system pressure sensor can show the amount of total gas which passes through it, but not all the sensors can show that.
  5. If there is any problem with your engine, the sensor will let you know through an error code.
  6. The functions of this pressure sensor are affected by different factors you must take care of. You have to maintain the EBP sensor so that it delivers its purposes properly and doesn’t get damaged so easily. There are steps to change or replace the sensor when needed.

Benefits Of Exhaust Pressure Sensor

The following benefits of an exhaust back pressure sensor make it a necessary attachment for your vehicle.

Maintains The Exhaust Pressure

It maintains the exhaust pressure to improve the vehicle performance. Excessive or less pressure than the requirement is not good for the vehicle’s performance. So, the exhaust pressure sensor works to maintain and keep a balance in the exhaust pressure.

Operates the Rotation

It controls the turbine and torque inside. It doesn’t let the engine have too much fuel and pressure. Moreover, keeping a specific pace while rotating is necessary. The sensor makes sure that the speed or torque is stable according to the requirement.

Informs About Other Errors

Lets you know about other parts without detaching other components and indicates if there is any problem. For example, you don’t have to open your car engine to check if the exhaust pipe, turbo, or fuel tanks are okay or not. If they have any problem, the sensor will send you the respective error code which will let you know about the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will a bad EBP sensor do?

A bad sensor can affect the tube connected to it and clog. However, the main problem with a bad EBP is it can cause a considerable fuel loss due to a lack of signal. Moreover, it can also lead the vehicle toward a performance decrease.

Does an engine need exhaust back pressure?

Too much exhaust back pressure is not suitable for an engine because it leaves a harmful effect on the engine performance. But it is still necessary to have some back pressure on the engine for good because the small amount of exhaust pressure on the engine back helps it overcome the hydraulic resistance and moves the vehicle forward.

What happens if the car doesn’t have back pressure?

If a car doesn’t have back pressure, it will show some problematic symptoms. For example, you can see that the engine is overheating, fuel and power economy loss, sometimes it can have noises, and it gets even more severe if the engine barely starts.


You shouldn’t neglect the importance and benefits of a the car exhaust system pressure sensor because nothing else can replace it. So if anyone asks, what does the exhaust back pressure sensor do, you can explain the whole mechanism. It is possible to replace and repair the sensor but never think of running a vehicle without it. Otherwise, you can have severe problems with your car.

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