If My Car Is Under Warranty Can I Take It To Any Dealership?

One of the controversial questions after buying a new car is if my car is under warranty can I take it to any dealership? It mainly depends on the manufacturer. Many of them let you take your car to any dealership, and many of them don’t.

The answer is yes, in most cases, you can take your car to any dealership for service, and they will honor the warranty. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before taking your car to just any old dealership.

In this article, we will talk more about it and also discuss specific brands that let you take your car to random dealerships.

Warranty Specifications

First and foremost, you must do your research ahead of time and find a reputable dealership with good reviews. You don’t want to end up taking your car somewhere that doesn’t know how to properly handle warranty work or worse – voids the warranty altogether because they did something wrong.

Now in this section, we will discuss the distinct companies and their warranty specifications.

Can I take my Ford to any dealer for warranty work?

You can’t take your Ford to any random dealership for repair. The dealership should be authorized by Ford. If you somehow deny their conditions, they will revoke your warranty. These conditions are specific because Ford authorized dealerships only know the parts and attributes of the vehicle.

So it is also preferable for us to use Ford authorized dealerships or garages to repair your car. Repairing your car also includes servicing and checkups. Don’t worry about the cost of servicing your car at a Ford-authorized dealership. Ford gives free servicing with warranties on their car.

Can I Take My Chevy To Any Dealer For Warranty Work?

The warranty specifications of Chevrolet are much more flexible than any other brand. But you have to take your car to a Chevrolet dealership for maintenance if you don’t want to revoke your warranty. But you can take it to any random garage for maintenance.

In case of taking your car into any random garage, you have to keep the history of maintenance. This maintenance history will help you to maintain your warranty. It is advised that you take your car to the Chevrolet dealership as it is less costly than taking it to any random dealership. But you can do miscellaneous repairs which the warranty does not cover, like tire wear and a lot more.

Can I Take My Subaru To Any Dealership For Service?

You can take your Subaru to any random dealership for servicing. They won’t revoke your warranty. But you should take your car to certified Subaru dealerships. Subaru has a unique engine and needs specific parts.

So if the dealership that’s dealing with your servicing doesn’t know how a Subaru engine works that will be a big problem for you.

Again Subaru is one of the most advanced and modern brands, and they use high-end technology behind cars. So you won’t regret servicing your car at Subaru-certified dealerships. You can also get free servicing with your car.

Can I Take My Nissan To Any Dealer For Service?

Yes, you can take your Nissan to any dealer for servicing. Nissan also has some good flexible warranty specifications that let you take your car to any random dealership. But again, we prefer you to take your car to a Nissan verified dealership to get the best features and servicing.

Also, all Nissan cars with warranties get free servicing for a definite period. Also, you can book an appointment for your servicing online. They also have one of the best garages and highly trained mechanics.

Can I Take My Jeep To Any Dealership For Warranty Work?

You will need to take your Jeep to an authorized jeep dealership for warranty work. The dealership you are taking your car to must be Jeep verified. The warranty specified Jeep cars are strict, and also they stick to that.

But if you can’t take it to any authorized dealerships, then keep a record of the maintenance you have done. This may help if you don’t want to get your warranty revoked. Also, you can do small repairs not covered by the warranties through any random garages.

Can I Take My Hyundai To Any Dealer For Service?

Yes, you can take your Hyundai to any dealership for servicing. But you will get the best service if you take it to any Hyundai-certified dealerships. Hyundai is one of the best car companies. Also, their warranty specifications are way more flexible than any other brand.

You can take your car to any dealership and do your warranty work. But you will need to have the proper paperwork for the process. Processing the warranty work is not that much of a hassle just be sure that the dealership doesn’t accidentally deny the warranty conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have to use a main dealer for a warranty?

This depends on the manufacturer. Many manufacturers have flexible warranty specifications, and many don’t.

Is a car service free under warranty?

Yes, in most cases the manufacturers give free service and a warranty for a specific time.

Can I change my oil under warranty?

Yes, you can change your oil under warranty. Also, you can change any fluid, and it won’t void your warranty.


We hope that you got your answer to the question if my car is under warranty can I take it to any dealership? It completely depends on the manufacturer you are dealing with. Most of the dealerships let you go to any random dealership for warranty works. Again, on the contrary, most of them don’t let you take your vehicle to any other dealerships other than the certified ones.

We told you everything we have. We may have missed something on the flow. You can let us know. Until then, goodbye.

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