P2450 Ford F150- Here’s Everything You Need in Details!

Is P2450 serious? Yes, it is serious as it strongly affects the gas mileage. The P2450 Ford F150 error code is associated with the evaporative emission system switching valve performance. This EVAP system allows the engine to intake enough amount of fuel vapors. In fact, it controls the flow of fuel vapors and draw necessary evaporative emission to the intake manifold and mix the proper amount of fuel with the appropriate amount of air.

When this switching valve is stuck open or close, it cannot maintain the balance of fuel and airflow. It adversely affects the engine and the gas mileage. Fuel leaks or is lost in the air. So, you must know the symptoms, reasons, and fixes to get rid of this code.

Let’s dig deep.

Causes & Symptoms of P2450 Code

Faulty fuel vent valveLow gas mileage
Engine problems
Open EVAP vent valve harnessThe engine gets the hard start
Engine stumble
The poor electrical connection in EVAP vent valve circuitEngine rough idle
Poor fuel economy
Clogged or contaminated EVAP vent valveHissing noiseExcess smokeFuel smell
Engine problems

P2450 Ford F150 Fixes

When the EVAP vent valve is stuck open or close or cannot open at the right time, it creates a problem in the proper fuel passing. That’s why it needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Defect in EVAP Fuel Vapor vent Valve

The EVAP vent valve is an essential part of the EVAP system. It is the airflow controller in and out of the charcoal canister. This portion gets faulty for blocked EVAP lines, leaks in the lines, faulty sensors, malfunctioned solenoids, etc. Sometimes, some simple issues like corrosion between the fuel cap and filler neck can cause a problem with the EVAP vent valve.

When the EVAP vent valve is faulty, this system leaks, and the 2015 F150 EVAP code appears. It causes low gas mileage and creates problems in the engine.

Solution: First, find the issue and replace the EVAP sensors, solenoids, or leaks if found faulty or broken. The vent valve is repairable. You can repair it with the help of an expert. If you find it unrepairable, then replace the entire vent valve.

Open or Shorted EVAP Vapor Vent Valve Harness

When there is an imbalance in the power supply, it causes a short circuit in the EVAP vent valve. Then the EVAP vent valve harness stays open. Sometimes, the valve sticks and cannot close fully.

If you check the EVAP system in your truck computer, you will find leaks or check engine light will be on. The system will show the P2450 code. You will find it hard to start the engine right after refueling it in this situation. The engine will stumble before starting.

Solution: If the valve harness is open, you have to repair it. Sometimes, the harness can break or be damaged. Then replace it.

Poor Electrical Connection with EVAP Vapor Valve Circuit

When there are any leaks in the EVAPO vent valve or the vacuum hoses, the electrical connection becomes poor. The loose or ill-fit or missing gas caps can also cause poor electrical connection.

When there is a poor electrical connection in the EVAP vent circuit, the engine rough idle, performs very poorly, and the check engine light appears. You will get it hard to start the engine and see poor fuel economy.

Solution: When you find the problem is with the electrical connection to the EVAP valve circuit, you have to seek help from a professional to check it. Repair necessary parts and replace if anything is faulty.

Contamination in EVAP Fuel Vapor Vent Valve

For air-fuel passing, the EVAP fuel vent valve gets contaminated. If it is clogged, the check engine light gets on. The engine makes a hissing noise, and the fuel smell comes out. You will also get issues with the filling up of the fuel tank. There may be some excess smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Solution: As a P2450 Ford escape, you have to unclog the valve. First, place your fingers on the canister top where the other two pipes open. Then release the air by pulling the trigger on the airline’s nozzle. Use your other hand to pass 50 psi air into the canister. After blowing air for two to three minutes, the clog will be clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a P2450 code?

The PCM monitors the EVAP vent valve. After checking the evaporative emission, if there is no leak, the PCM looks for the 2016 Ford F150 EVAP switching valve location. The fuel vent valve should be closed at the vacuum in the fuel tank. If it is found open, the vacuum is lost fast. When this loss is more and exceeds the calibrated threshold, it shows the P2450 code.

What is an EVAP switching valve?

The EVAP switching valve is the control system that draws the evaporative emission to the intake manifold to mix it with the air. This switching valve is a duty cycle type, and it purges evaporative emissions from the charcoal canister.

How do I fix the error code P2450?

Since the P2450 is related to the EVAP switching vent valve, you may have to check its parts. Then you will need to repair the evaporative emission system valve harness. If found wholly damaged, you have to replace the harness.


The P2450 Ford F150 appears when there is an issue with the EVAP vent valve. This valve switches the fuel vapor to pass at the right time and enter the engine’s intake manifold. It also traps the fuel and prevents it from losing. When this code appears, you will face severe loss in gas mileage and have to go to frequent fuel filling stations.

So, learn the symptoms of this error code and find the issues immediately so that you can solve them soon. It will reduce the hassle of diagnosing the problem thoroughly.

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