KIA Soul Fuse Box Locations- 4 Spots Work for All

Where are the fuses located in the Kia Soul? This is the most curious and must-know question to answer. Normally, Kia Soul fuses are located on the driver’s side of the instrument panel, next to (behind) the cover.

However, the Kia Soul car has fuses in different locations you should know as an owner. Often, the car meets electrical problems, or the fuse gets blown out.

In this circumstance, you should know the Kia Soul fuse box location to troubleshoot the problems. But finding a fuse box in Kia Soul is slightly tricky for a fresher who just bought the car.

Therefore, here is a guide for you to find out the fuse box location. Also, I will show you every possible location where the fuse is in.

4 Possible Kia Soul Fuse Box Location: Know Them Thoroughly

Every Kia Soul car has a common location for the fuse box. The possible places are driver’s side instrument panels, engine compartment, rear cargo area panel, inner fuse panel, etc. Here is a detailed discussion of every possible Kia Soul fuse box location.

Location #1: Driver’s Side Instrument Panel

Kia’s different models have different fuse box locations. But interestingly, all of Kia Soul’s fuse box locations are usually near the driver’s side panel. Most commonly, it is located behind the steering handle inside the driver’s left side cover near the instrument panel.

But it differs for right-hand and left-hand drive vehicles. The instrument panel is usually a part of the dashboard located behind the steering wheel. Whether the radio is not working or there is an issue with the backup camera, you can check this fuse box.

Location #2: Engine Compartment Fuse Panel

Basically, you can find the 2016 Kia Soul fuse box located in the engine compartment fuse panel. The fuse box in the instrument panel usually houses fuses for cigar lighters and power outlets.

If you notice any electrical failure like brake lights not working or face trouble starting your car, understand there is a problem with the fuse. Again, latest Kia Soul horn fuses are in the engine compartment fuse box.

Take off the car’s front hood and then remove the engine cover. You can see the engine compartment there. Now, test the fuses and ensure they are faulty.

Location #3: Bottom Of The Steering Column

Kia Soul’s headlight or LED light fuses are placed at the bottom of the steering column or wheel. In general, the steering column can be found at the apex of the steering function which is connected to the steering wheels. You need to remove the steering column to reach the lights’ fuses.

Location #4: Beneath The Dashboard On The Passenger’s Side

The 2015 model Kia Soul fuse box is located at the bottom of the dashboard, which is between both driver’s and passenger’s side panels. So alternatively, you can search the interior fuse box on the lower left side of the drive.

There are some variations for different parts fuses belonging to different fuse boxes in different Kia Soul models. For example, if your Kia Soul blower motor fuse needs to be checked,  you may need to check the fuse boxes both under the hood and driver’s side instrument panel.

How To Find Or Reach Kia Soul Fuse Box: 5-Steps Guide

Fuse in a car protects electrical components from overheating, overcurrent, and short circuits. At some point, you notice some electric components like backup lights, radios, turning signals, climate control features, etc. are not working. If you notice, assume there is a problem with the fuse. So check this guide to reach Kia Soul fuse easily.

Step 1: Know The Possible Location

The first thing to find the fuse for troubleshooting or replacing it is to locate or identify the correct place. Here you can take the help user manual or information given above.

To make it easier to find, I described a possible location above. The most probable and common location is the driver’s side of the instrument panel. You can also check the trunk or cargo area behind the car. The location of the fuse can vary depending on the category.

Step 2: Know The Fuse Types

There are several types of fuse used in Ka Soul for different functions. Each fuse function separately and for several working purposes. Some fuses use for braking lights and some of them use to protect against the high current.

Interestingly, when you know the different functional fuses, you can find the fuse location easily by reading the user manual. For instance, light or LED fuses is located under the steering wheels or column.                 

Step 3: Check The Fuse Diagram

Checking the fuse diagram by pulling the fuse cover gently. Here are some common things you should do. Release the fuse box cover and turn it back. An amperage rating chart is included on the backside along with a fuse location diagram. You can easily understand them by seeing the backward side of the cover.

Step 4: Treat Accordingly For Specific Fuse

In the fuse box, not all fuses are blocked or damaged. Also, there is variation in each fuse and they work differently. Some fuses are located in the dashboard behind the driver’s side panel, which handles the front-side electrical components.

Again, some are on the rear side, which enables rear electrical components. So that can be said, different functional fuses are located on different sides of the car.

Step 5: Check The Fuse Thoroughly

After finding or locating the fuse box location, check the fuse whether they are damaged or good. Each fuse has a different marking containing numbers. These numbers show you the voltage (V) and amperage (A) with damaging symptoms. So if fuses are blown out, they show inconsistent amperage and voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is The Fuse Box Located On A 2013 Kia Soul?

The 2013 Kia Soul fuse box is located on the instrument panel of the driver’s left side. In some cases, you can find it in the diesel box next to the engine compartment. However, for each model, there is a slight variation in locating the fuse box. It can be found in the engine compartment, which is seated beside the battery.

Where Is The Inside Fuse Box Located?

The interior fuse box is located bottom of the steering column or wheels. So whenever you notice obstacles in starting the car, immediately check the underhood fuse box in the engine compartment. Additionally, this fuse box can be found beneath the dashboard where the driver’s panel is located.

What Does A Fuse Look Like When It Is Blown?

When a fuse is blown or bad due to overcurrent, the meta strip or cable is completely disconnected in the middle. When compared to the good fuse, you can see there is a stable connection with the metal piece. But when you look at the blown fuses not connected to the metal piece. This way you can differentiate between a perfect and blown fuse.


Fuses are sensitive components that should be inspected from time to time. You need to check the fuses when you are a Kia Soul owner and experience issues with your electric component. In this case, knowing the exact Kia Soul fuse location is essential. In addition, often you may need to check the fuse. So it is crucial to understand the exact location.

And now, hopefully, you know where to spot to reach the fuse box in different locations. Ciao!

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