Goodyear Wiper Blades Size Chart: The Breakdown of the Available Sizes

Are you confusion which Goodyear wiper blade you should get on your car windshield? Well, the wipers of any vehicle have a specific size, and when you are available with any specific chart presenting all the blade sizes, half of your work gets done. Right?

So, we made this Goodyear wiper blades size chart for you to know the best compatibility for your vehicle. Give it a read to find out the compatibility of the Goodyear wiper blades with various vehicles.

Goodyear Wiper Blades Size Chart Including All Available Sizes

So, as we were saying, have you ever come across such a question what size Goodyear wiper blades do I need? First of all, you have to know the size of the stock wiper of your vehicle. After that, check the available size. Also, you can buy an inch low or high without complication.

However, we recommend you not to get wipers that are double the size or lower than your actual wipers. An inch high or low isn’t a big deal, but you will see complications if the size is more than that.

Below, you can see the Goodyear hybrid wiper blades size chart, including other series and compatibility with some of the popular vehicles. And we hope you can get the ideal size idea for your one, too.

Goodyear Hybrid Wiper SizeGoodyear Premium Wiper SizeGoodyear ClearFit Wiper SizeBest Compatibility
12”12”12”Toyota Corolla, Nissan Altima
13”13”13”Nissan Altima, Dodge Grand Caravan
14”14”14”Honda Civic, Hyundai Tucson
15”15”15”Toyota Rav4, Honda Civic
16”16”16”Chrysler Town, Honda CR-V
17”17”17”Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Rogue
18”18”18”Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Camry
19”19”19”Honda Accord, Toyota Prius
20”20”20”Ford F-150, Toyota Highlander
21”21”21”Dodge Durango, Honda Pilot
22”22”22”Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150
23”23”23”Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet Silverado
24”24”24”Toyota Camry, Dodge Ram
25”25”25”Honda Accord, Toyota Camry
26”26”26”Honda Odyssey, Toyota Highlander
27”27”27”Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra
28”28”28”Nissan Altima, Toyota Sienna

The above chart answers the question, “what size Goodyear wiper blades for what vehicle?” Also, asides from the car we included in the chart, check the stock size of your wiper and get the desired size.

As you can see, the Goodyear wiper has various series of wipers- premium, hybrid, ClearFit, rangin from 12” to 28”. We included the most popular series in the chart.

If you are using a Chrysler Town or Honda CR-V, go for the 16” blades as they are the best size for those vehicles. However, you can get the 15” or the 17” as they are also compatible.

Typically, it’s better to get a size precisely to the point. Yet, it isn’t a problem when you decide to equip a wiper blade that is 1 inch more or less.

Additionally, if you get wipers that are too large for your car, it can cause problems. You will notice that they are overlapping, which will lead to damage to the wiper itself. Furthermore, there is also a chance of damage to the windshield.

On the contrary, when the wiper blades are too small, they will hardly clean the car’s windshield. It can cause problems as the driver won’t be able to see correctly while driving the vehicle during the rain and such.

Meanwhile, if you own a car like Toyota Sienna, you may choose the 28”, the most significant size Goodyear offers. You may also use the 27” if you feel comfortable in that particular size.

Hyundai Elantra and Nissan Sentra work pretty well with the 27” wiper blades. For Toyota Highlander and Honda Odyssey, you may both use the 27” or the 26” wiper blades at your convenience.

The Goodyear wiper blades also work with Mercedes Benz as well. The 23” is a perfect size if you drive a Mercedes Benz. On the other hand, the 22” and the 24” can be used with the Mercedes Benz without problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Goodyear sell windshield wipers?

Yes, Goodyear sells good-quality windshield wipers. Furthermore, Goodyear has various types of windshield wipers as well to meet different vehicle demands.

How do you know what size windshield wipers to get?

Firstly, you have to know the stock wiper size in your car. Afterward, according to that size, you may know what size windshield wipers to get.

What does a 26-inch wiper blade fit?

For automobiles like Honda Odyssey and Toyota Highlander, the 26-inch wiper blade fits well.

Are expensive wipers worth it?

Yes, they are worth it as they last long. Furthermore, they provide you with the best efficiency.

How do you change Goodyear wiper blades?

Changing Goodyear wiper blades are like any other wiper blades. Loosening and removing the two ends nuts, simply take out and replace the wiper blades with the previous ones.


Goodyear wiper blades are of outstanding quality. There are various series as well with their specific purpose. Hopefully, this Goodyear wiper blades size chart has helped you so far now. The size chart helps to know the available sizes of the Goodyear wiper blades.

Crosscheck the chart with the stock size of the wiper for your vehicle. Afterward, ensure that you get the optimal size.

We also included some cars which are compatible with the Goodyear wiper blades. Follow the chart and get the desired wiper blades for your car.

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