The Ultimate Guide to Tundra Fuel Economy Improvements

The fuel economy has always been an issue with Tundra model vehicles. No matter what, you might notice you couldn’t get more than 10 to 12 mpg. So, you might wonder any idea to get Tundra fuel economy improvements or not.

Toyota just released a new model, 2022, with better mileage. Also, you can tune up your existing Tundra model to improve fuel economy.

We will discuss these topics here. Stay with us to learn more.

Tundra Models And Issues With Fuel Economy

Whatever Tundra model or trim level you might be driving, you might face issues with the fuel economy.

When your 5.7L is giving you 14 mpg, with tuning and customizing, some people can get 32 mpg.

Now, the question is, how? And the new model of the 2023 Tundra mpg isn’t that high either, then what?

But let’s see first what generations of Tundra offer what.

Here is a list of all Toyota Tundra models and their fuel economy and official mileage. This way, you will get an overall idea. MPG differs on the trim package of the model.

YearFuel Economy (MPG)

As we can see, with time, Toyota didn’t do a great job at improving the millage in this series.

Most of the cars that exist today are from the second generation. Each year, Toyota focused on improving its emission system, one of the main reasons consumers chose Tundra trucks. But fuel economy wasn’t improving.

But a few practical and proven ways can improve Tundra fuel economy. These are some excellent practices done by Tundra owners and experts across the globe.

Let’s see how that works.

Tundra Fuel Economy Improvements: Every Proven Way

The fuel economy doesn’t depend on a single factor. There are a few things you need to upgrade. Besides that, you need to maintain a few rules to improve fuel economy.

Let’s see what can hurt fuel economy and how we can fix it.

Are Your Tires Aligned? Is the Pressure Correct?

Well, this is one of the significant essential factors. Because;

Change or Fix Your Oxygen Sensors

If you didn’t change your oxygen sensor, do it now! The oxygen sensor ages month after month directly affects the fuel economy.

As we know, oxygen is what trims the vehicle. So, if there is any problem related to the oxygen sensor, it’s better to take a good look at it.

Are You Using The Brakes Too Often?

Dragging brakes is one of the reasons you are losing your fuel efficiency. When pressing on that brake too often, you need more gas or oil to get back at speed.

To do that, you need more power. And often, this could hurt the fuel economy.

Are You Going At High Speed?

Going high speed with this range of trucks will affect your fuel economy. Besides,

What About Oil?

Well, you need to maintain a few things regarding oil.

Ignition And Injectors

When was the last time you cleaned your overused injectors? Well, dirty injectors will lead to spraying inefficiently, which will lower the fuel economy.

On the other hand, delayed combustion happens when you have a weak spark. This hampers your fuel economy as it requires more power. Clean the injectors, and this might increase the Toyota Tundra fuel economy.

Take Out All The Weight You Don’t Need.

I won’t blame you if your half of the house is in the truck. That tool from last month you put in your truck, which you forgot to take out, and other scenarios like that.

Don’t move around with this much extra weight. This directly affects the fuel economy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Improve The Gas Mileage On My Toyota Tundra?

You can improve the gas mileage in a few ways. Don’t speed up more than optimal; clean the significant parts, fix the old-bad parts, align the tires, and remove all unnecessary components.

Can You Get 20 Mpg On Tundra?

Yes, you can. Most of the second and new-generation Tundras’ average mpg is around 20. But maintaining and avoiding a few rules can quickly get you the 20 mpg.

Is The 2022 Tundra Good On Gas?

Yes, the 2022 Tundra is good on gas. Usually, you can get more than 20 mpg on average in this model. You can also increase the fuel economy by tunning up the vehicle.

What Mpg Will The 2022 Tundra Get?

The 2022 Tundra will get 18 mpg in the city area and 22 mpg on average on the highway. But you can upgrade and maintain a few ways to improve the fuel economy.

Will Toyota Improve Tundra Mpg?

Toyota already improved the Tundra mpg with their new 2022 model. You can also enhance the Tundra mpg by upgrading the tire alignment, removing extra weight, fixing a few components, and regularly tuning up.


Here, we discussed all the possible ways how Tundra fuel economy improvements are possible. New Tundra models come with better mileage than before but are not great.

We can do a few things to make it work and make the fuel economy more efficient. Remove all the extra weight from your bad parts, such as faulty oxygen sensors and injectors.

Besides that, make sure the body and tire alignment is working. Don’t use the break too often, and avoid using thinner oil. And, of course, going more than optimal speed will hurt your fuel economy, so look out for that.

Maintain them, and you’re good to go!

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