The Rear Differential Replacement Cost F150- Full Details Here!

How much does it cost to replace Ford F150 rear differential? The rear differential replacement cost in the Ford F150 series may range from $500 to $2500 or even more if you replace the entire differential.

But why may your vehicle require less or more cost to replace the rear differential?

Because the rear differential replacement cost of F150 can vary based on the year models of Ford F150, moreover, the replacement cost may also fluctuate depending on what type of parts replacement it requires.

However, today, we will discuss the overall cost for the rear differential replacement of F150, including parts and labor costs. Besides, you will also learn which rear differential parts to replace as a fix and their replacement cost in this write-up.

So let’s take a round and see what we have for you here!

Rear Differential Replacement Cost F150

The Ford F150 rear differential replacement cost is pretty huge, including the parts replacements cost and labor cost. The price would go from $450 to $100 for replacements for parts like bearing, clutch, gasket, etc. And the labor cost will range between $1500 and $2000. The entire rear differential replacement will cost approximately $1800 on average.

However, a short data table below shows the rear differential replacement cost for different year models of Ford F150.

Ford F150 Year ModelOverall Replacement Cost
1990 Ford F150 $600 to $1000
 1997 Ford F150$350 to $650
2001 Ford F150$500 to $800
 2003 Ford F150$350 to $650
 2005 Ford F150$700 to $1000
2006 Ford F150$800 to $1000
2010 Ford F150$1100 to $1200
2013 Ford F150$1250 to $1550
2014 Ford F150$1500 to $1830

Replacement Options For Damaged Components

The rear differential of a vehicle includes common compartments such as bearings, pinion sets, axle shafts, internal gears, etc. the Ford F150 differential cost of replacement depends on what type of parts should be replaced.

Bearing Replacement Cost

The Ford F150 rear differential bearing replacement cost would range from $250 to $300. Here the new bearings will charge from $169 to $192, and the labor may charge up to $100 starting from $75.

Clutch Pack Replacement Cost

The Ford F150 rear differential clutch pack replacement cost ranges from $745 to $900. In this case, the labor cost is pretty much high and may range from $550 to $895. This part would cost up to $191.

Pinion Replacement Cost

The price of a new rack and pinion for a Ford F150 is between $1371 and $1612. The labor cost for replacing pinion sets ranges between $185 to $240.

So, the overall replacement cost, including parts price and labor charge, will range between $1550 and $1850.

Gear Replacement Cost

The gear and rear end bearing replacement cost is around $250. Gears individually may cost from $5 to $90. And the labor rate may range up to $100 per hour.

When To Get A Replacement?

The rear differential is a crucial part of a vehicle’s drivetrain system. And it can get damaged for several reasons, including driving at high speed and lacking oil.

However, some cases of having a bad rear differential may require easy repairs. But if that doesn’t work when a rear differential is completely damaged, replacing it would solve the problem. So how will you know when to replace your car’s rear differential?

Well, some symptoms indicate that your vehicle has rear differential malfunctioning. And you can notice the following symptoms given below-

Weird Whining Noise

The whining sound coming from the rear differential components is a common sign of a damaged rear differential. This can arise due to the lack of proper lubrication.

Grinding Gears

Gears grinding will appear when you have a faulty rear differential. If you try to accelerate the gear, the humming sound of grinding gears will become louder. Replace the rear differential or gears as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the transmission system of your vehicle.

Poor And Reduced Handling

If you notice poor steering or handling while driving or making turns, you may have a rear differential failure. Leaving it or ignoring the symptom may lead to dangerous accidents.

Oil Leaks

You may also notice oil or fluid leaks from the rear end of your vehicle.

Car Not Moving

If your car doesn’t move at all when you start it, you may have a damaged rear differential. Because when the rear differential entirely gets damaged, the drive wheels cannot get the power transmission.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a rear end on a Ford F150?

The rear differential replacement cost on a Ford F150 will cost between $500 and $2500. The price would go from $450 to $100 for parts like bearing, clutch, gasket etc., replacements. And the labor cost will range between $1500 and $2000.

Is it worth fixing a differential?

No, it is not worth repairing a differential in all cases. Fixing or repairing the rear differential will eventually cost the same as replacing it. Sometimes, it may even cost more than replacing.

How much does a differential swap cost?

A differential swap cost can range from $2000 to $4000 max. If your vehicle’s rear differential is completely damaged, the labor cost and parts price altogether cost more.


I hope you all are clear about the rear differential replacement cost F150.

Replacing a malfunctioning or damaged rear differential can prevent many unwanted accidents and vehicle damage.

However, the car rear end repair cost will also vary depending on the type of damage and labor time. If you notice any symptoms of having a rear differential issue, visit the nearest local dealer shop.

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