Harley Davidson Tire Size Chart with Easy Guide!

It’s time for your HD bike tire change. But you don’t know the right tire size. Then this complete Harley Davidson tire size chart is just for you to get the exact squeeze.

That’s why we created this chart for you to follow and an easy guide on understanding what tire sizes mean and which tires should fit properly on your motorbike!

So, let’s jump right into it!

How to Understand the Writings on a Motorcycle Tire?

Before we go crazy about the tire size chart, we wanted to share a little trick for you to follow when sizing tires for your Harley.

Now, what do you understand from this picture? You’ll see writings like this on every motorcycle tire, and they explain a lot of details about the tires.

The first number, 130 is the tire’s width. It is in mm scale. So, the tire width from side to side is 130 mm.

The second number, 90 is the aspect ratio, also known as the sidewall height. So, the sidewall of this tire is 90% of 130 mm.

An important thing is that the wider tires are slightly taller because the sidewall height depends on the tire width.

After 90, you can see a “-” here. However, in some tires, it can be a “B” or an “R.” The R represents a Radial tire, the B represents a Bias Belted tire, and the – represents a Bias-ply tire. Learn more about the differences between bias and radial tires from Dunlop.

After the “-,” we can see 16. This is probably the easiest to understand. This is the wheel size, which is 16 inches.

The 74H in the last section represents the load-speed rating of the tire. So, the tire has a 74 rating in terms of load and an H rating in speed. You can search for your specific number to get exact load-speed values.

Now that we have gotten this out of the way, we can start talking about the tire size chart. Hopefully, after this section, you’ll understand this more easily.

Harley Davidson Tire Size Chart

There are some model families in Harley Davidson. As many models exist in each family, we will give your tire size charts for each model family separately.

Check below for your model family, then look in the tire size chart for a better understanding.

Harley Davidson Touring Tire Size Chart

In this chart, all the models from the touring family are included:

ModelsYearFront WheelRear Wheel
TireRim SizeTireRim Size
Road King, Electra Glide, Road Glide2000-2003130/90-1616×3130/90-1616×3
Road King Classic2009-2013130/90-1616×3180/65-1616×5
 Road King (Except Classic), Electra, Street, Road Glide2009130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
Road King, Electra Glide, Road Glide2004-2008130/90-1616×3140/85-1616×3
Road Glide Ultra2011-2013130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
 Road King (Except Classic),  Electra Glide2010-2013130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
Road King, Electra Glide, Ultra Electra/Road Glide (2),(3)2014-2019130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
Road Glide (2),(3)2015-2019130/60-1919×3180/65-1616×5
Street Glide, Road Glide Custom2010-2013130/70-1818×3180/65-1616×5
Street Glide (2),(3)2014-2019130/60-1919×3180/65-1616×5
Street Glide Special2018-2019130/60-1919×3180/55-1818×5.5
Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low2019130/80-1717×3180/55-1818×5.5
Road King Special2017-2019130/60-1919×3180/55-1818×5.5
Road Glide Special2019130/60-1919×3180/55-1818×5.5
Road Glide (2),(3)2020130/60-1919×3180/55-1818×5.5
Electra Glide (2),(3)2020130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
Street Glide (2),(3)2020130/60-1919×3180/55-1818×5.5
Road King2014-2019130/80-1717×3180/65-1616×5
Road King (2),(3)2020130/70-1818×3180/55-1818×5.5

Harley Davidson Sportster Tire Size Chart

This is the chart with all models from the Sportster family of Harley Davidson:

Sportster ModelsYearFront WheelRear Wheel
TireRim SizeTire   Rim Size
SuperLow 1200T2014-2017120/70-1818×3.0150/70-1717×4.5
1200 Custom2011-2019130/90-1616×3.0150/80-1616×3.0
Iron, Nightster2011-2020100/90-1919×2.5150/80-1616×3

Harley Davidson Dyna Tire Size Chart

In this section, you will find all the Dyna family models:

Dyna Models  YearFront WheelRear Wheel
TireRim SizeTireRim Size
        Super Glide, Low Rider2000-2001100/90-1919×2.5130/90-1616×3
        Super Glide, Low Rider2002-2005100/90-1919×2.5150/80-1616×3
         Super Glide (2), Low Rider (4) Super Glide Custom, Street Bob2006-2017100/90-1919×2.5160/70-1717×4.5
Fat Bob2008-2017130/90-1616×3180/70-1616×5.0
Switchback (2)2012-2016130/70-1818×3.0160/70-1717×4.5
Wide Glide2000-200180/90-2121×2.15130/90-1616×3
Wide Glide2002-200580/90-2121×2.15150/80-1616×3
Wide Glide2006-200880/90-2121×2.15160/70-1717×4.5
Wide Glide2010-201780/90-2121×2.15180/60-1717×4.5

