Symptoms And Fixes Of Honda Civic Window Motor Problems

What problem can you find with the Honda Civic window motor? It can cause your window not to go up or down, can change the window speed, etc.

However, there are several other Honda Civic window motor problems you can face. We will discuss them in detail with the fixing below.

Honda Civic Window Motor Problems Symptoms, Reasons, And Fixing

It is needless to say how your Honda Civic window protects your car’s interior. But the window motors can work well and can fail at the same time. Let’s learn why it fails and what problems can create after the failure.

A sudden question may arouse your mind about how it usually works. Recent 2021 Honda Civic window motors are combinedly equipped with the regulator. Thus, if there is any problem in the regulator, it also drags the motor to the problem.

And therefore, if any of them goes wrong, you have to replace both. So it is a costly process too.

let’s hover on the possible problems below-

Window Motor ProblemsProbable Reasons
The window won’t open with one pressMotor assembly problem
Window roll-up or down faster or slower than normal timesMotor fails to work, or there can be any electrical problem
A clicking sound comes from the door when the window starts movingGarbage or dust get stuck between the motor and power window
The window gets stuck or tighter than usualThe motor assembly might be broken

The Window Won’t Open With One Press

Windows start rolling up or down with one press. But there are exceptions too. Some models have an automatic rolling feature, such as the 2007 Honda Civic window motor.

If your window doesn’t roll up or down with one press, there are problems with your motor assembly.

It is a good sign because you don’t have to check anything else if it happens. But sometimes the problem can be your window switches too.

Make sure your window switch is okay or not before replacing the motor assembly.

Window Roll-up Or Down Faster Or Slower than Regular Times

As a car user, you know about windows rolling up or down speed. If you notice any specialty, such as its faster or slower process, you can assume a problem in the motor because windows will never go against their fixed speed.

It will mainly roll up or down faster or slower than regular times when your motor begins to fail. In such cases, it might happen that the motor is not working, or there can be an electrical issue.

For this, we will suggest taking suggestions from an efficient mechanic. It is good not to handle it at home because it can create permanent window problems.

A Clicking Sound From The Door When Window Starts Moving

Though this symptom is not as severe as others, it’s not something normal too. We are talking about none other than the clicking sound from the door.

There can be a question in your mind about how it relates to the window. Those clicking sounds are created when dust or debris is stuck between the motor and the window. Though it came from the door, it causes by the window and the motor.

This problem is not that critical. You can fix it yourself too. But make sure you assemble them perfectly after removing the dust. Cause faulty assembly can cause several problems. Thus make sure there is no problem in the motor assembly.

The Window Gets Stuck Or Tighter Than Usual

When owners claim the Honda Civic auto window is not working, their most common report is that the window gets stuck.

If your window gets stuck or locked and won’t roll up or down, the reason is a broken window motor assembly.

So, if it happens, don’t press the switch to make it right. Extra pushing can break the window.

In this situation, you have to replace the motor. And you know it should be done by any professional mechanic if you are not that good at this.

Check out This Motor Replacement Video If Needed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes Honda’s one power window to stop working?

Honda power window not working issue can have several reasons. The problems can lie with the regulator, the motor, the switch, and the cable. And not surprising that they can combinedly create issues too. But the most frequent reason can be the broken motor.

How do I know if my power window motor is bad?

Finding a change in the window speed is a great sign. It relates to the window motor directly. It can make it slower or faster during your window ups or downs. If you find that the power process from the voltmeter is okay, but still the motor doesn’t work, it may have some issues with it.

How do you diagnose a power window problem?

There are many symptoms from which you can diagnose a power window problem. It can be your Honda Civic window keeps going down or won’t go down smoothly. So, check them one by one to ensure the motor assembly, cable, and window switch, respectively to find and fix the issue.


This fixing guide is written keeping all of the Honda Civic window motor problems that users face or can face today or tomorrow. These are practical reasons and fixing guides we have listed above for you.

And for your information, most of these problems we have taken from the owners who faced these problems and fixed them. And we narrowed those reviews for you here. We hope these fixes will help you.

Though mainly, the assembly of the motor can cause window problems. But there can be problems in your window or switch or the cable individually.

Motor problem is not universal all the time. So, ensure if your problem is in the motor or not. Because other problems can create a temporary problem, but motor issues can make your window problem permanent.

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