You Need This Harley Davidson Wheel Bearing Size Chart Before the DIY!

Is your HD bike going through tougher terrain, and now it’s time to change the wheel bearing? But you don’t know what is the right size for your bike model, right?

Tension not! We are here with this complete Harley Davidson wheel bearing size chart that will assist you in choosing the right one for your HD model. You’ll face serious hazards without the right wheel bearings (major crashes or worn-out other parts). So don’t go for an inch of displacement.

However, stick to the end of this article to understand the accurate wheel bearing size for different HD models. So, let’s dive deep.

Harley Davidson Wheel Bearing Size Chart for Different Models

Typically, wheel bearings have the same dimensions. But not all bearings fit all the models. Take a close look at this chart in order to avoid further mistakes in choosing the correct wheel bearings.

Different HD Models NameDifferent YearsFront Wheel Bearings SizeRear Wheel Bearings Size
Touring (Road Glides, Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Limited, etc.)2008 to all newer models25mm SealedSame as front
2002-20071” SealedSame as front
2000-20011” Sealed¾” Sealed
1984-1999Genuine ¾” Timken direct fitSame as front
Sport (Sportster, Nightster, Nightster Special, superlow, etc)2008 to newer models25mm sealedSame as front
2005-20071” Sealed (25mm double row with 25mm Axles)Same as front
2000-2004¾” sealed, 25mm double row with 25mm Axle)Same as front
1984-1999¾” TimkenSame as front
Softail2008-202225mm sealedSame as front
2000-2007¾” sealed¾” sealed
1984-1999¾” TimkenSame as front
Dyna1991-1999¾” TimkenSame as front
2000-20011” sealed¾” sealed
2000-2003¾” sealedSame as front
2004-20051” sealed¾” sealed
2006-20071” sealedSame as front
2008-202225mm sealedSame as front
CVO2018-202225mm sealedSame as front
V-rod2000-20071” sealed 
2002-200752 mm X 1-inch X 22 mm (outside diameter X inner diameter X width)Same as front
2008-later models (except bearings with ABS sensor)52 mm X 25 mm ID X 15 mm (OD X ID X width)Same as front
2008-2017  25mm sealedSame as front
Big Twins2000-later models25mm double row (except FLT)Same as front
  FXR1984-1999¾” TimkenSame as front
2000-2007¾” sealedSame as front

How To Check Wheel Bearings On A Harley Davidson

Checking and inspecting wheel bearings periodically to keep them tuned is mandatory. It allows you to understand the bearing’s condition to take necessary measurements if any flaws are detected. So, how do you check them on a Harley Davidson? Let’s find out the easy steps to make the tasks effortless.

  • The first step to check the wheel bearings on your H-D Dyna or other models is removing the wheel. Here, you’ll need to collect some basic tools to get the job done.
  • The required tools include a little bottle jack stand, ratchet straps, a bar, a zero, an Allen key, a 10mm 12-point socket, a 9/16 wrench, a 5/16 Allen wrench, ¾ wrench, a universal puller, etc.
  • Next, take off the brake calipers. To do that, first, pull out both bolts by using the 12-point 10mm socket.
  • Right after that, loosen the axial clamp from the right side. Use a 5/16 Allen wrench to loosen the nuts and clamp.
  • After that, take off the nuts next to the washers and spacers. You can keep the washers and spacers on the wheels. But you are allowed to remove them as well. Otherwise, keep them in order and take the wheel off.

Note: You can use a bar to push the rod that holds the wheel in the center. Apply it on both sides to make it free.

  • The next step is to take off the seals and bearings. According to California Motorcycles, after removing the sealing, spacers, adjusting washers, and other elements, it’s now easy to clean the whole surface.
  • Finally, clean thoroughly to take a deep look at the race and rollers. You can judge the bearings this way and check for damage or failure signs. If you see any crack inside the roller, assume that the bearings should be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Are Harley Front Wheel Bearings?

Well, it depends on what models you own. There are several distinctions in diameter based on the models. The size of the touring models’ front and rear wheel bearings doesn’t match the size of the Dyna models. Typically, in older HD models, you can choose ¾” Timken. But from 2008 to all newer models, 25mm sealed will take place genuinely.

Are All Wheel Bearings The Same Size?

Depending on the wheels, usually, all the wheel bearings come in the same size. A general rule of thumb, all wheel bearings have an 8mm inner and 22mm outer diameter with a 7mm width. In the inner race parts, there is a slight difference ranging between 7 and 8mm.
All in all, the size of the exact bearing mostly depends on the axles that you put with the bearing or wheel. So first focus on the size of the axles and then take further decisions. A single wheel requires double bearings.

How Are Harley Wheels Bearings Measured?

Typically, the wheel bearings are measured with a rating system by the ABEC. Also, you can try using a digital caliper to measure the bearing size. To do that, simply put the caliper at the bearing locations on the spindle. The number tells the spindle diameter and in turn, the inside diameter of the bearings used in the hub. As usual, you shouldn’t avoid the axle spindle size. The below table clarifies the matter precisely.

Decimal Diameter Measurement (Inches)Fractional Bearings Size (Inches)
1.06251 1/16
1.251 ¼
1.3751 ⅜
1.751 ¾


Admit it, wheel bearings can be worn out from time to time due to harsh off-road driving or irregular maintenance. As a result, you need to change or replace them regularly to keep you away from road hazards. However many individuals rush out to determine the right wheel bearing size for their HD models. In this case, the Harley Davidson wheel bearing size chart enables you to choose the exact one for your HD model.

If the size isn’t accurate, it’s typical to deteriorate the entire bearing. Consequently, you will encounter severe accidents. It’s because the bearings are directly connected to the wheels. Therefore, if the bearings fail to serve better, it affects the wheel. In most cases, the wheel dances slightly which leads to serious accidents.

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