Kia Soul Blower Not Working- 5 Possible Reasons and Solutions for You!

Over time, the AC blower motor in the Kia Soul can wear out. Does it stop for the Kia Soul blower to stop working? Yes! The blower motor keeps the air condition system inside your car working; otherwise, the level of suffocation would be maximum.

There are numerous reasons for a Kia Soul blower not working, starting from a blown fuse, relay trips to electrical control module malfunction, and the level of diagnosis being huge.

Are you wondering how to such disastrous problems? Then keep reading as we’ll share every possible reason for a blower motor failure and their respective procedure to fix them.

5 Reasons Behind Your Kia Soul Blower Not Working

So, how does a blower motor work to maintain the temperature inside a car? When the motor rotates, it drives hot air outside the AC vents; thus, due to the convection process, the hot air is replaced with cold air, hence cooling down the inside temperature of the car.

If your model of 2017 Kia Soul blower motor is not working, then the first thing you should recognize is that the motor might wear out. And this problem might arise due to several reasons.

Now, every problem has its respective solutions, and we intend to make your life easier. Hence the table below lists the reasons for a malfunctioning Kia Soul blowing hot air or not working at all with their possible solutions.

Fuse blownReplace with a similar current rating.
Relay short circuitReset or replace the whole thing.
ECM malfunctionReplace the resistor.
Faults in the blower motorCheck the motor condition, and replace it if highly necessary.
Loosen wiresCheck the connection and tighten them if there’re any loose ends.

Now let’s elaborate on all the reasons and the solutions to why the Kia Soul blower not working.

Blown Fuse

A fuse consists of a thin metallic wire that connects a specific circuit and protects it from any kind of overcurrent flow inside the circuit. Each fuse comes with a specific current rating.

When the current passes the threshold value, the wire inside melts, thus disconnecting the circuit. Hence, we’ve got a blown fuse.

Solution: First and foremost, you need to check whether the fuse has been blown or not. To do that, open the blower motor cover compartment and locate the fuse box.

If you notice that the thin metal wire inside the transparent fuse glass is disconnected, then you’ll be sure that you ended up with a blown fuse. All you need to do is to replace the fuse with the same current rating that was before.

Make sure to be precise on the current rating. Otherwise, the protection of the motor will be hampered.

Relay Trip

In some cases, such as the 2010 Kia Soul blower motor not working, the problem also arises due to a bad relay. One advantage of a relay is that it trips the whole circuit when there’s an overload inside the engine. Then, a reset button is situated so you can connect the circuit again.

But, sometimes, due to over current, relays trip, and the internal circuit gets fried due to excessive heat energy generated from the current flow.

Solution: In such scenarios, locate the relay section inside the engine and check whether that relay needs only a reset or a full replacement, which will require additional 110 dollars. Check for the ampere rating to match the new relay model.

Working on these replacements might create a sudden spark. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you wear protective gear and disconnect the battery before you work inside a car’s engine.

ECM Malfunction

The electrical control module in Kia Soul controls the motor speed. It consists of a resistor that increases or decreases according to the demand to provide the desired fan speed and hence the temperature.

If there’s a problem in the ECM, then the problem is with the resistor. Due to more heat, the resistor might wear out from time to time. ECM will continue to blow the air inside your Kia Soul, but you won’t be able to generate the speed that you most desire.

Solution: Consult with an electrician who knows the repair of an ECM well. Due to excessive heat energy, it is sometimes necessary to replace the whole module. But, if you’re lucky, then changing the resistor with a new model might just do the solution.

Blower Motor Faults

In some models, like the 2013 Kia Soul blower not working, there might be a fault with the blower motor itself. You’ll notice some common symptoms, such as air circulation not being good enough, fan noises, or the blower speed not up to the mark. Such scenarios will lead you to believe that your blower motor has become faulty.

Solution: To check the blower motor’s sustainability, connect the motor’s terminals with a multimeter. After turning on the AC fan, your motor is not faulty if the rated voltage is achieved.

Otherwise, you’ll have no option but to replace the whole motor, and that’ll cost you about 578 to 680 dollars.

This Replacement Video Might Help!

Loosen Wires

In 2011 Kia Soul motor not working; the wires that connected the whole circuit inside the ECM and the whole motor may have gotten loose, then the output will degrade more normally than usual. Additionally, check the wiring system in the fuse box or relay section as well.

If the wirings inside the protective gear are loose, then they will not function, and the motor will be damaged permanently.

Solution: Tighten the terminals or the probes at every node of the circuit and check the reading in a multimeter to check whether you are getting the desired value or not.

However, Market Watch shows what parts are covered by the Kia warranty. And some refrigerant and climate control parts are included in the list. So, check if your Kia Soul is still under warranty period or not, because you can take the chance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my blower motor fuse is blown?

You can disconnect the fuse and check for the physical state of the wire; if it has melted, then the fuse is blown. On the other hand, you can use a voltmeter or ohmmeter to check whether there is any reading or not.

Is there a fuse for the blower motor?

Yes! Fuses are protective elements that keep your blower motor secure from situations such as overload of currents inside the car engine.

What can cause a car blower motor to stop working?

The blower motor consists of an electric control module with a resistor that controls the air speed of the blower. Due to excess fluctuation of speed, the resistor might heat up and do some permanent damage. Hence this leads to a car blower motor to stop working.


A faulty blower can snatch your comfort while you step inside a car. Everyone deserves to have a perfect air conditioning environment during a long drive to Long Island.

Still, if your Kia Soul blower is not working, check the fuse box, relay, wirings, ECM, and the motor itself. Within some minutes, you’ll find the culprit for the malfunction of the motor.

We intend to provide you with a complete guideline for the process. Do not forget to mention this article to others with similar problems.

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