Ford 6.0 ICP Sensor Replacement Cost- All You Need Here!

How much does it cost to replace Ford 6.0 ICP sensor? Considering the total cost of changing the Ford 6.0 L ICP or injection control pressure sensor starts from $200.

Well, Ford 6.0 ICP sensor replacement cost can vary according to your vehicle model and other technical difficulties. And the total cost, including labor, can be as much as $600.

The injector control pressure or ICP sensor is a common piece of equipment that we can find in all heavy vehicles, especially diesel engines. It determines the total fuel supply from the tank to the car’s injector or entire system. Due to its heavy-duty, it breaks without any prior warning.

However, changing the ICP sensor is not that hassle you can do. Today we shall disclose each corner of the cost.

Ford 6.0 ICP Sensor Replacement Cost

ICP sensor is an electronic sensor that monitors the total fuel pressure that enters the injector. And, we all know one thing quite clearly: there is no such cause behind the failure.

However, today we shall disclose the replacement cost with an authentic injection control pressure sensor. And you can find it online on the official Ford selling page. Now, look at the table below where we classified three versions of injection control pressure sensors according to year.

YearICP PriceLabor CostTotal Cost
2001 – 2003$160$20 to $50Approx. $180 to $200
2004 – 2010$107$40 to $60Approx. $150 to $180
2011 – 2018$170$40 to $60Approx. $200 to $250
2019 – Present$180$40 to $60Approx. $200 to $250

From the table as mentioned earlier, we can assume the total expenditure on replacing the sensor of our Ford 6.0 L car.

2001 To 2003

The difficulty of changing the injection control pressure sensor and model of the sensor is the same. Though several brands also manufacture similar products, there is no guarantee. You can easily find authentic products online, and any shops nearby.

The labor cost may vary from state to state and workshop to workshop in the case of ICP sensor 2003 6.0 Powerstroke. Going to a workshop full of experts will surely cost you more than the average garage. You can also replace the ICP sensor in your garage.

2004 To 2010

From 2004 to 2010, Ford used a different electric sensor model. The overall cost is around $150 to $180. However, the price of the ICP sensor is only $107.

Like the other costs, labor cost also varies. If you are consulting an expert, the cost may surge.

2011 To 2018

The newer injection control pressure sensor model can cost around $200 to replace. The price of this ICP is $170, and you can count the rest of the cost as labor costs. The reason behind such a surge is the difficulties while replacing or unlocking the engine tools.

Price Of Dealers Vs Local Shops

It is obvious that you will find the lower price from the dealers. But what else will you get? Yes, the authentic product. While purchasing an ICP sensor for Ford 6.0 L, you will find various brands’ sensors. Some of those may not work properly with Ford.

The dealers and factory prices are given on the table. You will find more affordable options in the local shops with no warranty. Therefore, choosing the right seller regardless of the price point is significant.

When To Change The ICP Sensor

You should change the ICP sensor only when it does not work anymore. But, before replacing the ICP sensor or purchasing a new one, you must determine if the existing one is good or not.

Here is the way to spot your bad ICP sensor. First, remove the plug of the ICP sensor. If your sensor is bad, you will notice some oil on the sensor at the plugging point. Other than this, there is another clue. You will not perceive correct information according to your gas expenditure.

The optimum way to check your ICP sensor is to check the sensor while having a regular check-up.

Guide To Change The ICP Sensor

The replacement process of an ICP sensor is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps to replace your car’s ICP sensor.

  1. First, locate the sensor. Generally, it is on the right side of the engine.
  2. Now, unplug the electrical wire. After that, you will need a wrench to rotate the ICP sensor.
  3. After a few rotations, the ICP sensor will pop out and be ready to detach.
  4. So, remove the old ICP sensor and attach a new one.

This is how you can change or replace the ICP sensor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the ICP sensor do on a 6.0 Powerstroke?

The ICP sensor is electronic equipment that exists in every vehicle, especially diesel engines. The prime task of this equipment is to monitor and measure the quantity of fuel runs to the injector from the tank.

Where is the injector control pressure sensor located?

In the maximum vehicle, it is located on the right side of the vehicle’s engine. Some of the cars may have different models. But, most the car will have it on the right side.

How much is an ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke?

The price of the ICP sensor may vary from year to year and car to car. However, the average price of an ICP sensor is around $120 to $200.


Eventually, we are at the end of this discussion regarding the Ford 6.0 ICP sensor replacement cost. Now you can account for the total cost of the replacement of the ICP sensor. First, determine the model of your vehicle, and then search for the right sensor. Moreover, the cost may surge if other difficulties are there.

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