How To Get Techstream In 5 Minutes? [Step-by-step Guide To Getting It]

Are getting Techstream in your windows for your car seems complicated? It is because you are not familiar with or have less knowledge about the installation process. Admit it, the process of getting this software is a little bit tricky. So how to get Techstrem In 5 minutes hassle-free?

Techestream software helps to combine the TIS and the Scantool functionality on one device. But before enjoying all the advantages of this diagnostic tool, you should have installed this. Most car owners fail to do it themselves without knowing the proper guidelines.

However, go through this article to get the Techsream in your car just by spending a few minutes. Hopefully, you’ll do it confidently and successfully.

7 Steps To Get Techstream In 5 Minutes: A Time-Saving Approach

Getting the Techstream software is always a fantastic thing for every Toyota or other similar car owner. This is because there are many benefits of Techstream and it’s simple to use. No more delay, let’s discuss how to get Techstream in just 5 minutes to enjoy the whole benefits.

Things You Will Need

Without exact accessories or hardware, you can’t get the job done as quickly as you want. Here is a list of materials you need for installing the Techstream in your car.

  • A Laptop or computer; (Laptop is preferable for easy access)
  • USB Connector;
  • OBD II port reader cable/ Mini VCI Interface;

Step #1: Purchase an OBD II or Mini VIC interface

Now, if you don’t have an OBD II port or Mini VCI cables, buy them separately. Make sure the mini VCI cables are designed to operate in a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

Step #2: Download And Install Hypervisor (Virtual Box)

Here you go, this is the time to download the Virtualbox. You can download this for your Windows and macOS. To download it for your Windows, check here. For your MacOS, click here to Download. If you have Apple M1 or M2, you must download UTM from here.

Let’s say you are working on your Windows. So, first, go to the Virtual Box official website and selects “Windows hosts.” If you’re working with other operating systems, choose them accordingly. After clicking, Virtualbox will be downloaded automatically to your system.

Step #3: Open The File

After finishing the Download, install and open the file. Don’t be so hurry until all the defaults run through completely. Once the installation process is done thoroughly, hit the “finish” option. After that, you can find the installed Virtual Box (i.e. Oracle VM Virtualbox) icon on your laptop display.

Step #4: Download The TechStream

After setting the Virtualbox, now, jump to download the Techstream. There might be some websites or places to download this. But you can rely on the website “I Hate Mud Forum” to download the text stream.

After clicking the link, click the “Save” button. And it’ll download automatically to your Downloads folder. Now go to the image files in your downloads to complete the virtual system settings.

Next, you can see here an option called “guest operating system” of Windows XP 32-bit. This time click the “Import Button.” Now you are done installing the Techstream application inside the Oracle Virtual Box. Double-check to ensure all are okay. Then, run windows XP on your laptop.

Step #5: Plug the USB Cable Into The Laptop

After completing booting and enabling running the Windows XP, take the Mini VCI cable. Then, insert the USB port into the laptop to connect the mini VCI cable. Now, click the MVCI firmware update tool from the divide and check whether the boxes are populated or not. If not, assume that the drivers haven’t been installed successfully and can’t recognize the mini VCI device.

Step #6: Finish Set Up

Launch the Techstream itself by double-clicking the icon next to the MVCI tool and wait until the Techstream booting up completion. After that, jump to the “Set up” and go into the VIM select. Remember to select the XORS MVCI is selected. Next, go into the Text Stream configuration to select the other regions (optional).

Step #7: Insert The Registry Key

As you connect the Techstream first time, you need to enter the registry key. In the dashboard, you will find the key. Copy it from the Techinfo Website to use where needed. You need to hook up the Techstream to the vehicle’s internal computer system.

Now, insert or plug the Mini VCI cables into the OBD port located underneath the steering wheel. Finally, click the connect to vehicle button to see the magic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Techstream Only For Toyota?

Techstream TIS official software or diagnostic tool is suitable to use in Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles. It can support diagnostic, immobilizer, reprogramming, and service function for these vehicles. In addition, Tecstream lite is a handy dandy for DLC3 or J1962-type diagnostic functions. But yes, an authoritative TIS subscription allows getting the all technical data library for all generation Toyota.

Where Can You Download Techstream?

The Tech Info website is a reliable and accessible place to download the Techstream software or diagnostic tool. Go to the website and click the link for login by entering the User Name and Password. Follow this sequence:
TIS → Diagnostic → Scan Tool, then select Full Install to download.
After that, go through the step-by-step mentioned above.

What Can Toyota Techstream Do?

Toyota Techstream combines both scan tool and TIS functionality into a unique system. This way, technicians or mechanics can observe the vehicle on-board data, access browsing compatible Service documents of TIS, get full access to the ECU, access OBD codes, repair data, reprogram vehicle data without changing the position, etc. Reprogramming vehicle data can be done via a wireless link to TIS.

How Do You Get Toyota Apps In Your Car?

Getting Toyota App varies from phone to phone. If you are an Android user, you must follow different instructions compared to iPhone users. Suppose, you are an Android user. The getting process includes signing into the Entune App → choosing the menu button → clicking options → clicking manage accounts  → choosing the app you want to get → completing signing in → choosing to link my account. Complete!


You may be thinking the process is lengthy and asking yourself how to get Techstream in 5 minutes. It is a nightmare, isn’t it? No way. You have no idea how short the process is. As I described it slowly with a useful guide, it may seem time-consuming. But when you work on it, you’ll say, WOW! It’s really easy to install Techstream.

To minimize your hassle in analyzing data, see the repair information, easy access to the ECU, and many more, install and run the Techstream software. It is really a handy tool, easy to use, and less effort to install. Follow the guide above to complete the installation process and enjoy the most out of it.

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