Top 6 Reasons Why Your Kia Soul Horn Not Working – (Symptoms and Solutions)

Did you know that a blown horn fuse can cause your Kia Soul horn not to work? Yes, it is one of the most common reasons. Because of a blown fuse, the circuit can get interruption and cause your Kia Soul horn not working.

In general, the horn works for safety while driving. Since it works for safety purposes, it might create hazardous situations when the horn does not work.

Thus you need to be aware of why the horn does not work. Here we have added the complaints from various owners’ reviews. Let’s see.

Why is your Kia Soul horn not working?

There are many reasons behind it. The most common cause can be you have a faulty horn. Or it can be a broken clockspring. Let’s learn about the causes and fixes in detail.

1. Faulty fuseReplacing the fuse will solve this.
2. Damaged relayReplace the relay with a new one.
3. Broken hornReplacing the fuse will solve the broken horn (details below).
4. Faulty wire or wrong connectorClean the connector WD-40.
5. Damaged clockspringChange the clockspring.
6. The horn button switch is damagedRemove the switch and place a new one.

1. Faulty Horn Fuse

The horn needs proper connections and power like every electrical part in the modern car. But if the main fuse for the horn is at fault, who’s going to provide the power to honk?

Right! And this is the most common reason we found while checking out why a 2015 Kia Soul horn is not working.

No need to panic. It’s just a simple fix and that is to replace the faulty blown fuse. Just check the fuse box where your Kia Soul horn fuse is located and find out the brownish or blackish faulty fuse.

2. Damaged Relay

Typically relay works for electrical loads. This electromagnetic switch can stop your horn from working. Finding the exact relay location is more necessary before replacing it.

Because modern Kia Soul comes with upgraded designs, the 2016 Kia Soul horn relay location won’t match any other model. The relay mostly comes with 3 or more legs in a rectangle or square shape.

3. Broken Horn

It’s not universal that the issue should be in the other parts. It can be the horn itself. But horns usually don’t break. It varies depending on your use and your Kia Soul’s age.

If you see your horn usually works, but it has no sound, then the problem is in it. You can reset the horn first to see. If it doesn’t work, then you have to replace it.

4. Faulty Wire Or Wrong Connector

Wires are always essential components of any vehicle. A faulty wire can make it unworkable. We will suggest first checking the connector. If the connector has an issue, cleaning it will solve it. But if it is okay, it’s time to review the wire.

You will find a wire between the fuse. Changing it fixed when the 2014 Kia Soul horn not working so it will work for you too.

5. Damage Clockspring

A clockspring is a spiral-shaped power connector connected to the horn button. You will find it in the middle of the steering wheel and column. It has fine wires that can be faulty while servicing.

Sometimes they get damaged because of overuse. Though it’s rare, it is still possible to cause problems to the horn spiral too. And thus, we found a guy who solved his horn when his 2012 Kia Soul horn not working.

6. The Horn Button Switch Gets Damaged

Do you just get your hands on the horn button at every turn? Then, there is a possibility that your horn button is at fault for your Soul horn not working.

The horn button is, needless to say, a key component of any car. And this button can be damaged or get faulty because of loads of usage. And it can make the horn fail.

Nothing expensive in such a case. Just changing the button will fix the horn failure.

This Horn Replacement Video May Come In Help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes the car horn to stop working?

It can be that you have blown a fuse. Or it can be a damaged relay or broken horn. Whether the problem is you can solve it just by replacing the damaged elements. And its components are inexpensive. Your fuse might seem like a fork, and it has a wire. If you see that get damaged, then change matching with the exact colored one.

How do I get my horn to work again?

First, check your relay. If the problem isn’t in it, go for the horn itself. It’s too simple; you have to give it electricity. Don’t break or cause any damage to your piercing insulation so that you can use it to put electricity into the horn. After giving it power, the horn will sound beep. If it doesn’t work, then replace your horn. However, Scotty Kilmer’s fixing any horn tricks may come in handy sometimes.

How do I reset my horn?

You can do it home following the below steps:
1. Before starting resetting, shut your horn off.
2. Then, repeatedly push the horn.
3. Repeatedly push the steering wheel. It will disclose the stuck switch and reset the horn.
4. You Can do it by twisting the steering wheel several times.


The horn is one of the essential parts of Kia Soul. It works for one’s safety while driving. Since it works for safety purposes, your Kia Soul horn not working can cause hazardous situations while driving. It can harm other people too.

 Moreover, it’s frustrating when an essential part like this does not work. So, we can hope your frustration is going to end here. Its symptom is as simple as finding a wire. If you press the steering wheels and it doesn’t work, you already have your issue.

We can assure you that following the above method can fix this. Still, for any questions or to add suggestions, give your feedback in the comment section.

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