If You Buy A Used Car From A Dealer And It Breaks Down- Do These Must!

What to do if you buy a used car from a dealer and it breaks down? The most primitive step you can take is calling the dealer to explain the breakdown. The dealer will cover all the procedures if the agreement exists. So, when your car breaks down, ensure the validity of the warranty is not expired.

The breakdown of a used car is not a unique matter we face in our lives. Since the car has run its primary period like 100,000 miles, it can become off at any time. And when we purchase a vehicle from a dealer, we perceive an agreement in which the dealer is liable to fix the car if it breaks down within a definite time.

Stay with us to have the proper knowledge about what to do when your vehicle breaks.

If You Buy A Used Car From A Dealer And It Breaks Down

Whenever you face such a complex situation, a used car breaks down after two months; you must take the necessary steps. And those are given below according to your state.

Basic Actions That You Can Obtain

When you face problems related to the breakdown of your used car, you can determine several aspects.

  1. First, you need to determine the result, which one is convenient for you. It can be informing the dealer to replace the car or repair it.
  2. Secondly, communicate with the dealer and tell him the ramifications you desire after the breakdown. If the problem is minor, you can go for the repair.
  3. Thirdly, if your dealer does not respond accordingly, you must send a formal letter to the dealer. In your letter, you must disclose the date of purchase, a copy of the agreement, and your present problems.
  4. Fourthly, you can ask the dealer to obtain the dispute scheme by breaking the agreement without going to court.
  5. If still the dealer is unaware of the repair, replacement, or refund, you can go for the fifth step, which is to open a complaint file. It will surely help you to beget the refund or other post-sale benefits.
  6. Lastly, claim the benefits and compensation through the court to the dealer. You don’t need to take extra hassle for this since the court will do the task on your behalf. But, the court will follow the rules based on the agreement.

However, do you know seven states in the US offer the Lemon Law benefits for used cars? Yes, you just read it right! So, if you are from Florida, Texas, or California, you can have some sigh, as the Lemon Law can do the rest for you in this case.

If You Buy A Used Car From A Dealer And It Breaks Down Texas

If you are residing in Texas and out of the blue you face the problem, you have to follow the steps.

Check The Agreement

While purchasing a used car, the seller takes a sign on an agreement, and you perceive a copy of that. The validity of the coverage is mentioned in that treaty. If the breakdown occurs before the expiration, you can ask the seller for roadside help.

Lemon Law Of Texas

If you buy a used car from a dealer and it breaks down Texas, you can sue the seller under the Texas Lemon Law if the seller does not agree to take charge of the coverage.

According to the Lemon Law of Texas, the government will manage you to have a refund or replace the existing vehicle. But, there is a condition to apply for used cars: your car must be free from problems while purchasing, or it should be mentioned in the treaty, and it must be at least the 2017 model or newer.

The warranty duration is generally a few months, though it can vary from dealer to dealer and car to car. It is wise to purchase a vehicle with at least two months of warranty.

How To File A Lemon Law Complaint

If you want to file a complaint, you must go to the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles. It will charge around $35 to open a file under the Lemon Law of Texas. After the opening procedure is completed, the manufacturer or dealer will perceive a notification to fix the problems. If the seller does not take the necessary steps, the authority will act against the seller or dealer.

If You Buy A Used Car From A Dealer And It Breaks Down California

If you currently dwell in California, here is what to do when you buy a used car, and it breaks down.

Check The Agreement

Like Texas, The validity of the coverage is mentioned in the agreement that you sign while owning a used car from the dealer. If your car breaks before the expiration, you can ask the seller or dealer to repair your vehicle. If they disagree, you can follow the rest of the steps.

Lemon Law Of California

Generally, the Lemon Law of California works to protect your finances if your vehicle is not fixable. Yet, you can sue the dealer if they disagree with covering your loss. The eventual feedback you may get is a full refund, replacement of the vehicle, or partial refund. You will get it according to the agreement.

How to File Lemon Law Complaint

With the free service cost, the consumer or buyer can open a file against the dealer or seller if they disagree to compensate. However, you may need a Lemon lawyer to proceed with the file, and the lawyer may charge you some money. After filing the complaint, you will perceive 100% guaranteed support from the government.

If You Buy A Used Car From A Dealer And It Breaks Down Florida

In Florida, what happens if you buy a car from a dealer and it breaks down? You can take similar steps as before. The compensation you will perceive is the same. But the filing procedure may differ.

How To File Under Lemon Law

Firstly, consult a Lemon lawyer to file against the seller in court; the filing fee is only $2. The lawyer could take some charges that are pretty minor after you get the total compensation only. After filing, you will perceive the refund or replacement within a short while.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you buy a car that breaks down?

Firstly, you need to ask the dealer for assistance to support and fix your problems. If the seller disagrees, you can complain to the court under the Lemon Law without hesitation. Different states have different Lemon Laws, and some may cost you money. Such as, Texas charges $35 to open a complaint file.

Can I get a refund on a faulty used car?

Yes, if your vehicle is not fixable, you can ask for a refund from the dealer or seller. You must hold the agreement. If the seller disagrees with fulfilling the rebate, you can sue the seller under your state’s Lemon Law. It will ensure you the financial support according to the agreement.

Do used car dealers have to give a warranty in the US?

Yes, if the price of the vehicle exceeds $3,000 and the age of below seven years, the dealer must provide the consumers with a warranty. If the price lies between $3000 to $5000, the warranty is generally for 30 days. If the price is above $5000, the warranty is for 60 days.

Bottom Line

Now you can determine if you buy a used car from a dealer and it breaks down, what should be the necessary steps. If the breakdown occurs within 60 days, the seller will take care of the car. Before filing a complaint, do not forget to warn the seller about the court filing.

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