P0455 Kia Soul Code- Let’s Check What’s Inside+ Fixing!

Want to know what the code P0455 Kia Soul indicates? The code P0455 indicates a large leak in the evaporative emission control system (EVAP).

This system controls the release of harmful vapors from the fuel system. There are many causes for triggering the code, but the most common possible problem is either your gas cap not working correctly or your Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (FTPS).

In the article, we’ll cover all possible reasons why the engine code P0455 Kia Soul appears on the scanner tool. Similarly, we also discuss several ways to solve the error. So, if you read the article, you can learn a perfect understanding of the problem and when the code triggers.

P0455 Kia Soul

The P0455 is a code that indicates a large leak in the EVAP system but not the fuel leak. The system mainly controls storing fuel vapors from the fuel tank and stopping them from spreading into the atmosphere.

If there’s a large leak in the system, which can mainly turn on “Check Engine Light” and trigger the code P0455 on Kia Soul when it’s scanned by the OBD tool. It can also trigger additional codes, such as P0440, P0420, and P0441 which are associated with this problem.

P0455 Kia Soul fix is very easy and simple, and you can resolve it yourself. It does not take a long time.

Now, let’s see the possible reasons that cause a P0455 code in the table below.

ReasonsCommon Symptoms
Loose Gas CapCheck engine light/  fuel odor/ unable to tighten or fit the cap
FTPS ProblemCheck engine light/ bad fuel pressure reading
Fuel Filler NeckGasket dried out/ fuel smell
Faulty Canister Purge ValveCheck engine light/ increased emissions

Loose Gas Cap

The most common cause of this code is a loose gas cap. Fuel vapors will escape from the tank if the gas cap is damaged, bent, or not tightened correctly. Thus, it will turn on the check engine warning light and throw the P0455 code when it gets scanned with the OBD tool.

For fixing, first, open up your gas tank and inspect the cap condition. Spray to clean the gas tank with a WD-40 cleaner, which you can find on the market. Moreover, ensure to see if the gas cap gets dusty. However, if you have a problem with the gas cap, you may replace it with a correct model gas cap.

FTPS Problem

The Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (FTPS) is a part of the fuel pump, which is mounted on the top or inside of the fuel tank. The responsibility of the FTPS is to measure the correct pressure in the tank. If the sensor cannot read the correct pressure, it indicates symptoms such as the check engine light, P0455 code, or bad fuel pressure reading.

First, check the fuel pressure sensor to see if it’s reading correctly. The perfect reading must be 2.4. So make sure the reading is accurate. It must be replaced if you have a problem with the fuel pressure sensor.

Fuel Filler Neck

The fuel filler neck is the part of the car that connects the fuel tank to the fuel filler cap. If there is a problem with the fuel filler neck, it can cause the P0455 code to be displayed.

Check the gasket, which helps connect with the tank and may dry out in the hot climate. If it dries out, the fuel tank is unable to take the pressure. For fixing, You can replace it easily with a new one of the same size.

Faulty Canister Purge Valve

The canister purge valve controls the release of vapors from a vehicle’s fuel system. The valve is located between the fuel tank and the engine and is opened and closed by the ECM.

If the canister purge valve is faulty, it can cause the engine light to come on and trigger the code P0455. It’s because the valve regulates the vapor flow inside the engine. If the valve is faulty or stuck open, it allows excessive vapor to flow.

If you find a problem with the canister purge valve, there’s no way to repair it. Instead, you should replace it with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0455?

To fix code P0455, check the gas cap to see if it’s appropriately tightened. Replace the gas cap if it does not work correctly. Next, check the fuel tank pressure sensor. If your fuel pressure sensor is not measuring the proper reading, it needs to replace soon.

Is code P0455 serious?

EVAP leaks could lead to a severe and highly damaging environmental issue. We would not recommend continuing driving when the engine check light is on or if your vehicle has an EVAP system problem.

Will an exhaust leak cause a P0455 code?

The code P0420 can also trigger if you have a problem in the EVAP system. However, the same code mainly indicates exhaust system leaks and faulty oxygen sensors in the catalytic converter.


There are several reasons why P0455 Kia Soul occurs, and it also illuminates “Check Engine Light” on the dash. We have described all potential reasons for this error code on Kia Soul. But most commonly, the error happens when you have a problem with the gas cap or fuel tank pressure sensor.

Finally, if you cannot find any reason for the problem, take your Kia Soul to an expert mechanic for an advanced diagnosis.

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