Kia Soul Radio Not Working – What Can Be The Reasons & Solutions?

Nothing would be more boring than driving a car without listening to your favorite podcast or radio show. It’s as frustrating as shocking if your car audio suddenly stops working.

Why is the Kia Soul radio not working? The most prevalent reason is found a blown fuse, followed by others we’ll share through this post.

The radio in your vehicle plays a vital role in tying everything together. You must be looking desperately for solutions to your car’s dead radio. Below we’re with the reasons and their solution to make your car radio alive. 

Kia Soul Radio Not Working – Reasons & Solutions

As said, a blown fuse is the key and most common reason when your Kia Soul has no sound from its radio broadcasts. Also, the issue may be due to some other reasons, including faulty wiring, damaged speakers, bad antenna, and malfunctioning software.

Here is the table of summary for the radio issue in your Kia Soul:

Blown FuseReplace the fuse
Faulty WiringTightening/replacing the wire
Damaged SpeakersReplace the speakers
Malfunctioning SoftwareRestart/reinstall
Bad AntennaReplace the antenna
Security ConcernInput preset code

Blown Fuse

Damaging the Kia Soul radio fuse is one of the most common reasons for the radio issue. The fuse in your car saves itself from potential harm from power surges that happen very often.

Check the fuse first when you find your car radio isn’t working. You’ll most likely find the fuse blown and requires replacing it with a new one to solve the issue.

You can easily replace the fuse if you have some experience fixing similar problems. Otherwise, contact the dealer or a mechanic.

Faulty Wiring

The radio system of the Kia Soul model problems is discussed widely. Faulty wiring is another reason for the issue. It can happen due to aftermarket stereos and third-party installations. Apart from faulty installation, the issue may occur because of vibration that can make the wire lose.

Inspect your car’s audio system for faulty or loose wire connections. If you find it, you should install them tightly to fix the problem. However, you must contact a mechanic or the dealer if there is damaged wire to replace them.

Damaged Speakers

Damaged speakers could be responsible for the Kia Soul radio not coming up. Also, disconnected wiring affects the speakers, and they don’t produce audio. If the stereo is normal, but you don’t get any sound, it’s most probably for the damaged speakers.

Check and be confirmed about the damaged speakers before you replace them. It’s best to get an expert to inspect the speakers if you’re not confident.

Malfunctioning Software

Like your computer and smartphone, car radio software might also malfunction. As a result, the Kia soul radio is not working properly. It’s disgusting for many users when they find their car stereo system is out of order while driving.

To fix the issue, your audio software needs to restart or reinstall/flash. A simple restart should work if you get the problem for the first time. Otherwise, you must reinstall the software or flash the memory. You must visit a mechanic shop or a dealer to find the problem’s best solution.

Bad Antenna

When your Kia Soul is working nicely with its Bluetooth, stereo CD, and MP3 but has a problem with the radio broadcasts, you may have a bad antenna or tuner. If the radio has a bad tune or something wrong with its antenna, its radio can stop providing audio.

Although it’s an infrequent issue, it may happen with your radio broadcast. It requires a professional inspection to diagnose and replace a bad antenna.

Security Concern

It’s also a rare reason for radio issues in your Kia Soul. When the radio flashes with “Code,” a potential security concern stops playing radio. It typically happens after replacing the battery and if the battery is dead. Sometimes, you may find a message like the battery discharge warning on Kia. You should know all the reasons to resolve.

Inputting the preset code will solve the issue. You’ll find this code in the owner’s manual. Otherwise, contact the dealer to get the code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Kia Radio?

When your Kia radio has a problem, resetting it is the simplest way to fix the issue. Keep the ignition key in the ‘On’ position to reset it. Then, turn the radio on and wait about ten seconds. After that, turn the radio off. Now, depress your radio power button once again and let it reset. On the other hand, entering the reset code that your dealer provides will help you reset your Kia radio.

Why Is My Car Audio Not Working?

Your car audio’s sudden death typically happens due to a blown fuse. Also, other reasons may be responsible for this issue, including faulty wiring, damaged speakers, bad antenna/tuner, and software glitch.

Why Is My Kia Soul Screen Not Working?

It’s a very common situation for the Kia Soul to stick with the screen. The problem with the power supply is a common reason for this issue. Also, it may happen due to bugged code in its operating system and short circuit.


The Kia Soul radio not working is an issue that may happen for many reasons. If you don’t get the audio from your car radio broadcast, but its Bluetooth, stereo CD, and MP3 are working smoothly, check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

Apart from the blown fuse, the issue also occurs for other reasons. Some of these reasons include defective or damaged wiring, damaged speakers, bad antenna/tuner, and software problems.

Different solutions can also turn on your car radio system depending on the abovementioned situation. However, if you’re unsure how to fix the issue, you must get a professional or a dealer.  

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