4 Kia Soul Panoramic Sunroof Problems Can Be Solved Easily!

How to solve Kia Soul panoramic sunroof problems? Sometimes, the Kia Soul can have a stuck sunroof. And sometimes the sunroof doesn’t close automatically.

If you are wondering how to deal with all these, then keep reading this article. By the end, you will have a clear idea of how to keep your Kia Soul’s panoramic sunroof working just fine.

4 Kia Soul Panoramic Sunroof Problems and Solutions

Cleaning out the obstructions from the sunroof glides, lubricating the tracks, and resetting the sunroof can fix the issues. But this does not seem to be enough in some cases.

Kia Soul’s panoramic sunroof can have the following problems. The simple solution to each of these issues is mentioned here as well.

ProblemsPossible Solutions
Sunroof getting stuck openClean out the debris, or any substance stuck in the sunroof.
The sunroof won’t close by itselfLubricate the runners with spray grease.
The sunroof won’t move along the glidesReplace the glides/tracks.
The sunroof won’t open automaticallyReset the sunroof.

Now let’s go deep into these points and get your Kia panoramic sunroof problems fixed.

Problem 1: Sunroof Getting Stuck Open

Sometimes the panoramic sunroof doesn’t work appropriately. It may get stuck open or just get stuck halfway. In either case, the reason is clogged dirt in the glides. Any kind of foreign substance can get jammed there without any prior notice. You will know that this is the case if you see the sunroof getting stuck and won’t move either this way or the other.

To get rid of this problem, you have to clean out the debris or any material stuck in the glide or the track of the sunroof. Just use something long and sturdy like a rod to push out and clean any kind of obstructions. This should get your Kia sunroof working again.

Problem 2: Sunroof Won’t Close by Itself

You probably know that the panoramic sunroof of your Kia Soul should close by itself. However, sometimes it doesn’t. You may need to give it a bit of a push to close or open the sunroof all the way. But it shouldn’t be this way. This can happen if the friction of the glider increases due to overuse.

However, you don’t have to worry about anything here because it has a cheap solution. Just spray some grease along with the tracks/gliders to lubricate the path of the sunroof. This should make it easy for it to glide along smoothly.

Problem 3: Sunroof Won’t Move Along Glides

If your 2011 Kia Soul sunroof not working, then the glider itself can be responsible. It can wear out over the years or can be deformed due to extreme weather. Either way, you will notice that the sunroof is not moving along the glides and getting misaligned frequently.

Fortunately, this has a straightforward solution. Replace the whole glider tracks, and your sunroof should be good as new. It can cost you around $800.

Problem 4: Sunroof Won’t Open Automatically

Just as your Kia Soul’s sunroof should close by itself, it should open automatically as well. But it may not properly if there is any kind of trouble with the glide. Although it is fairly simple to handle if anything is stuck or obstructed, things get difficult if the issue is with the internal system.

A disconnected battery or lack of fuel can cause this problem. However, the sunroof may not work accordingly even if your car is full of fuel or has a stable battery connection afterward. In this case, you have to reset the sunroof. This should fix the problem all the way.

Mainly this is how you can easily deal with Kia Soul sunroof problems with ease.

5 Steps To Reset Kia Soul Sunroof

As you can see, resetting the Kia Soul sunroof effectively solves some sunroof problems. While other issues, such as obstructed debris, are easy to handle even if you don’t have any knowledge about cars, fiddling with the system may require some knowledge or expertise.

But don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated at all. Check the step-by-step guide below if you want to know how to reset the Kia Soul sunroof.

Step 1: Close the Kia Soul sunroof all the way.

Step 2: Now press and hold the sunroof control button toward “Close” for 10-12 seconds until the roof slightly moves.

Step 3: Once there is a bit of motion in the sunroof, release the button.

Step 4: Again, press and hold the sunroof button towards “Close” until the roof fully closes once to open again. Keep the button pressed till it opens and closes once more.

Step 5: See if the sunroof is working fine now. If it doesn’t, then repeat the whole process once or twice more.

Now, once your Kia Soul sunroof is reset, it should get back to working just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I manually close my Kia Soul sunroof?

It’s easy. Just locate the connector for the sunroof motor, put an Allen wrench in the position, and keep turning the Allen wrench clockwise until the sunroof closes.

How do I reset my Kia sunroof?

Resetting the Kia sunroof is simple. Just keep the sunroof switch pushed till the roof slightly moves, then release it. Repeat the same process after 3-2 seconds. This time make sure the sunroof opens and closes completely. Do not release the switch until the cycle is complete. And now, your Kia sunroof is reset.

Why won’t my panoramic sunroof close all the way?

Your panoramic sunroof isn’t closing all the way, probably because of a loose cable, broken parts, bad motor, or clogged obstructions.


As you can see, solving Kia Soul panoramic sunroof problems is a piece of cake. While sometimes it may cost you a bit of cash, it’s nothing complicated overall.

However, no matter how simple it may be, you should keep an eye out so that these issues don’t occur. Keep your car clean and do a regular checkup. This will save you tons of trouble.

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