Honda CRV Remote Start Not Working [5 Common Reasons With Easy Solutions]

Why is the Honda CRV Remote start not working? One of the common reasons is that the doors or trunks of your car may not be properly closed.

There may be a couple of other reasons behind remote start not working in your Honda CRV. In this article, you are going to know all the possible reasons for not working remotely starting with their specific effective solutions.

If you want to fix remote starts not working in Honda CRV by identifying your car’s problem, we got your back.

Honda CRV Remote Start Not Working 

As we already mentioned, your Honda CRV remote start may not work for various reasons. 

We will try to tell you all the apparent reasons that we get to know from customers’ reviews and our experts’ observations.

The first thing you have to know is that this machine can sometimes fail to work without any reason. For this reason, our experts suggest,

“You need to double check to make sure about the negative lineup”.

Are you still facing the problem? Then the probable familiar reason could be the battery of the remote may be damaged. If the battery is damaged, you need to replace the battery.

When your Honda remote start not working after battery replacement, you should check the doors and trunks of your cars. If the doors or trunks are open, your remote start will not function.

As you can see, there are different types of reasons for the 2021 Honda CRV remote start not working as well as for the other year’s models. Let’s help you with an easy table with 5 widespread reasons that people face the most with their practical solutions.

Easy Table to Find out All the Problems at a Glance

Doors are not shut correctlyAlways make sure the doors of the car are closed before attempting a remote start.
Detective hood latch  Replace the hood latch [Try cleaning if the latch is not damaged]
Damage remote batteryRecharge or replace the battery.  
Error remote programmingFix the correct programming of the remote for accurate remote start.
Broken hood pinsReplace the hood pin.  

With the help of this table, you will easily and quickly identify the problem with your cars that is why your Honda CRV 2020 remote start not working if you are a 2020 model user and so for other year’s users.

. Let’s go into the details.

1. Doors Are Not Shut Correctly

You will face the 2019 Honda CRV remote start not working, respectively other year’s models, if the doors are not shut properly. Because the remote start can not function without closing the door.

Solution: Check the door. If you find that any object is stuck in the door, then remove it and close the door.

Sometimes, the door switch of your car can be broken. So you have to replace the door switch.

2. Defective Hood Latch

If the hood latch of the 2017 Honda CRV has any defect, then you can not shut the hood properly. Consequently, you have to face the 2017 Honda CRV remote start not working mostlyThis problem is also relevant to other years’ Honda CRV.

Solution: If the remote start of your car is not working and you check that your door is properly closed, you’ll have to check the hood latch.

To check the hood latch, you have to open the trunk of the front side, unscrew the 4 hood pin, and find the hood latch.

You should observe the physical condition of the latch first, then you can give a bridge connection and try to do a remote start.

If it works, then you have to replace the hood latch with a new one. But if you find out that the physical condition is okay. Then you can just clean it up and try to start with the remote. 

3. Damage Remote Battery

Damaged batteries are a prevalent reason why the 2014 Honda CRV remote start not working

If you try to start your car with the remote and the battery of the remote is damaged, then the remote can not function to start the car.

Solution: The only solution is that you need to replace the battery. Thus try to do a remote start. If your CRV remote start is not working for the battery issue. Then it will start to work.

We will recommend you take the appropriate battery for your remote. If you fail to choose the type of battery, it will not fit your remote so you can not do the remote start.

You can go to the market to buy the Honda CRV remote battery or buy it online.

4. Error Remote Programming

The correct programming of the remote to apply the remote start is very important. If the programming of the remote is disorganized, the 2016 Honda CRV remote start not wiring will appear.

Error programming is an issue for 2016 and for all the Honda CRV remote start. So let’s check out the solution.

Solution: There are some steps to set the appropriate programming. The steps include;

5. Broken Hood Pins

This is also a common reason, like the open doors. You cannot shut the hood when the hood pins are broken. Therefore, the remote start can not function.

Solution: The solution is to replace the broken hood pins and use new hood pins to shut the hood properly.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my remote starter not working?

There are various reasons for your remote starter not working. One of them is that the battery of your key fob may be damaged. So you need to replace the battery.

How do I reset my Honda remote starter?

To reset your Honda remote starter, you have to press the lock button on your remote car starter for 5 seconds. Then it will turn on. Then again, turn off the starter. You have to repeat this procedure 3 times.

Do I need to reprogram the Honda key fob after changing the battery?

Yes, you need to reprogram the Honda key fob after changing the battery. Not always do you need to do that. But you need to reprogram the key fob when it fails to reset the connection.


After studying the article, you have known 5 common and sophisticated reasons for Honda CRV remote start not working with their susceptible solutions.

We hope that now you can easily identify why your remote start is not working and, according to your problem, you can try out practical solutions. Follow this website for all of your technical issues regarding your car.

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