Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating – Reasons & Solutions

You must be looking for the reasons for your Honda Accord humming noise when accelerating. Your Honda Accord typically makes a humming noise because of any problem with its wheel bearing.

However, getting a humming noise while accelerating your vehicle indicates something is going wrong. Paying attention to this warning will save you from expensive repairs and further damage.

So, continue reading and learn the other reasons for humming noise on your Honda Accord while accelerating and their possible solutions.

Reasons Behind Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating

When your Honda Accord makes a humming noise while accelerating, it means there is a problem with the wheel bearing, along with some other reasons. The major reasons include a faulty water pump, bumpy tires, failing transmission, and tires with big tread blocks.

Table of the Honda Accord Humming Noise Summary:

Problems in wheel bearingsReplace the wheel bearings
Failing transmissionRepair/replace the transmission
Defective water pumpReplace the water pump
Bumpy tiresReplace shock absorbers & suspension
Tires with big tread blocksUse tires with small/medium blocks

Problems in Wheel Bearings

When the wheel bearing malfunctions, it can make a humming noise. This wheel bearing has connections the most components of your car. A faulty or poor wheel bearing generates a Honda Accord squeaking noise when accelerating.

It means a damaged wheel bearing is responsible for this noise. Replacing the damaged or problematic wheel bearing is the best possible solution for this issue.

Usually, when the humming noise comes, you’ll find one or both of the wheel bearings faulty. It saves time and money if you replace both simultaneously in terms of labor cost. So, contact the dealer or an expert mechanic to replace them.

Failing Transmission

Usually, Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating comes from its failing transmission system. Indeed, a defective or worn-out transmission can’t reduce the noise that comes from your vehicle.

When you start your engine with a healthy transmission system, it prevents a 2013 Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating. But, if the transmission is failing or defective, it can’t do the job rightly. So, repairing or replacing the transmission is the solution to the humming noise issue.

Defective Water Pump

If the car’s water pump becomes faulty, it can make a humming noise.

There is a water pump with your car’s cooling system. Defective or failing water pump causes some issues, including humming noise, overheating, rust, stem, etc.

If it’s like the 2008 Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating, it can be because of a faulty water pump. And in that case, we recommend avoiding driving the car. And fix the issue by replacing the defective water pump as soon as possible.

Bumpy Tires

When your car tires become bumpy, The Honda Accord makes a whining noise when accelerating. Tire scalloping or cupping is uneven wear responsible for this issue while accelerating. Moreover, your car tire’s underinflation or overinflation is another cause of the issue.

This cause indicates that your car’s shock absorbers need a replacement to avoid a 2011 Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating. Also, you may want to replace other suspension components of your car. So, don’t wait to contact your dealer or a mechanic to fix the issue.

Tires With Big Tread Blocks

A 2007 Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating may happen without any internal reasons of your car. It can be because of the tire type that you’re using – especially when you hear this noise right after replacing tires on their rims.

If the tires have patterned with big tread blocks, they’re responsible for a 2010 Honda Accord whining noise when accelerating while driving on the highway.

So, you should always use small or medium block tires to avoid this issue. Also, you must avoid using economical tires for your Honda Accord.

Cheap tires come with big tread blocks that make the issue of humming noise while accelerating. It’s good to contact your dealer or a mechanic to get the right solution for this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can A Transmission Make A Humming Noise?

Yes, humming noise is one of the common noises that come from a transmission system. Moreover, it generates whining and buzzing sounds when leaking the transmission fluid. Making these noises indicate that the engine is dealing with any internal damage.

Why Is My 2020 Honda Accord Making A Humming Noise?

Typically, a problem in wheel bearings is the key reason for making a humming noise on your 2020 Honda Accord. Check your car for bumpy tires, failing transmissions, and tires with big tread blocks. They’re also culpable for a humming noise in your car.

Why Does My Honda Make A Noise When I Accelerate?

Noise on your Honda may occur due to lots of reasons. The most common one is a problem with wheel bearings. Some other reasons include bumpy tires, failing transmission, and tires with big tread blocks.


The issue of the Honda Accord humming noise when accelerating can rise because of problems with wheel bearings. If you check your car’s water pump, tires, and transmission system, you’ll find the reasons for the humming noise.

Apart from the above-said reasons, your Honda Accord may be dealing with something else that causes the issue. Whatever happens, we suggest fixing the issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

As a result, contact your dealer or an expert mechanic to diagnose and solve the problem if you’re not confident about the reasons and fixes.

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