U1041 Chevy Silverado – Learn The Common Reasons & Symptoms

What is a U1041 Chevy Silverado?

A U1041 is an error code on the Chevy Silverado that indicates a loss or issue of communications with your car’s Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM).

It’s one of the most common diagnostic error codes for the Chevy Silverado. The error may relate to shorted connectors, and wiring harnesses. When the onboard diagnostic system detects ‘Data Silence’ from the EBCM, it activates a U1041 code.

As it’s a common error for many Silverado users, you can be one of them. Read the entire content to know the reasons and symptoms of the issue in detail to save your car from internal damage.

U1041 Chevy Silverado – Reasons & Symptoms

A U1041 is a diagnostic error code. It may come up if the Electronic Brake Control Modules can’t communicate with other components like the anti-lock braking system. Indeed, the Controller Area Network (CAN) shows a loss or poor communication with its EBCM.

As a result, the EBCM cannot work with the traction control, anti-lock braking system, and stability control. The possible reasons include shorted or opened EBCM Class-2 circuit, high resistance of the EBCM, failure of the EBCM circuit, etc.

Here is the summary table of  all the reasons & their symptoms:

Shorted/Open Connectors & Wiring HarnessesBrake lights may stay on
Faulty EBCMCheck engine warning light on
Poor Electrical ConnectionIlluminating traction control light
EBCM Circuit FailureCheck engine light on

Shorted/Open EBCM Connectors & Wiring Harnesses

The code U1041 Chevy truck is one of the most common errors. It happens when there are shorted or open EBCM connectors and wiring harnesses. If those connectors fail to communicate with the EBCM, the onboard diagnostic system activates this U1041 error code.

As a result, the car gets less braking power. Even if it may lose the braking ability of your vehicle, that can lead to a serious driving issue very soon. It may warn with brake lights on as the symptom of the issue.

Repairing or replacing the shorted or opened connectors or wiring is the solution for the issue. As it’s not an easy fix, it’s best to consult the dealer or an expert technician to solve the issue immediately.

Faulty EBCM

If there is a fault with the EBCM, it’ll generate a U1041 no start error code. A faulty EBCM can’t communicate with other components that are connected to it. When this issue happens, the engine warns its user by illuminating the engine check light.

The issue can lead your car to stop working with its braking system. Check the faulty EBCM that may need reprogramming or replacing by the new one. So, you must not wait a while to consult the dealer or mechanic shop to ensure the error and fix it.

Poor Electrical Connection

You already know that the EBCM controls the electronic brakes. It doesn’t perform its duty correctly when it gets poor electric connection or less electric supply.

It may be for loose or faulty wire connections. And it impacts badly on the braking power of your car by reducing its efficiency. You may get a warning symptom illuminating the traction control light for this issue.

If you suspect the braking system isn’t working, it could be a good reason for poor electric connection. It needs a thorough check-up for loose and faulty wiring. Consult an expert technician to inspect your car for the suspected issue and resolve it immediately.

EBCM Circuit Failure

A failing or bad EBCM produces symptoms to warn the user of a possible issue. It can activate the traction control by illuminating the ABS light.

As a result, the brake wouldn’t work even if you put more force on the brake pedal. It activates the check engine light as a symptom to take necessary action. But, the EBCM would be tricky to diagnose the issue you suspect due to its complicated design.

In this case, checking your car with a professional technician is best to identify and fix the issue. They’ll detect the issue, and if it’s for the EBCM circuit failure, they’ll replace it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Code U1041 Chevy?

The U1041 is an error code on the Chevy that indicates the loss or issue of communication with the EBCM and other connected. The issue can confirm if you get symptoms like illuminating the brake lights, check engine light, traction control light, and reduced or lost braking ability.

Is Code U1041 Serious?

The code U1041 is a very serious safety aspect when you drive a car. It’s because the EBCM is a component that ensures your and your car’s safety when you want to stop it from moving in an emergency. As a result, it should be active all the time. A car with this error code is usually insecure to drive. And you must avoid driving your car with this issue and fix it as early as possible.


U1041 Chevy Silverado is a diagnostic error code that activates if there is a communication problem with the EBCM and other connected components. Also, this code can come with other related codes.

Apart from shorted or open EBCM connectors and wiring harnesses, it may happen for other reasons. Those reasons include a faulty EBCM, poor electrical connection, and EBCM circuit failure.

Besides, the issue shows you some symptoms to warn you about the inefficiency or disability of the EBCM. Those warning symptoms include illuminating the brake lights, check engine light, traction control light, and reduced or lost braking ability.

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