Nissan Frontier Airbag Light Flashing? Need To Reset Or Sensor Flashing? – Explained Solution

Why is the Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing? If the computer diagnostic fails to detect a secured system to start, your airbag light can start flashing.

Mainly when you get the airbag light flashing on your dashboard, it means your car has little to huge issue and is not safe to ride.

So, let’s learn about this issue further and find a solution to get rid of this warning light.

Reasons For Nissan Frontier Airbag Light Flashing & How To Fix

The most common reason we found for the 2020 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing is the problem with seat belts. Modern vehicles come with updated sensor features. So, any issue with the seat belt can cause the airbag light to come up.

Let’s learn about all other reasons –

ReasonsPossible Solutions
1. The stuck seatbeltSnatch it and try to unlock it.
2. Damaged wiring harness under the seat              Repair or replace the wiring harness.
3. Airbag system not workingReset the airbag warning light.
4. Failing airbag sensorsReplace it with a new one.
5. New Airbag installed but not programmedNeed ECU to reset for the newly installed airbag.

1. The Stuck Seatbelt In The Lock

In general, safety belts are not only the most essential visible safety features of a vehicle but also relate to the system.

Recently, Nissan cars have come with sensors running to the seatbelt so that the computer system can alert when there is any issue with the seat belt and warn you before you start the engine.

Thus when the airbag light flashes, you should first check the seatbelt. It might be stuck or locked.

Though it is not a significant problem, it can leave your 2012 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing.

So, snatch it out to release the seat belt and start the engine again to see if the airbag light is gone or not.

2. Damaged Wiring Harness Under The Seat

As we mentioned above, modern vehicles have seat sensors. Then what will the old vehicle’s owner do for their 1998 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing?

They should check under the seat to find if there is any damaged wiring harness or not.

Since it has a manual button system for airbags and connects with wires under the seat, it can be a common reason.

If you find any damaged wire, then the airtight flashing is caused by it. But if you find everything okay, then go for the next fix.

3. Airbag System Not Working

Another prevalent reason we found when the 2000 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing is the airbag light itself is at fault.

To Reset The System-

  • Insert the key in the ignition and turn it on when you see the light flashing turn it off.
  • And repeat this step thrice, and then after a few seconds, start the engine. You will find the system reset, and the airbag light has gone from the dash.

Resetting the system will solve this. Don’t underestimate or leave it flashing because it won’t fix until you give it a reset.

4. Failing Airbag Sensors

Sometimes, the airbag sensors can fail or go wrong at any time. It can fail if water somehow comes into its connection. Sometimes if you don’t deploy airbags, the sensor can fail.

Though it is a big issue and can keep the 1999 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing, replacing it with a new one can solve this.

5. New Airbag Installed But Not Programmed

Did you install a new airbag system or repair the seatbelts? if that is so, you might have forgotten to reset the airbag system.

And we assured this when a 2005 Frontier owner found his 2005 Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing. We will suggest doing it by any professional mechanic.

This Resetting Process Can Be A Great Help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my airbag light flashing on my Nissan?

When you install anything new into your Nissan car, it can be the radio, car seats, and other electrical elements the system needs to reprogram to synchronize with the new parts. If you don’t reset the system, you can find the airbag light flashing. It can also happen if you do not update anything in your car. To find out whether the actual problem is in your airbag system or not, we suggest going to a professional.

How do you reset the airbag light on a Nissan Frontier?

Generally, the mechanic will suggest you change or reset it to take unnecessary charge. You will be amazed that you can do it only by repeating the following 3 easy steps:
1. First, switch on your ignition switch.
2. Turn your airbag warning light off after keeping it on for 7 seconds.
3. Wait for the warning light to turn off. Switch off your ignition switch in 1 second. Then wait for 3 seconds.
Finish by turning on the ignition after doing these steps 1 to 3 times. The SRS lamp will reset.

Is it safe to drive with an airbag light flashing?

Of course not. The airbag light works to keep you safe while facing accidents. But if you keep driving with the airbag light on, you can’t get the benefit of any safety feature in case of an accident.

Wrap Up Lines

An airbag light is an essential part of any vehicle. It is the Frontier’s portly supplemental prevention system. It protects you when you meet any accidents by working combinedly with the system. It causes a problem if the parts of the systems included inside don’t work perfectly.

Turning it on for some seconds is normal when you start your car. But if it keeps the Nissan Frontier airbag light flashing, this indicates a problem.

Doing a regular check can save you from road harm. Or you can follow the above instructions to get rid of such an issue.

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