Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost Breakdown Of The Costs

How much does replacing a tire pressure sensor on a Honda cost? The average cost of the Honda TPMS sensor replacement is $100-200 for every tire, included in parts and labor prices.

However, the Honda TPMS sensor replacement cost may vary depending on your location and the availability of the parts and labor. TPMS plays a vital role in keeping the tires in the best condition.

Getting trouble with tires requires checking the TPMS. If they’re damaged, you must replace them. Read this content to know how much they cost to replace with a cost breakdown.

Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

On average, the replacement cost of the Honda TPMS is $101 per tire, which includes $96 for labor and $6 for parts. But, the costs can vary in different U.S. states because of applicable taxes and fees. Also, the wheel type and the availability of the parts and labor will affect the costs. 

Here is the cost breakdown of the Honda TPMS sensor:

The TPMS Sensor Housing Replacement Cost

In most cases, the Honda Accord TPMS sensor replacement cost is around $100, including sensor housing and labor prices. For some places, it can be between $240 and $750. Also, it can cost somewhere from $170 to $670.

It indicates that there are different prices in different states. The taxes and fees are not the same in all states, like the availability of labor and parts.

TPMS Sensor Chip Replacement Cost

Typically, the Honda Civic TPMS sensor replacement cost for its sensor chip is around $150 for each tire. Here, the chip will cost a maximum of $30, and the labor will take the remaining amount.

For example, visitors quoted on an online service provider, YourMechanic, from $80 to $150 for every tire of the TPMS sensor chip. So, if you need to replace all four tire pressure monitoring sensors simultaneously, they’ll cost from $320 to $600.

But, it’s good to know that you might not need to replace all the sensors simultaneously. And when it’s time to replace any one or more of them, don’t forget that the Honda Fit TPMS sensor replacement cost may vary widely in different states due to their applicable taxes and fees.

TPMS Valve Stem Replacement Cost

Over time, valve stems become corroded, and they require replacement. The Honda Odyssey TPMS sensor replacement cost is the same as other models of Honda cars.

But, if you need to replace the TPMS valve stem of the Honda Odyssey, it’ll cost about $2 for each rubber-made valve stem. However, remember that you have to pay around $90 for labor, which isn’t fixed for all the U.S. states.

TPMS Sensor Battery Replacement Cost

The typical lifespan of a TPMS sensor battery is from 5 to 10 years. If the battery dies or doesn’t work, you must replace it with a new one. But, the problem is that you can’t replace the battery separately.

As a result, when the sensor creates trouble for the dead or run-down battery, you need to replace the entire sensor. Every sensor comes with a new battery that may cost from $100 to $150.

So, the Honda CRV TPMS sensor replacement cost, for example, would be around $150 for each tire when it comes to TPMS sensor battery issues. It depends on the sensor type and application.

Replacement Costs Variations For Mechanic & DIY

2010 Honda Accord TPMS sensor replacement cost is around $100, including parts and labor. It indicates an estimated price for each wheel while employing a mechanic.

The labor cost for one hour is between $90 and $150 in different states. As a result, the cost may increase up to $160 depending on your location and the availability of the labor.

On the other hand, you can reduce the Honda Pilot TPMS sensor replacement cost if you do it yourself. Replacing the sensor on your own will save you labor costs up to $150.

Theoretically, you can perform the TPMS sensor replacement task, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend doing it yourself as there are many technical issues. So, avoid doing it until you have enough practical experience and the essential tools to accomplish the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A Tire Shop Replace TPMS?

Yes, you can replace TPMS in a tire shop if they’re experts with essential tools to test before and after replacing TPMS. However, it’s best to look for a certified mechanic shop to replace your car’s TPMS. And, avoid doing it yourself as long as you have other options like tire shops and mechanical shops.

How Long Does It Take To Replace TPMS?

Replacing TPMS won’t take more than an hour. It takes about 10 minutes in most cases, while others require a little more time. In any case, manufacturers recommend replacing TPMS with a certified professional for the best result.

Can I Replace My TPMS Sensors Myself?

Yes, technically, you perform the replacement task of TPMS if you have practical experience. However, this isn’t a suitable job for most regular people. Replacing steps of the TPMS sensor are a bit tough to follow and might be risky for people without mechanical expertise.


The Honda TPMS sensor replacement cost, including labor and parts,may vary between $100 and $150. The costs of the related parts like batteries, chips, and sensor housings are between $10 and $50.

However, the cost may increase depending on the location you’re replacing the sensor, the availability of parts, and different labor costs. Also, it depends on the model of the Honda car and the TPMS type.

Although it’s not recommended that you should replace the TPMS sensors, you can do it if you have enough mechanical skills and the necessary tools. It’ll help you save the bucks you want to pay for a mechanic.

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