You Need Harley Davidson Drive Belt Size Chart With Measuring Guide!

A wrong drive belt can overheat your engine and let your motorcycle engine work inefficiently. Harley-Davidson drive belts require replacement every 100,000 miles. So, choosing the correct drive belt size is crucial to get the most out of your motorcycle.

When choosing the replacement drive belt, you will need to consider 2 metrics: belt width and the teeth number. Harley-Davidson drive belt width range is between 1 to 1 ½”, and the number of teeth is 125 to 170 depending on the model and production year.

Continue reading this post to get the Harley Davidson drive belt size chart and find a suitable one for your HD model.

Harley Davidson Drive Belt Size Chart

Harley Davidson released several models. Such popular models are Touring, Softail, V-Rod, Dyna series, etc. I listed the drive belt length, width, front pulley, rear pulley, and tooth count based on the model and production year below.

Read them carefully for a better understanding.

HD Model NameYearLengthWidthFront PulleyRear PulleyTooth Count
Buell (USA Models)1994 – 2002128T1 1/8 inch27T61T128
Buell (International Exports)1994 – 2002128T1 1/8 inch29T55T128
Street XG750, XG500,2015 – Present166T25mm30T80T155
Street Rod XG750A2017 – Present168T25mm30T80T155
XL8831993 – 2003128T1 1/8”27T61T131
XL8832004 – 2006136T1 1/8”28T68T150
XL8832007 – 2010136T1”28T68T150
XL883 (USA Models)2011 – Present137T1”29T68T128
XL883 (HDI International Export)2011 – 2012137T1”29T68T128
XL883 (International Export Models)2013 – Present137T1”30T68T133
XL1200 (USA Models)1991 – 1994128T1 1/8”29T61T134
XL1200 (HDI International Export)1991 – 1994125T1 1/8”29T55T134
XL12001995 – 2003128T1 1/8”29T61T133
XL1200 (USA Models)2004 – 2006137T1 1/8”29T68T149
XL1200 (HDI International Export)2004 – 2006137T1 1/8”30T68T149
XL12002007 – 2010137T1”30T68T151
XL1200 (USA Models)2011 – Present137T1”29T68T139
XL1200 (HDI International Models)2011 – Present137T1”30T68T139
XL12002008 – 2010137T1”28T68T133
XL1200X2009 – 2013137T1”28T68T133
V-RodVRSCA 2002 – 2003150T1 3/8”28T72T150
V-Rod (USA Models)VRSCA 2004 – 2006149T1 3/8”28T72T150
V-Rod (HDI International Export)VRSCA 2004 – 2006150T1 3/8”30T72T149
V-Rod (USA Models)VRSCB 2004 – 2005149T1 3/8”28T72T149
V-Rod (HDI International Export)VRSCB 2004 – 2005150T1 3/8”30T72T149
V-Rod (USA Models)VRSCD 2006149T1 3/8”28T72T149
V-Rod (HDI International Export)VRSCD 2006150T1 3/8”30T72T149
V-Rod (USA Models)2007 – 2017 (All except VRSCE)151T25mm28T72T151
V-Rod (HDI International Export)2007 – 2017152T25mm30T72T151
Dyna (USA Models)1991 – 1994133T1 ½”32T70T133
Dyna (HDI International Export)1991 – 1994128T1 ½”32T61T133
Dyna1995 – 1999133T1 ½”32T70T133
Dyna2000 – 2005133T1 1/8”32T70T133
Dyna2006133T1 1/8”32T70T133
Dyna2007 – 2017131T1”32T66T131
Touring1984 – 1986136T1 ½”32T70T136
Touring (USA Models)1987 – 1994136T1 ½”32T70T136
Touring (HDI International Export)1987 – 1994132T1 ½”32T61T140
Touring1995 – 1996136T1 ½”32T70T137
Touring1997 – 2003139T1 ½”32T70T139
Touring2004 – 2006139T1 1/8”32T70T139
Touring2007 – 2008137T1”32T66T139
Touring2009 – Present140T1”32T68T139
FXR1984 – 1986136T1 ½”32T70T130
FXR (USA Models)1987 – 1994136T1 ½”32T70T130
FXR (HDI International Export)1987 – 1994132T1 ½”32T61T130
Softail1984 – 1986132T1 ½”32T70T130
Softail (USA Models)1987 – 1990132T1 ½”32T70T132
Softail (HDI International Export)1987 – 1990127T1 ½”32T61T132
Softail (USA Models)1991 – 1992132T1 ½”32T70T132
Softail (HDI International Export)1991 – 1992127T1 ½”32T61T132
Softail1993128T1 ½”32T61T128
Softail (USA Models)1994132T1 ½”32T70T132
Softail (HDI International Export)1994128T1 ½”32T61T132
Softail1995 – 1999130T1 ½”32T65T130
Softail2000 – 2005135T1 1/8”32T70T135
Softail (FLSTF, FXSTD, FLST, FLSTSC, FLST, FLSTC)2006135T1 1/8”32T70T135
Softail (FXSTB, FXSTS, FXST)2006135T20mm32T70T135
Softail (FLSTN, FXSTD, FLSTSC, FLSTC)2007 – 2017133T1”32T66T133
Softail (FXSTC, FXSTB, FXST, FLSTF)2007 – 2017133T20mm32T66T133
Softail (FLSTSB)2008 – 2011133T20mm32T66T133
Softail (FXCWC, FXCW)2008 – 2011133T1”32T66T133
Softail FXSTSSE2009132T24mm32T66T134
Softail (All except FXSE, FXSBSE, FXSB)2012 – 2017133T24mm32T66T133
Softail (FXSE, FXSBSE, FXSB)2013 – 2017132T24mm32T66T133
Softail2018 – Present134T24mm32T66T134

You can find the drive belt size in the user manual. Moreover, the belt size is also printed inside the fuel tank. But in case you lose the user manual or the interior surface of the fuel tank wears down, then understanding the size becomes difficult.

