Here Are 3 Options If You Forgot To Put Magnet In Transmission Pan

Did you treat your car with pan drop but forget to put the magnet back in the transmission pan? Then cheer up, buddy, as you aren’t the only one. However, it is essential to place the transmission pan magnets back into the pan.

Transmission pan magnets help to catch the ferrous material called metallic mud. As a result, it keeps the circulating fluid clean. Moreover, it improves transmission fluid efficiency and reduces wear and tear chance.

Magnets in transmission pan serve a vital role in the efficient operation of an automobile which we surely can’t slip up. So, if you forget to place them back, this article is solely for you.

Now, quickly tear into the details and get all the mysterious quizzings answered in one go!

What Would Happen If You Forgot to Put Magnet In Transmission Pan?

Ever thought about driving a car without a brake or clutch?


Similarly, you must pay attention to the importance of magnets in the transmission pan. It is as essential for the normal functioning of your car as the transmission fluid itself.

Where the transmission pan holds your transmission fluid, the magnet helps keep the lubricating oil clean.

So, if you forget to put a magnet in the transmission pan, it will eventually damage your engine and other parts.

We know that small chunks of metal parts start to chip off with time. In the absence of metal, these ferrous particles and debris mix up with the transmission oil in the pan.

Later, they are delivered along with the transmission fluid to the gear set and end up in the following:

This will ultimately lead to the shedding off of metallic fragments. As a result, your engine gets damaged, and its lifespan reduces.

Therefore, you can’t risk it by using a transmission pan without a magnet.

But Why Is There A Magnet In My Transmission Pan?

Until now, we are clued up that one should not use a transmission pan without a magnet.

Now, let’s figure out why there is one in the pans. Moreover, how magnets in transmission pan contribute to smooth functioning and protect wear-and-tear.

Just like typical magnets, transmission pan magnets attract iron chunks under the influence of a magnetic field.

Fresh transmission fluid doesn’t have any debris in it.

But with time, the normal wear and tear produce harmless shavings that mix up with the transmission fluid. Similarly, when the clutch and plates slide against one another, they give off tiny ferrous particles called metallic mud.

These metallic particles are too small to feel when rubbed between hands. The magnets in the transmission pan attract these nasty particles.

As a result, these metal shavings are no longer free to circulate through the valve body and gear set.

This way, it helps prevent any severe damage to the car transmission. Moreover, it allows a more efficient operation.

If not present, these glittering particles freely move along the fluid. As a result, there are high chances that your gear set teeth will wear out, ultimately leading to dangerous metal shavings.

To cut it short, these strong magnets are installed to capture fuzzy magnetic particles and ensure a smooth engine function.

What To Do If You Forget to Put the Magnet in the Transmission Pan? (Tips and Suggestions, Warnings)

Once you have forgotten to put a magnet in the transmission pan, there is no way to go back in time.

So, here is a set of easy solutions and suggestions for your problem.

Stronger Magnetic on the Bottom of the Transmission Pan

An effortless solution is to place a magnet on the bottom of the transmission pan. This would function as a temporary magnet and attract all the ferrous sludge, thus keeping the transmission fluid clear.

However, since the magnet is placed outside the transmission plate, the magnetic pull is anyhow distorted due to the intervening iron particles.

Therefore, you must use a larger magnet with a stronger magnetic force.

You can go for rare earth metal and neodymium magnets. They have a comparatively much stronger magnetic field, thus holding the ferrous particles firmly.

Magnetic Drain Plug

If you are lucky enough to have a transmission pan with a drain plug, replace it with a magnetic one.

This magnetic drain plug will function as a magnet and capture all the iron particles.

Drain the Fluid and Put the Magnet Back

Last but not least, you can put the magnet back in the transmission pan. However, it is only feasible if you aren’t running short on time.

It requires a lot of work. Moreover, a wee bit of transmission fluid is also lost.

Take a bucket, pull out the pan, and drain all the transmission fluid into the bucket carefully. Then place the magnet back in its position, and refill the fluid in the transmission pan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do transmission pans have magnets?

Transmission pans have magnets. They attract the metallic mud and small ferrous particles, even less than 25 microns in size. As a result, it prevents them from flowing with the transmission fluid.

How does a transmission pan get damaged?

The transmission pan gets damaged by several sources. It includes speed bumps, curbs, heat, excessive vibration, etc.
So, if you go off-road driving more often, the transmission pan will get damaged earlier.

Can you drive without a transmission pan?

You can’t drive without a transmission pan. It is an elementary component that holds your all-time substantial transmission fluid.

Does magnet affect signal?

The transmitted field of the signal superposes the magnetic field of the pan magnet. As a result, external compensation occurs. So, the transmission pan magnet doesn’t affect the signal.

Final Opinion

To wind things up, these magnets are crucial for the engine’s normal functioning.

If not present, the metallic mud results in rapid wear and tear of the gear set and clutch plates.

So, if you forgot to put the magnet back in the transmission pan, it’s wise enough to place a stronger magnet below the transmission pan.

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