OBS Ford Seat Swap: Which Years Seat Should Be Interchanged?

Having an OBS Ford truck can make you wonder what years are interchangeable. Well, you can check out the seats of F-series Ford trucks released between the sixth to ninth generations for the swapping purpose.

There are several things to consider while doing a classic OBS Ford seat swap. Due to several influencing variables, you cannot just swap out the seat in your OBS Ford truck for one from another truck.

Two key elements in these situations are the cabin type and mount compatibility. By reading this article, you will learn which OBS Ford model years you should pick if you want to switch seats without any hassle.

Complete Guide to OBS Ford Seat Swap

The Old Body Style or OBS Ford trucks proved reliable in the early 2000s. Starting from the engine performance and comfort, these old trucks have always been on top. That is why people don’t want to disown the OBS Ford trucks that easily.

Now, to keep the OBS Ford trucks on the go, it should be upgraded regularly to keep up with other trucks on the road. One of those upgrades includes seat swapping.

Since the OBS trucks are discontinued, you need to perform a seat swap in your truck from other trucks. Doing this requires you to understand some key points about which year’s seat you need to swap with your truck’s seat.

Seat Swapping Compatibility Chart For OBS Ford

Ford trucks from 1980 to 1997 are known as the OBS trucks. It is better to choose the trucks with a similar framework for swapping the seats. It reduces hassle, especially making manual adjustments to mount the seats.

OBS Ford GenerationsCompatible Model Years
Seventh Generation1980-1986
Eighth Generation1987-1991
Ninth Generation1992-1997

The OBS truck models within the similar generation have mostly identical chassis and internal frameworks. This gives you similar seat mounting brackets for front and back seats for different cabin types.

For example, it can be done quite conveniently if you want to do an OBS Ford seat interchange between a 1982 and 1986 Ford F-series. Similarly, the seats can be swapped between the trucks of the sixth and seventh generations.

One thing to remember while doing a seat swap is the cabin type of the trucks. Because doing a single cab OBS Ford seat swap with a crew cab or super duty can be a waste of money.

Cross Generation Seat Swaps

It is possible to do cross-generation OBS Ford seat swaps. In such cases, the years of the trucks whose seats would be swapped should be closer. Doing a seat swap between 1980 Ford truck and 1997 Ford truck can be hassling as there is a seventeen-year gap in the production year.

Electrical appliances, mounting brackets, and seat belt position change with the model years. That is why doing a 1986 Ford seat swap with 1990 would be more fruitful and less hassling.

You may need to drill through the vehicle to do a seat swap jumping from over generations of the F-series Ford truck. All you have to do is install the seats through bolts after drilling holes in the floor.

This is a simple process. Place the seats correctly, mark the bolt holes that need to be drilled, then remove the seats. You’re done when you use the proper bolt, nut, and washer combination and some thread-lock.

For an installation that looks more professional, you may alternatively have the bolts soldered to the frame. Even seats from trucks of other brands can be installed in the OBS truck following this method.

Precautionary Steps While Swapping Seats

There are key factors to consider before initiating the seat swap in your OBS truck. Keeping these in mind while trading or purchasing seats is worth the time.

Check For Mount Compatibility.

Although all generations of the OBS Ford F-series have almost similar mount, you should double-check for extra precautions. If the mounting bracket of the vehicle does not match with the seat you intend to install, drilling through the floor pan would be required.

Cabin Type Of The Truck

The F-series trucks have different cabin options such as regular, super duty, and crew cabin. The chassis’ framework differs in space, especially for the rear seats.

However, the front seats have similarities in terms of installation and space. Hence, the OBS Ford front seat swap can be done without inconvenience. But, if you are planning to swap the rear seats of your OBS extended truck, the target truck’s cabin type should also be focused on.

For example, the OBS Ford extended cab seat swap can be done with crew cab seats and cannot be done with regular cab seats.

Keep An Eye On Electricals

Not all Ford OBS trucks have power seats. The Ninth generation (1992-1197) model years of OBS Ford trucks have the power options to move and incline the seats electrically.

Other than that, previous models used a manual system. Therefore, you should be extra careful about the electrical appliances within the seats while doing an OBS Ford truck seat swap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What seats fit in OBS Ford?

You can fit some Chevy truck seats in the OBS Ford trucks. However, seats from a different generation of the OBS Ford can fit within each other. You may need to drill through the vehicle’s floor pan if the seats’ mounting bracket is incompatible.

Are all-year OBS Ford seats interchangeable?

Most years of the OBS Ford seats are interchangeable. Keep an eye on the cabin type if you also want to switch the rear seats. Moreover, the number of seats can differ in different generations of the OBS Ford. You need to install the seats by drilling and using nuts manually.


Swapping the older seats of the OBS Ford trucks is quite mandatory. It is because older seat designs do not provide comfortable lumbar support. Hence, driving with flat seats on long journeys such as cross-country drives can get you backache.

You can use the seats from the Ninth generation of OBS Ford trucks or aftermarket bucket seats to upgrade your vehicle. It is better to seek professional help if you find difficulty in the compatibility of seats while swapping.

We hope this article has been informative and instructive to you on effectively doing an OBS Ford seat swap.

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