In such cases, I suggest you take the belt to your local Harley-Davidson store. They will help you find the correct drive belt size.

Three major parts of drive belt size include,

  • Belt width
  • The number of teeth in the belt
  • Pulley number

Make sure the replacement drive belt size matches the above 3 factors. 

How to Measure Harley Drive Belt?

Measuring the Harley drive belt is effortless to do. If you have a drive belt, follow the below methods and steps meticulously. 

Method 01: Using the Current Belt

Things You’ll Need:

  • White marker or a piece of chalk
  • Measurement tape

Step 01: Hold the belt using one hand. Then grab the white marker or a piece of chalk and put a mark on it. The line should be thick enough for easy visibility. 

Step 02: In this step, you will have to take help from a flexible measurement tape. Wrap the tape around the belt surface. Start measuring from the line you marked on the belt. 

Make sure that the measuring tape tension is accurate. Also, there shouldn’t be any creases or folds to avoid discrepancies in the measurement. 

Continue wrapping the measurement tape until you reach the other end.

Step 04: After wrapping the tape around the drive belt, mark the meeting point with your index finger. Next, keep the belt aside. The meeting point is the drive belt size. 

Mark the point in the measuring tape or write down the measurements on a piece of paper. 

Method 02: Locating the Size Using a String or Rope

Step 01: Get a piece of string approximately 4 ft. long. A rope can also be an excellent option to measure the drive belt size.

Step 02: Place one end of the string on top of the pulley. Hold the string with one hand tightly in place. This way, the string or rope cannot move when measuring.

Step 03: Hold the end of the rope against the pulley. Then bring the rope around the other pulley until it joints. Make sure to maintain the tension. 

Step 04: Make a line at the meeting point on the rope or string using a marker. Finally, take off the rope from the pulley.

Step 05: Now, put the string or rope on an even surface and stretch it out. There should not be any fold in the string, and it has to be as straight as possible. Grab a measuring tape or ruler. 

Then, measure the distance from the marking to the string end. This distance is the size of the drive belt.

Method 03: Belt Code Explaining

Step 01: Every Harley Davidson drive belt has a printed code. You will find the code on the belt surface labeled with white color. The code consists of a series of numbers and letters. 

Step 02: A classical drive belt uses the letters A to E that specify the length and width of the belt. The belts inside the circumstances choose the codes of the classical belt.  

So, to know the belt’s length, you will have to add the belt width to the circumstance measurement selected in the belt code.

Generally, the classical code can be A34, A37, E27, etc. Look at the below chart to learn how much measurement to add to the belt width.

PrefixInches to Add

For example, if the code is A37, the belt outside circumstance is (2+37)= 39 inches.

What Facts to Know About Harley Davidson Belt Drive?

The motorcycle drive system has 3 categories: drive belt, chain drive, and shaft drive.

  • Shaft drives deliver power from the gearbox to the rear wheel. They require frequent maintenance. Also, shaft drives are bulky.
  • A metal chain is used in chain-driven motorcycles to transfer power from the gearbox to the rear wheel.
  • Motorcycles with belt drive transfer power from the gearbox to the rear wheel using a belt. They need minimal maintenance. Additionally, they let a motorcycle run smoother compared to other drive belt types. When properly maintained, a drive belt in the Harley-Davidson provides long-term service. If regular maintenance is overlooked, the belt can snap dangerously. This way, it can lead the driver to fatal injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How tight should a Harley-Davidson drive belt be? 

The correct tension for a Harley-Davidson drive belt is – tight enough so that the belt doesn’t slip during startup. Check the tightness of your Harley without the tool by following the below steps.
* Grab the drive belt about an inch and a half. 
* Try to twist the belt if you can. If you feel any severe resistance before twisting it about 45 degrees and can’t twist it, be sure that the drive belt is perfectly tightened.
* On the other hand, if you can twist it up to 75 to 90 degrees, then tightening the belt is mandatory. 

How many miles can a Harley drive belt go? 

Like all other top-rated motorcycles drive belts, the Harley drive belt needs replacement every 100,000 miles. Drive belt inspection is vital for motorcycle maintenance, and you must do it every 500 miles.

Who makes belt drives for Harley-Davidson?

Many types of drive belts are available for Harley in the market. These drive belts are only required during replacement. However, Tech Cycle Performance Products Inc. is the manufacturer of Harley-Davidson stock drive belts. 

Summing Up

The drive belt is one of the essential parts of Harley-Davidson. For this reason, maintaining the correct size of this component is mandatory. The above-mentioned Harley Davidson drive belt size chart will help you find the correct one. 

It would always be best to read the instruction manual before buying a replacement drive belt. Also, you can visit your nearest Harley service center to know the correct drive belt size based on your Harley model.

Remember to check the condition of your Harley drive belt periodically. A damaged drive belt will surely reduce the performance of your engine or transmission.

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