Honda Accord Jack Points: Where To Look At?

Jacking up is not the stuff people often do. And when that time comes, it’s not always easy to find the jack points on a Honda Accord. Thus, where are the jack points on Honda Accord cars?

Generally, there are a total of six Honda Accord jack points. However, the positions of the jack points differ with sequential upgrades in the chassis. You will find 4 points on each side rail and each in the front and rear end.

Now that you know the number of jack points locating them precisely can be tricky. Reading this article will allow you to easily find jack points on any model of the Honda Accord and help jack it up without any damage.

Find All the Honda Accord Jack Points

The Honda Accord has been one of the most successful cars under the sedan version since 1976. From the launching date to now, there have been ten generations with five model years in each generation.

With time, the design, structure, and other components, such as jack points that reside with the chassis changed. Hence, with different generations and model years, the jack point location also varies in Honda Accord.

Common Location Of Jack Points

As mentioned earlier, six jack points are present in every model of Honda Accords. Their locations can vary depending upon the model years.

Side Rail Jack Points

The side rails or side skirts of the chassis have two jack points. This makes a total of four jack points on each side of the car. You will find these jack points underneath the door sections.

These are made with sturdy metal parts for carrying the car’s structure. Hence, these jack points are directly connected to the chassis. Put your hand underneath the side skirt from where the driver’s or passenger’s door starts.

You will feel a rough metallic edge having a length of four-five inches. Similarly, you can find the side jack points on the rear end underneath the rear passenger doors.

To ensure the jack point locations, you can do a visual inspection. These jack points are elongated, with some rough edges and blunt teeth for grips and stability.

Front & Rear End Jack Points

These jack points are used to lift the cars’ entire front and rear end for heavy repairs to engine, exhaust, sensors, etc. The front jack point is in the front of the axle and the middle of the chassis.

More precisely, if you bisect the car sidewise, the jack points are positioned directly below the hood in the middle. Structurally this jack point can be shaped as a half moon, round, or a solid metal bracket.

Similarly, the rear jack point is positioned in front of the rear axle below the trunk. It is located on a sturdy piece of metal attached to the chassis. This jack point can be shaped as a circle hook or a bracket for attaching the jack with stability.

Jack Point Locations (Honda Accord 1st-8th generations)

Honda Accord model years from first-fifth generations have a simple design with little manipulation on chassis design. Besides, the ground clearance of the body kit of these cars was much higher.

Hence, you can peek through the bottom of the cars to locate the jack points. Side jack points are located just below the starting point of the doors under the side rails.

The front jack points on earlier models were positioned much outwards. It was easy to locate just by putting it under the hood. This was a solid metal framework with a cavity in shape for supporting the jack bracket.

Jack Point Locations (Honda Accord ninth-tenth generations)

The side and rear jack point positions in the latest Honda Accords after 2017 are similar to earlier models. This means you can locate 2017 Honda Accord jack points following the guides mentioned above.

But the main difference occurs in finding the front-end jack point. Hence, searching for 2019 Honda Accord jack points can put you in trouble, especially for the front one.

It is because the front-end jack point is located far inside, almost in the middle of the car. You will find it slightly inwards and adjacent to the vehicle’s front axle.

You cannot reach this jack point normally due to very low ground clearance and front lip spoilers in the latest models. A low profile, longer reach floor jack would get the job done after a slight lift from the rear end and keeping the car in the air using jack stands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do you put the jack under a Honda Accord?

For front and rear ends, put your hand underneath the hood/trunk and feel a cavity for jack brackets to put the jack stands. However, look underneath the side skirts just below where the door edge starts to locate the side jack points.

Where does the Jack go on a 2018 Honda Accord?

In a 2018 Honda Accord, the front end jack point is located much inside the chassis adjacent to the front axle and out of normal reach. You can use the long-reach, low-profile jack to lift the 2018 Honda Accord from all sides conveniently.

How do you jack up a 2012 Honda Accord?

Put your jack below the jack points in the 2012 Honda Accord, located at the subframe’s front and rear end. Once stable, put four jack stands on four sides of the side rails reinforced to support the car body.


Accidents and damage to your car’s subframe and chassis might occur if the jack is not placed on the proper jack points. Furthermore, when searching for jack points in your Honda Accord, you may damage your vehicle’s body and break the lip spoilers without any hindrance.

It is always recommended to refer to the user manual for the specific Honda Accord manual for assistance. If this is not feasible, you can find the jack points in your Honda Accord using the preceding instructions.

We hope this guide will be useful and instructive in helping you to locate the jack points on any Honda Accord quickly and safely.

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