Latest Subaru Outback Software Update Step by Step Guide!

What does the newest Subaru outback software update include?

By installing Subaru outback software properly, you will unlock yourself to enjoy the relish of the new features. This package includes advanced driving assistance technology to a garage opening system remotely and subsumes many more options for your ease.

Today we shall provide you with an utter description of the total software and other key features of Subaru outback software update 2022 and more. And, certainly, you will find it worthy of a lifetime possession.

Let’s dig into the Subaru software and its upgrading process. Before that, let’s merit the deviations between the software by years, so keep yourself tuned with us to perceive the latest Subaru software update.

Subaru Outback Software Update- Based On years

We have accumulated all the updates that Subaru released as their outback software for their cars. Now stare at the table to find the information with brief explanations.

YearsSoftware Information
20182018 Subaru Outback software update includes some fixable and hassling bugs.
2019It may require reinstalling sometimes.
2020Includes a variety of options with navigation advantages
2021The updated version of 2020 with a less time-consuming process.
2022Similar to 2021, you can connect to Wi-Fi from any source more efficiently than before.

How To Update Subaru Outback Software Step By Step

The update of infotainment firmware 2022 is quite similar to the Subaru Outback software update 2021, and Subaru users may find it more accessible than a beginner. Moreover, the process is indistinguishable in the case of the Subaru Legacy also.

Versions Of Firmware

3 firmware versions start from Subaru firmware update 2020.

  1. The first version is for the base model of Subaru Outback that integrates a set of two 7 inches displays.
  2. The second version is for those which have the 11.6 inches display. It is the mid-level version, and there is no existence of a navigation system in this version’s profile.
  3. Last but not least is the most updated one. The features of this version are top-notch, including the 11.6 inches display with a proper navigation system.

In addition, after the Subaru firmware update 2019, we can find these versions and classifications.

Steps To Install

Now, follow the steps to update your outback. If you are updating Subaru Starlink firmware update 2018 or any other backward version, it will not work.

  1. Firstly, you have to download the files. If you use 2020 and 2021 Outback, you must download 4 files. But, the most updated one includes one file as a built-in.
  2. After downloading from the internet, transfer all the files to a memory stick or a Pendrive.

The pen drive should be above 16 GB by space since the files will occupy around 8 GB, and you are ready to attach it to your car. Before any other tasks, install the USB in your car’s system.

  1. Thirdly, it is a bit dull because it includes a time-consuming process. And, you can pick 45 mins as the total period to install the firmware. Now, attach the pen drive with the display or player of your car.
  2. Start the installation process. At first, you will see the information about your current version.

Then, go to the dealer mood portal, and it may take a few mins and complications to take you to the default portal. The complicated part is that you must press both temperature control buttons simultaneously.

And, the number of the press is 6 times. You will end up with a menu with an option for a software update. Press the update button, and you will experience a message from the car.

The message will tell you about the versions on the USB and whether they are accurate or not. In addition, it will ask you for permission to start the installation process. Now, press the okay button, and the system will start installing the versions.

  1. Eventually, the system will inform you when the installation process is complete. And now press the OK button that appears on the screen.

After that, you have to leave your car for 10 mins. So, turn off the ignition or engine, and close the windows and doors. Please, do not lock the door. It will rapidly urge your car to initialize your newly installed software.

After passing 10 mins out of the car, you have to turn on your car and check the software information on the display. You will see that your car has already adapted to the new firmware software.

If you are one who is using one software that requires Subaru firmware update 2017 or Subaru firmware update 2016, it would be helpful if you the Subaru customer care point to merit the ways to install new firmware version.

Moreover, suppose you own a backdated vehicle and are thinking about the 2015 Subaru Outback software update. In that case, you must leave your thoughts since Subaru encourages consumers to update the vehicle overall.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I update the firmware on my Subaru Outback?

The process of updating the Subaru outback is undemanding. And the steps are, firstly, you have to download the required files from the internet. Secondly, go to your car and attach the Pen Drive.
Thirdly, go to the dealer mode and press the temperature controlling button 6 times. You will get a menu and select the software installation or up-gradation button. The installation will start shortly after that

Can you update Subaru infotainment system?

Yes, you can update the Subaru infotainment system by downloading the files according to your version. After downloading, you must attach the pen drive and proceed with the total curriculum correctly.

How much do Subaru map updates cost?

The cost of updating the map in your Subaru may vary. The average cost is around $120 to $300. The price also depends on the dealer.

Can Subaru maps be updated via Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can update the map via your mobile device, Wi-Fi, or other sources. And you can also check and update them automatically by using your car system in the latest versions.
Just go to the settings from the display, and you will find the Wi-Fi option over there. By the way, you need to operate the Subaru Starlink app simultaneously.


Installing is a yielding task if you can perform it correctly. Just keep it in your mind; while performing Subaru outback software updates, you must keep time in your hand. Neither can you turn off the engine during the installation nor leave your car for a minute.

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