Harley Davidson Softail Tire Size Chart

Check below for a tire size chart with all the models from the Softail family:

  Softail Models  YearFront WheelRear Wheel
TireRim SizeTireRim Size
Standard, Custom, Night Train, Springer2000-200521×2.1521×2.15130/90-1616×3
Standard, Custom,  Night Train, Springer2004-200580/90-2121×2.15150/80-1616×3
Standard, Custom, Night Train, Springer2006-201080/90-2121×2.15200/55-1717×6
Rocker, Rocker C (1)2008-201190/90-1919×2.5240/40-1818×8.0
Cross Bones2008-2011130/90-1616×3200/55-1717×6
Fat Boy2000-2003130/90-1616×3130/90-1616×3
Fat Boy2004-2006130/90-1616×3150/80-1616×3
Fat Boy2007-2017140/75-1717×3.5200/55-1717×6
Fat Boy, Fat Boy 1142018-2020160/60-1818×4.25240/40-1818×8.0
Heritage Softail, Deluxe,  Springer Classic2000-2003130/90-1616×3130/90-1616×3
       Heritage, Springer Classic2004-2006130/90-1616×3150/80-1616×3
Breakout, Breakout 1142013-2020130/60-2121×3240/40-1818×8.0
Fat Bob, Fat Bob 1142018-2020150/80-1616×3.5180/70-1616×5
Low Rider, Low Rider S2018-2020110/90-1919×2.5180/70-1616×5
Street Bob2018-2020100/90-1919×2.5150/80-1616×3
Sport Glide2018-2020130/70-1818×3.0180/70-1616×5
FXDR 1142019-2020120/70-1919×3.0240/40-1818×8

Harley Davidson VRSC Tire Size Chart

The VRSC is a significant family in the Harley Davidson banner. Here is a tire size chart for this family:

ModelYearFront WheelRear Wheel
Rim SizeTireRim SizeTire
Night Rod , V-Rod, Street Rod,  (2)2002-200619×3120/70-1918×5.5180/55-18
V-Rod, V-Rod Muscle,  Night Rod Special,  2007-201719×3120/70-1918×8.0240/40-18
Screamin Eagle (2)
Screamin Eagle (V-Rod) (2)200619×3120/70-1918×8.0240/40-18
Night Rod, Street Rod (2)2007-200819×3120/70-1918×5180/55-18

Harley Davidson Street Tire Size Chart

If your Harley Davidson belongs to the Street family, check the chart below for a complete tire size chart.

Street ModelsYearFront WheelRear Wheel
Rim SizeTireRim SizeTire
Street Rod2018-202017×3.0120/70-1717×5.0160/60-17

You can see in the tables we have marked (1), (2), (3), and (4). These marks have special meanings.

  • Every Rocker and Rocker C models need custom calipers.
  • You’ll need to use 5 screw-hub type classic rotors if you have a spoke wheel.
  • A 21” tire/wheel installation requires an extra fender bracket.
  • 2013 FXDL requires a single-disk front, and 14-15 models need the dual one.

Now that you have information on all the Harley Davidson models’ tire sizes, you can easily understand what type of tire you need for your specific model.

Also, you can watch this video from “Chaparral Motorsports” to easily understand how to choose the right tire size for your motorbike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tires come in stock on Harley Davidson?

The stock tires on Harley Davidson bikes are from Dunlop Tires. Dunlop has been a partner of Harley Davidson since 1983. So, you can be sure that Harley stock tires are top-quality!

How do you read a Harley Davidson tire size?

We have thoroughly explained this in the article above. The first number on the tire represents the tire’s width in mm. The second number represents the sidewall height.
Then comes usually the – or R or B. After that, you can see another number representing the tire’s wheel size. The last number-letter combination represents the load-speed rating of the tire.

Can I put a wider tire on my Harley?

Yes. You can put a wider tire on your Harley Davidson motorbike. However, you need to consider your bike’s size, rim size, and other factors.
Change in the tire width can affect the unsprung weight of your motorbike. So, this can affect your bike’s handling and cornering abilities.


After reading all this, you should understand the details about Harley Davidson tires. However, you must remember some basic details about the proper tire size.

Also, we recommend you follow our Harley Davidson tire size chart to buy the proper tire that fits your vehicle. Without proper tires, your bike won’t be able to generate enough power, or the handling can be reduced.

Although you have read this far in the article, we genuinely hope this article will help you through your Harley Davidson experience!

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