Why Your Nissan Frontier Heater Only Works When Moving? See Reasons+ Solutions!

Why does your Nissan Frontier heater only works when moving? The most significant reason can be the low coolant level. Besides, a faulty thermostat can make you face such trouble.

But every time, those two causes above can’t always be the root of the problems. Sometimes minor issues like dirt build-up in the heater core can make the heater work inappropriately.

That said, this article is all about why your heater stops working suddenly or only works at a specific moment. So, let’s get straight into it without wasting any more time.

Why Nissan Frontier Heater Only Works When Moving: Exploring The Causes & Solutions

Your Nissan Frontier heater blows cold air while idling or doesn’t blow out hot air at all due to several causes. But the most prominent ones can be the low coolant level or faulty air valve.

Apart from these two significant causes, there are some other reasons to inspect while searching for the issues why your vehicle heater doesn’t work, or why it works when you accelerate.

That said, below, we have listed all the possible causes and solutions in the table. So, let’s check it out, and after that, you may keep reading to dive deep into the problems and fixes.

Low Coolant LevelPour High-Quality Coolant
Malfunctioning ThermostatReplace It
Faulty Heater ValveReplace It
Blocked Heater CoreRemove Dirt & Debris
Air Gap In The HeaterBleed It Out

Low Coolant Level

Low coolant levels can affect your Nissan Frontier’s heater. As you may know, the heater works by taking some amount of hot coolant and putting it in the heater core. So, the heater doesn’t blow out hot air when it fails to collect coolant.

Hence, how do you know the source of trouble is insufficient coolant? Well, to figure this out, you must pay attention to the noise your vehicle produces. For your information, it will create abnormal sloshing, and your vehicle’s engine will run hotter than usual.

Again, sometimes the cause for the engine getting hot or creating unusual sounds can be due to a leak. So, check the engine thoroughly and examine the coolant’s level.

However, now, let’s discuss how you can address this issue. Well, it’s pretty simple, you just need to top the best-quality coolant off, and you are good to go. But if the cause of the problem is a leak, you need to get your vehicle diagnosed by a skilled mechanic.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another common cause we found with the 2010 Nissan Frontier heater only works when moving is the malfunctioning thermostat. For your information, the thermostat’s job is to enable coolant to enter the radiator. If somehow the thermostat gets stuck, it won’t perform its job accurately.

Now, let’s reveal how you can identify this issue. First, you need to start the engine and keep it functional for around ten minutes. Then, turn it off and inspect the hoses that go to the radiator. According to professionals, one hose should be hot while the other remains cold.

If you notice that both hoses are hot, there is a high chance you have a malfunctioned thermostat, and fortunately, fixing it is an effortless job. What you need to do is just replace the stuck thermostat with a new one. You can do it yourself or ask for a professional’s help.

Faulty Heater Valve

Sometimes faulty heater valves can be a reason why your 2015 Nissan Frontier heater only works when moving. A heater valve works correspondingly to the thermostat, but the heater valve lets coolant travel through the heating core instead of delivering coolant to the radiator.

Let’s discuss how you can fix this issue. Before applying any fixing method, you must figure out how your heater control valve is operated. For instance, if a cable operates, you need to check the cable first. And if it’s a vacuum, you must inspect it thoroughly, and then you should replace it yourself or by a professional.

Air Gap In The System

Your Nissan Frontier can catch air bubbles in the heating system, making the heater work inappropriately.

Besides, the heater traps more air frequently when the coolant level goes down. And when it occurs, your vehicle heater only works while idling.

To figure out the root of the issue, you can use a coolant system kit to help you detect if there is any air in the heating system. After ensuring the problem’s source, you must bleed the air out to eliminate heater-related issues.

Radiator Leak

A radiator leak can cause your vehicle’s heater to stop blowing out hot air. When your car has a radiator leak, it can create several issues like losing coolant, heating engine, etc.

Hence, you should examine the radiator whenever you face any of the abovementioned problems. If you find one or more leaks in the radiator, we recommend replacing it or getting it diagnosed by a mechanic.

Blocked Heater Core

A blocked heater core can sometimes cause the heater to work while accelerating, or the heater may not work at all. For your information, a heater core can get blocked when dirt and debris make their way into the core.

Again, old coolant can be a cause of a blocked heater core. So, when you experience a heater-related issue, you should check the heater core and remove items that create the blockage. 

Bad Water Pump

The last possible cause of the issue associated with your Nissan Frontier’s heater can be a bad water pump. Figuring out whether you have a faulty water pump or not is an easy job. You just need to put your vehicle in neutral and rev the engine a little.

If you notice a small hot air blow for a few seconds, that’s a pure indication of a bad water pump. However, to avert this problem, you need to take your vehicle to a repair shop and replace the water pump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Heat Only Work When The Car Is Moving?

It mostly happens when your car engine’s coolant is low. Sometimes, it occurs due to a leak in the radiator, and other times the root of the problem can be the heater itself. In short, there can be various reasons why your heater only works when the car is moving.

Why Does My Truck Heater Only Work When I’m Driving?

Airlocked coolant system, faulty heater valve, and thermostat are some reasons your truck’s heater only works when driving. Apart from those causes mentioned above, many other bad sources can be associated with this problem.

Why Does My Heater Not Work When Idling?

Your vehicle’s heater core might be blocked with dirt and debris. Or else the coolant level can be low. Besides, a radiator leak or lousy water pump can let you to experience such trouble.

Concluding Parts

So, now you know all the possible reasons why your Nissan Frontier heater only works when moving. Next time you encounter the issue, we expect you to find out the root of the problem following the ways described briefly in this content. After figuring out the problem, you can easily take the steps we have included in this article.

We hope you found the content helpful and informative and enjoyed reading it. That’s all for this one; we will catch you with the upcoming one; until then, you may scroll through other helpful guides here on this site.

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