5 Ways Of Mounting Spare Tire To Roof Rack

A spare tire is a lifesaver while driving long miles. According to After Market News, almost 81% of American people carry spare tires on their vehicles.

If you can change the tires, then keeping a spare tire on your vehicle can be an amazing option for road trips and trailing. It’s a convenient way to get rid of roof rambling.

But where to keep a spare tire? Is there any separate storage for spare tires in vehicles? How to mount a spare tire? Keep reading to find all the answers. We developed a complete guide for mounting spare tire to roof rack.

Different Methods of Securing Spare Tire to Roof Rack

After a week of in-depth research, we’ve listed 5 methods of mounting spare tire to roof rack.

Method 1: Install 3 Way Ratcheting Strap

You will require a ratcheting strap to secure your spare tire in the roof rack.

  • Take a good-quality strap that can help you to twist the tires. It has a 3-way rubber-coated mounting hook.
  • Place your spare above the car roof basket. Now connect the strap’s first hook to the eye bolt of the rack.
  • Follow the same step to connect two more straps on the middle cam buckles. You have to secure the ratcheting straps tightly into the tire.

Method 2: Secure With Mounting Cargo Bracket

You’ll need-

  • Rectangle tubing
  • A mounting cargo bracket
  • Metal screws
  • Bolts

Steps to follow-

  • Take the rectangular tubing and weld a bolt into the middle of it. Set up the tubing in the center of the roof rack and secure it firmly. It’ll help the rack to hold the weight of the tire.
  • Install the mounting bracket inside the rim and weld a wing nut with a lock bolt into the rack. Finally, it’s done. Your spare tire won’t move anymore while driving.

Method 3: Setting Up Threaded Rod 

  • This method is quite similar to the previous one. In the beginning, you need to make a bracket.
  • It’ll need a threaded rod, two flat washers, two galvanized large plates, stainless nuts, four 8 by 2 inches U-bolts and fuel bolts.
  • Furthermore, place the flat plate bottom over the rack to get the accurate distance of the crossbars.
  • Now take a quarter-inch drill bit. Drill four holes front and back into the bottom plate. You have to take the u-bolt under the rack through the plate and place the flat washer and nuts to tighten it with the plate.
  • Cut a rubber plate the same size as the steel plate to protect the rim from damage.
  • Pull the threaded rod through the tire rim and keep the other plate over it. After that, you must weld the nut and tighten it as much as needed.

Method 4: Using Tire Chain

One of the affordable ways to mount the spare tire is by tying it with tire chains. Nevertheless, you only need a robust tire chain to follow the method. It is the most common and effective method to secure spare tires.

  • Get the chain and take it under the roof rack.
  • Twist the strap through the tire rim. Now pull it down and under the rack bar.
  • Tighten it up till the tire stops moving. That’s all.

Method 5: Wrapping with Motorcycle Cable

A motorcycle cable is the easiest way to set the spare tire to the roof basket.

  • Choose a heavy-duty cable with a lock option to protect your spare tire.
  • Next, wrap the cable from top to bottom of the tire rim and put it under the rack bar.
  • Pull the cable and close the keyed lock. That’s all.

Things to Consider While Securing Spare Tire to Roof Rack

While planning to mount the spare tire on the roof basket, you must consider some necessary factors. Such as,

Rack Size

The most important thing you need to check is the rack size. Choose the tire that matches the basket size.

Otherwise, you must install a new basket according to your spare tire size. It will help you to install the tire on your vehicle’s roof basket.

Mounting Method

You should select the method that works for your budget and convenience. Moreover, you will find some easy and affordable methods.

Some of them might be difficult and expensive. But choosing the secure method will be a great deal for you. Along with that, pick the heavy-duty materials to mount the tire.


One of the significant challenges of mounting spare tires on the rack is maintenance. Thus, you have to be more careful during installation.

If you can’t mount the tire securely, it might fall down. Also, cover the tire to keep it dust-free. Check the spare tire every time you drive.

Benefits of Installing Spare Tire to Roof Rack

There are many benefits of installing the spare tire on the roof rack. Here are the advantages.

  • It saves the storage area of the rear trunk. So, you can keep your luggage or travel bags while going on road trips.
  • Installing it on the roof rack makes the tire replacement easier. If you mount the spare tire under the car bed, it will take a long time to unmount and replace the tires.
  • Easy to carry. Hence, you can carry the spare tire without any hassle. It can be a great deal to enjoy long road trips. That’s how you can carry multiple spare tires on the roof rack and under the car bed.
  • However, it protects your car roof from strong winds.

Disadvantages of Installing Spare Tire to Roof Rack

  “If you put your spare on the roof, be sure it sitting or cross bars and not on the roof panel.”As mentioned, this is fine for a one time trip, but definitely invest in a tire carrier of some type.”  

Despite having jaw-dropping benefits, you will find some disadvantages to installing spare tires on the roof rack. For example,

  • It can damage the rooftop of the tire weight. Also, it increases the weight of the rooftop.
  • However, it might reduce the lifespan of your car roof basket due to the heavy weight of the tire.
  • If the mounting device loosens over time, the tire can fall down while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people put tires on roofs?

They put a tire on roofs to protect them from the roof rumbling wind sounds. Also, it protects the roof and secures the spare tire from external damage.

Can you put a spare tire on a roof rack?

Yes, of course. You can put a spare tire on a roof rack with straps, chains, or mounting brackets.

How much weight can a spare tire hoist hold?

A spare tire hoist can hold more than 120 pounds. Keeping the spare tire on the basket can prevent rusting and fraying.

Can you put on a spare tire without a jack?

Yes. You can. First of all, take off the rim from the threaded wheel studs. Detach the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire. Raise the tire on the studs and wait a while to go into the rim holes. Screw up all the nuts and bolts. Following this process, you don’t need a jack holder to replace the tire.

Can a spare tire be used permanently?

No. It has been designed for driving 50 miles per hour. If you drive more than 50 miles, then it can damage the engine devices. Also, it bursts the transmission.

Bottom Line

That’s it; you get all the methods of mounting spare tire to roof rack. Following these steps will help you secure the spare tire on the bottom basket. If you plan to drive long hours, taking a spare tire will save you from trouble.

Not only that, it can prevent roof rambling and keep your spare tire safe. You can easily unmount the tire and replace it whenever you need. Keep the necessary tools that can help you to unmount the tire.

Enjoy your ride. All the best.

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