Nissan Frontier Leaf Spring Upgrade | Explained with Experts Guide

Despite having a robust suspension built for heavy-duty cycles, the Nissan Frontier’s stock suspension may seem inadequate to some people. However, the factory suspension should work fine if you use your Nissan Frontier to perform daily commute or light load bearing. So, when do you need the Nissan Frontier leaf spring upgrade?

If you constantly carry heavy loads, tow heavy equipment, or climb rough terrain, it might be time for a leaf spring upgrade for your Nissan Frontier. The upgrade can tackle heavier loads and reduce stress on the axle.

Upgrading a spring leaf can be tricky. Moreover, it would help if you kept some criteria checked before upgrading your spring leaf. So, how to? Let’s find out!

Is The Nissan Frontier Leaf Spring Upgrade Worth It?

A leaf spring can be a lifesaver for heavy-duty vehicles like a Nissan Frontier.

The Nissan Frontier leaf spring recall is used to spread the load over the whole chassis and eliminate the need for trailing arms or a Panhard rod.

It essentially acts like a linkage that supports the axle and keeps it in place. You can also use spring leaves to reduce axle dumping.

You can find the Nissan Frontier leaf pack in any car servicing shop or online.

How To Replace Leaf Springs On Nissan Frontier?

We have discussed how to replace or upgrade leaf springs in your Nissan Frontier. Following these steps correctly, you can do it yourself without needing a technician.

Step 1: Preparation

The first step is to remove the existing leaves if you have any installed. Try to be ready for replacement at least three days beforehand.

You need to loosen the suspension system before you can start working. Use oil in the bolts, brackets, or nuts. Rub oil around them properly.

Step 2: Raising The Nissan Frontier

Take your Nissan Frontier and park it in an ideal spot. Of course, the place needs to be optimized for working safely.

To prevent the truck from moving forward, use wooden or metal chocks in front of the front wheels. In addition, the rear wheel lug bolts need to be turned loose.

Take a hydraulic jack and elevate the vehicle minimum of three inches at the back end. Put a jack stand underneath the bottom axle.

Keep the truck suspended at the hind. Take out the loosened nuts and detach the side wheels. You should be able to access the two leaf springs now.

Step 3: Removing The Base Plate

In this step, you will be removing the leaf springs.

First, locate the bottom mounting stud, pull out the fasteners and remove the shock absorbers. Next, detach the pins attached to the U-bolts and remove the base plate.

Lift the axle by a bit, and using a pry bar, remove the leaf spring pack that is locked with a center pin. Then disconnect the nut from the spring’s onward mount and keep it aside.

Finally, detach the fasteners from the hind of the spring and remove the outer plate. You should notice the shackle and shackle pin. Remove them.

Step 4: Installing The New Kit

Please take out your new installation kit and lay it out. Install the new shackle.

Find the inner shackle with the hinge pin and place it inside the steel sleeve. Next, you must accurately position the leaf spring aligned with the axle.

An important thing to remember is that the estimation between the center and rear will vary from each other.

When the leaf spring is aligned properly, please put it on the shackle and lock it with nuts. It would be best if you used brand new fasteners for this.

Stage 5: Completing The Installation

After you have the end of the brand-new leaf spring settled in its place, you can proceed to finalization.

Lift the front of the spring to a certain height between the forward mounts. Put the bolt into its site and lock it with the nut but keep it loosened.

Take the back end and place it in contact with the spring. Again, remember to keep the center aligned.

It is time to install the U-bolts. First, please place them in place and lock them. Now, you can tighten the assembly. Next, take a torque wrench and tightly secure the components with bolts and nuts.

With the Nissan Frontier torque specs wrench, install the shock absorbers. Then, repeat the same process for the other side of the Frontier.

After you are finished with the replacement of the leaf springs, reattach the end wheels and tighten them.

Factors To Check Before Going For Upgrade

A few factors need to be pointed out before upgrading your leaf springs. So here’s our take on the matter.

Chassis Structure

Chassis structure or length is very important while upgrading leaf springs. It would be best if you had leaf springs that could fit and support the chassis.

The Right Lift Kit

Before lifting the truck, replacing the springs is necessary. Without the right lifting kit, you cannot keep your vehicle elevated.

Leaf Spring Capacity

The payload you want to carry must be handled by the leaf springs. If you put heavier weight than the springs can take, it may result in a disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does adding an extra leaf spring do?

Leaf springs are often used when vehicles are used for heavy loads or towing. An extra leaf spring can spread the load, putting less stress on the axles and suspension system. It makes the ride safer and more comfortable.

Can I upgrade my leaf springs?

Vehicles do come with factory suspension and leaf springs. However, if they are inadequate for you, you can always choose to upgrade your leaf springs. Installing leaf springs is quite easy, and you can install them yourself.

Is adding a leaf spring worth it?

Leaf springs are an addition to your suspension system. It helps in heavy load bearing and to drive on rough terrains. Adding a leaf spring is worth it if you are looking for heavy-duty performance.

What is better: adding a leaf or helper springs?

Helper springs also act as a support for axle and suspension. But they are not that sturdy and cannot take heavy payloads. On the other hand, leaf springs are very sturdy and can handle heavy loads. So, a leaf spring is better in most situations.


Whether you are looking for a daily commute or intending to carry heavy goods or towing equipment, the Nissan Frontier is an excellent choice.

But unfortunately, the stock suspension may fall short when you are trying to carry heavy loads. This is because the engine has the power, but the suspension may not.

To save you from this turmoil, a leaf spring can help a lot. It evenly distributes the payload in the chassis body and lets you carry heavier loads than you used to. So if you are looking for the answer to whether you need a Nissan Frontier leaf spring upgrade or not, we hope we got you covered.

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