What Car Owners Need to About Honda Coolant Type 1 Vs Type 2

What is the difference between Honda type 1 and Honda type 2 coolant? There are several distinctions to be identified. The most noticeable change is that Honda type 2 coolant is more corrosion resistant than Honda type 1 coolant on most occasions.

Furthermore, you should learn a lot about Honda coolant type 1 vs type 2 to choose the best coolant for your car. Here, you not only tend to speed up money but also think about purchasing lifeguards for your car’s engine.

Keep reading the blog as we compare the two most popular car coolants only for your consideration.

Honda Coolant Type 1 Vs Type 2

Comparison FactsHonda Coolant Type 1Honda Coolant Type 2
Element100% pure, the Liquid mixes with water and antifreezeBased on ethylene glycol and pre-diluted, water premixed
PerformanceMinimal performanceHigh performing
PriceCheaper compared to type 2A bit expensive
Service DurationAverage life periodCan last for a long time
Best ApplicationLess preferable for a modern Honda carPreferable for modern-day Honda car

The table above has added more twists regarding our discussion about Honda coolant type 2 vs type 1. However, in most cases, the two types of coolant have some similarities, and we won’t forget to mention them when we elaborate on our discussion.

The Difference in Elements Regarding Honda Type 1 and 2

Though there are not huge differences in making elements of Honda coolant type 1 and Honda coolant type 2, we feel it’s essential to cover a few differences. Both coolants contain water and antifreeze elements, but the Honda type 2 coolant contains slightly better corrosion inhibitors than the type 1 coolant.

However, the long-lasting service of the liquid cooler depends on the ethylene glycol used.

Nevertheless, you will find type 1 and type 2 Honda coolant elements.

Regarding the Honda type 2 coolant, you don’t need to add additional water or corrosion inhibitors. However, this can be an important fact related to Honda coolant type 2 vs type 1.

Performance Difference Between Honda Coolant Type 1 And Type 2

Discussing performance, the Honda type 1 and type 2 coolant, none of them will make you feel frustrated. Moreover, the excellent elements on type 1 and type 2 coolant of Honda work as strong corrosion and rust resistance.

No matter how extreme the condition is, you will find slightly better performance with the type 2 coolant where the operation condition is -34°F to 228°F.

Furthermore, the type 1 Honda coolant is also impressive. The effective heat transfer system and chemical stability make it worthy of competing against the type 2 coolant.

Honda Type 1 VS Type 2 Best Application

If you ask what coolant is Honda type 2, you will almost find the same answer if you ask about the type 1 coolant. Both types of coolant are suitable for your Honda car. But, in modern days, Honda car owners often use the Honda Type 2 blue liquid coolant as it is more recommendable by experts.

Nonetheless, you can use the Honda Type 1 coolant instead of type 2 as there will be no significant issues.

Furthermore, you should also know whether you can mix the two types of coolant for your car and use them simultaneously.

Well, you should remember that it is always better to use the coolant with the same color. For example, if you have used blue ethylene glycol before, you should also use it for further times.

So, it will be better if you don’t mix the coolant as it negatively impacts the engine by increasing corrosion to the radiator. Another reason you shouldn’t mix the Honda type 1 coolant with the type 2 is that they boil at different temperatures.

Comparison of Price Between Honda Type 1 Coolant vs Honda Type 2 Coolant

Price can always be a crucial fact regarding Honda radiator coolant type 1 vs type 2. With quite a few valid reasons, you need to spend more on type 2 Honda coolant than type 1 Honda coolant.

On average, one gallon Honda Type 2 ethylene glycol coolant can cost you nearly $16, whereas Type 1 costs you 2-3 dollars less at the same amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Color Is Honda Type 2 Antifreeze?

The color of Honda type 2 antifreeze is blue. Honda has introduced different colors of liquid coolant over the last few years. Among them, the blue one, type 2 antifreeze, is more popular and preferable. The reason behind the popularity of this type of coolant/antifreeze is that it ensures the long-time corrosion protection features for different parts of the engine and radiator.

What Is Type 2 Antifreeze Coolant?

The type 2 antifreeze liquid coolant provides long-term corrosion protection features. Nonetheless, it is a combination of ethylene glycol and pre-diluted water. Whether excess temperature or cold, the high-performance coolant/anti-freeze makes the engine run smoothly.
Moreover, the type 2 non-silicate antifreeze coolant is used in most Honda vehicles.

Do All Hondas Use the Same Coolant?

Most Honda owners use the type 2 antifreeze coolant on their cars. But, it is not certain that all the Hondas use the same coolant, the same type, to be more exact. As you know, the core elements of a perfect coolant are water, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitor, and stuff. Honda uses its manufactured coolant that matches the requirement of the core elements like other manufacturers.

Can I Use Any Coolant for Honda?

There is a condition for using coolant for Honda. It has to match the basic criteria of high performance, including long-time corrosion protection power, non-silicate, recommended for aluminum engines, long-lasting, anti-rust, and more. If you can get the recommended type 2, it will be better.

How Often Should You Change the Honda Coolant?

The lifetime of your coolant depends on its quality and, most important, maintenance. But fortunately, the Honda coolant will provide you with a long time of performance. However, the type 2 Honda coolant can deliver service for up to 5 years which is pretty impressive. The service period in miles will be up to 60.00- 1,20,000.

Final Words

We have been discussing the Honda coolant type 1 vs type 2. We believe you’ve got a clear picture of what liquid coolant is suitable for your Honda vehicle. Nonetheless, it will be better to go with the coolant recommended by the manufacturer.

However, if you are concerned about the coolant’s price, then type 1 will be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want long-term performance over everything else, the Honda type 2 is our recommendation.

Before buying any coolant for your vehicle, always ensure the coolant is suitable for the engine. However, in this sense, the type 1 and type 2 coolants are satisfying enough. They hardly make the motor overheat, and the antifreeze elements come into action when there is extreme cold.

So, what kind of coolant will you use in your car?

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