Ford Transmission Interchange Chart: Can You Swap Your Transmission?

Why is the Ford transmission interchange chart so crucial for Ford enthusiasts? Well, it’s because this chart eliminates the hassle of finding out and matching transmissions for swapping purposes.

But even after following the transmission chart, some riders can’t swap transmissions or face severe issues like blown gaskets. That’s why we advise riders to ask for a Ford dealer’s help before performing any transmission interchanging task.

Now, let’s check out our chart where we have listed some Ford transmissions that are safe to interchange according to avid riders. Let’s get started.

Ford Transmission Interchange Chart: Take A Look At The Matching One

Some riders look for the Ford ranger transmission interchange chart, while others search for the Ford mustang transmission interchange chart. So, it’s evident the queries vary from rider to rider.

That’s why we have developed a comprehensive guide for ford transmission swapping and listed only the interchangeable transmission irrespective of vehicle models to suit every rider’s requirement. Hence, let’s read on, but before that, you may take a look at the chart below.

TransmissionInterchangeable With
E4OD4R70W, C6

Swapping A4LD Transmission To 5R55E

Yes, you can swap the A4LD transmission to 5R55E, but you need to work on modification a lot. For your information, Ford’s various trucks, including Ranger, Aerostar, and Explorer, come with these transmissions. Both transmissions suit 4.0L V-6 engines, and they are identical in size.

But the A4LD’s some gears follow a hydraulically-controlled system while the 5R55E is entirely electronic. Hence, you need to manage the controls for the 5R55E.

Some riders use computers from the 5R55E trucks but get issues like PCM errors. Again, other riders try out both transmission computers to get things right, and they succeed. So, you should ask your vehicle mechanic before swapping any transmission to avoid future problems.

Interchanging E4OD Transmission With The 4R70W:

E40D is another transmission that you can interchange with Ford’s 4r70w transmission. But it will be a daunting chore since you can’t directly swap your E4OD to 4R70W.

You must change your PCM for the 4R70W. Plus, you may need to lengthen your driveshaft as the 4R70W is shorter than the E4OD.

Besides, you should get a 4WD 4R70W because converting a 4×2 transmission to 4×4 will require you to disassemble or reassemble the entire transmission.

Swapping C6 Trans To E4OD

It is the safest swap you can make between those trans as the E4OD is an updated modification of the c6 transmission. However, you can’t swap C6 to E4OD without changing any parts.

You will need a controller and change the shift linkages, move the mounts and shorten the driveshaft. Plus, you may need to replace the flywheel. So, these are all the parts you may need to change while swapping from C6 trans to E4OD. 

However, if you want to interchange E4OD with C6, you need to shorten the driveshaft, modify the transmission mount, and cross member below the bell housing. Also, you need to modify the shift linkage to have your tranny work properly.

Interchanging The C6 With AOD Transmission

Alongside the e4od transmission, you can also interchange the C6 with AOD transmission. And to do that, you need to change the driveshaft’s front yoke as C6 comes with 31 splines while AOD features only 28. Also, you may need to change the driveshaft’s length.

The changing requirement doesn’t end here; you need to move the transmission tail base and ensure that you have the suitable throttle cable mount. Lastly, you may need to change the flexplate to swap C6 trans to AOD.

Swapping 4R44E transmission To 5R44E

Many Ford riders recommend 4R44E, and 5R44E swapping is one of the safest transmission interchanges. These trans are pretty much the same internally.

That means you don’t have much work to complete to make the swap. What you need to do is to add a different ECU to control the transmission.

But you won’t benefit from the 2nd gear found in the 5R44E controlled electronically. Another fact to remember is that if you want to interchange a 2WD transmission, you need to get parts from a 2WD transmission; here, 4WD won’t work.

However, to be on the safe side, we recommend calling your nearest ford dealer and asking them for advice or making the swap for you. You shouldn’t do it yourself without any professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Know If A Transmission Is Compatible?

The easiest way to find out is to ask the manufacturer. Or, you can inspect the production sticker for the transmission code and search for another transmission with the same code. In this way, you can be sure about whether the transmission is compatible or not.

Where do I Find My Ford Transmission Code?

You can find the Ford transmission code on the driver’s side door. This door features a white card containing all the essential details, including the car’s year, transmission and engine specifications, etc.

What Kind Of Ford Transmission Do I Have?

To find the transmission details, you can look for the window sticker on your vehicle, and you can find all information regarding the transmission on that sticker.


Interchanging transmission parts or swapping them with each other is a popular endeavor in the Ford rider’s community. Since Ford uses the same transmission in many trucks, whenever any rider gets their transmission damaged, they can swap it with another one.

But every transmission doesn’t match every ford engine, plus it becomes challenging to find the Ford transmission interchange chart for any rider. So, we have come up with this article to solve the problem and help you elevate your riding journey. Thanks for reading.

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