Honda Accord AC Relay Location | Everything You Need To Know

Where is the AC relay located in Honda Accord? Most commonly, you will find the relay in a box at the driver’s side of the bonnet.

But here are some more vital factors about the Honda Accord AC relay location that you need to know. More specifically, the location can have slight changes when talking about different year models.

Let’s get the details on different locations of the AC relay that will help you to fix your current situation.

Honda Accord AC Relay Location For Different Models

Honda Accord AC fuse relay location is one of the most important parts that a car’s owner needs to know about. AC relay helps to regulate the power supply to the compressor and also to the clutch. It is necessary to function the AC system and to run the power supply.

Let’s come to the different locations of the AC relay location of the Honda Accord. First, if we talk about the most common model, the 2008 Honda Accord AC relay location. Andwe may find the AC relay in the black box of the bonnet section of the car just a little inside than the usual position of other cars. It will be right in the corner of the box beside the 7.5 amp red fuse. 

The 2009 Honda Accord AC relay location is very similar to the previous one. The black-colored relay is located the same besides the fuse and above the AC compressor. There will be two fuses of 7.5 amp and 40 amp, but the ac relay will be right beside the 7.5 amp.

The 2010 Honda Accord AC relay location is similar to the 2009 and 2008 models. This model has the upgraded version of the engine system, and the compressor and clutch are a little bit modified for getting extra performance.

Noticeable Differences In The Location

Mostly there are two major locations where you can find the relay, and another slightly different positional change also can be seen.

Model NameAC Relay Location
2008 – 2010 Honda Accord and later modelsThe right corner in the black box is inside the bonnet, besides the 7.5 amp fuse.
1997 Honda AccordTip of the bonnet just above the car’s tire
2015 – 2018 Honda Accord and laterThe box’s position got little change with the slight horizontal position.

Another interesting and different position may seem in the 2006 Honda Accord AC relay location. Interestingly, the box’s position of the fuses and relays won’t be the same as the others. But certainly, it will be placed in the bonnet in a different position in the box.

Inside the fuse box, the position of the ac relay is just below the right corner of the box. There will be another relay called a cooling fan relay and it is found beside the clutch fuse on the same box.

Other than these models, there’s another common model with a difference in the ac relay, which is the 1997 Honda Accord AC relay location. It is just on the right corner in the old model of 1997. In most cases, the AC relay was located to the inside and close to the driver’s location. But in this case, it is stated to the very top of the bonnet just above the car’s tire. 

Now, let’s come to the latest models of all time. The 2018 Honda Accord AC relay location is another updated location of the Honda series. In this version, the location of the box that contains all the fuses and relays is just slightly moved to the center with the horizontal position. The movement is not random.

  The scientific explanation is that the box is much safer with the horizontal position in the center.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are AC relays located?

There’s a slight difference between the new models of the Honda Accord and the old versions. But in most cases, you will find the AC relay on the driver’s side inside the bonnet separated by a black box from the other parts of the engine inside the bonnet.

How do you remove the AC relay on a Honda Accord?

The box where all relays and fuses are stated contains a clip above the box roof. We can remove the fuses and short relays with the clip, but if it’s a relay with more diameter, then it can’t be removed with the clip. So, piler will be needed to remove the relay.

Is the Honda Accord AC relay in the same location for all models?

Most likely, you will find the ac relays inside the box that is located inside the bonnet. But there’s some slight change in the older models like the 1997 Honda Accord where the relay is stated at the tip of the bonnet and just above the car’s tire.


Hopefully, you get a fair idea about the Honda Accord AC relay location of all models. This information may help you to find and replace the relay when the compressor is not properly working, or you are having trouble with the power system.

AC relay replacement may cost you high with the range of 100 dollars to 300 dollars. And this is a very important part of the car that makes the car better and worthy to run with great mileage. 

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