A Breakdown of Nissan Rogue Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Cost

How much does replacing the Nissan Rogue brake pad and rotor cost? It can cost around $300 to replace both the Nissan Rogue brake pads. And the replacement cost of the rotor will be around $300 – $550, depending on the rotor type and vehicle model. 

That’s an estimated cost, Nissan Rogue brake pad, and rotor replacement costs can go high or low depending on factors like the quality of the product, vehicle model, availability of the parts, axle, etc. 

However, below we have broken down the cost so that you get a better understanding of the price. 

Nissan Rogue Brake Rotor Replacement Cost 

There are many versions of the Nissan Rogue, and even though each Rogue brake rotor’s cost is different, they are all in a similar range.

Here are some of the most popular Nissan Rogue brake rotor replacement costs. From this, you can have a basic idea of the cost.

Model Brake Rotor  Replacement Cost (Including labor Cost)
Nissan Rogue 2008$385 – $471
Nissan Rogue 2009$252 – $308
Nissan Rogue 2011$401 – $491
Nissan Rogue 2015$135 – $165
Nissan Rogue 2017$417 – $509
Nissan Rogue 2018$368 – $450

As we said, the price of the brake rotor depends on two things, the quality and the vehicle model. And occasionally you might need to pay a high price when the brake isn’t available, which mostly happens in old year models. 

So on average, a Nissan Rogue brake rotor costs around $100 – $300. That’s the average cost; depending on the quality and the vehicle model, the price can get high or low. 

And labor cost would be around $80 – $150, depending on the location and skill level. Some states in America have higher labor rates, and some are low. So it depends where you are living. 

But if you are replacing yourself, you can save some bucks.

To replace two brake rotors of your Nissan Rogue, you are looking to pay between $300 – $550.

So, you can now count your bucks.

Nissan Rogue Brake Pad Replacement Cost 

Like brake rotors, there are different types of brake pads as well made with different materials. The higher the material quality, the longer it will last. The price of brake pads depends on the pad type.

However, there are mainly 4 types of brake pads,

  1. Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO)
  2. Low Metallic NAO
  3. Semi-metallic 
  4. Ceramic 

Among all 4, ceramic brake pads are the most expensive as they don’t wear off easily.

A Nissan Rogue ceramic brake pad can cost anywhere between $80 – $150. The price might get even higher if the pad needs to be imported. 

And the labor cost will be around $100. As mentioned before, how much labor cost you will be paying depends on which state you are living in. Some state has higher labor cost, and some have low. Apart from that, the skill level of the laborers also influences the price. 

Altogether, you will be paying around $300 to replace two brake pads of your Nissan Rogue. 

What Are the Symptoms of Bad Brake Rotor & Worn Out Brake Pads? 

When the brake rotor and brake pads aren’t working fine and need to be replaced ASAP, it shows some symptoms; here are the most common ones.

The Steering Wheel Will Vibrate 

Normally, when you hit the brake, that causes the brake pads to press against the rotor’s smooth and even surface. And that slows the vehicle down.

With time, the friction heat causes the rotor surface to be uneven and sometimes bents the rotor as well. When such a thing happens, due to that, upon braking the steering wheel will vibrate.

If the rotor is very bad, then the steering will vibrate highly. It is one of the most common symptoms of a worn-out rotor. 

Squealing Noise 

When the brake pads have worn out, or the rotor is worn out while braking, you will hear an irritating squealing noise. That being said, worn-out brake pads and rotors aren’t the only reason behind the noise.

Sometimes due to moisture, such sound comes out when braking, but if moisture is the issue, then the sound will go away after a few minutes of driving. 

So even after riding for 30 minutes or so, if you still hear the noise, get it checked by the mechanic as soon as possible. 

Wear Indicator

If you are using an old Nissan Rogue, you might not have this feature, but there is a wear indicator in the new Nissan Rogue. The indicator tells you when the brake pads have worn out 80%. So whenever you see that indicator blinking or lit up, get the brake pads changed as soon as you can. 

Brake Pedal Getting Spongy 

If you have been driving for a long time, you can tell if something is wrong with the pads by pressing the brake pedal. When brake pads have worn out, the pedal feels spongy. Sometimes it could be due to other reasons, but it will be wise to get that checked. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does replacing brakes and rotors in a Nissan Rogue cost?

Including the labor cost, replacing two brake pads and rotor in Nissan Rogue will cost between $500 – $1000 depending on the parts quality and model of the vehicle. Plus, the availability of the parts will also influence the price.

How much does a brake job cost at Nissan?

A full brake job, including changing the rotor, brake pads, etc., will cost around $1200 in Nissan. But if you do that locally, the price will be slightly less, but that’s not worth taking the risk.

How Much Should 4 rotors and brake pads cost?

4 rotors cost between $600 – $1200, and 4 brake pads cost $350 – $600. The price will depend on the product quality, brand value, and availability of the product.


So there is a complete in-depth breakdown of the Nissan Rogue brake pad and rotor replacement cost. The price we have listed above is an estimated price; depending on various situations, the price can go up or come down. 

But with the given price, you will have a good idea about the cost you might need to bear. With that said, wrapping this article up, hope it added value!

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