Flashing Green Key Light Honda CRV – Reasons & Solutions

Why is the dashboard flashing green key light Honda CRV? The issue arises when your vehicle key is deprogrammed, and the immobilizer can’t recognize it.

The flashing green key light on your Honda CRV indicates problems related to the immobilizer system. The car can’t start because the ECU can’t recognize the key’s chip.

It may happen due to some different reasons. Keep reading to find the causes and solutions throughout the entire article.

Reasons for Flashing Green Key Light Honda CRV Car

The green key icon in your dashboard is nothing abnormal that may be unnoticed by many users. When everything works correctly, it blinks only one time, becomes darker, and your car starts.

The immobilizer is the keyhole component that works as an anti-theft device and keeps your car safe from the wrong persons. The immobilizer allows you to switch the car on if you put the right key with the proper program.

If the key comes with the wrong program, the immobilizer doesn’t work, and the car doesn’t start. Some vehicles can crank up but won’t start.

Let’s know the reasons from the real-users experience of the Honda CRV green key light flashing won’t start below:

ClabbeB on Honda-Tech.com Forum: It has a problem with the immobilizer system when your car doesn’t start. The reason is that the key chip is unrecognized by its ECU. Also, the issue can happen due to other reasons.

UK-Kev on CRV Owners Club Forum: The problem occurs when a key is used with an improperly coded key that disables the engine’s fuel system. If you find the system is repeatedly ignoring the key. It’s best to contact the nearest Honda dealer to solve the issue.

Here is a table with a summary of the reasons and the solutions:

Unrecognized Key ProgramReprogramming
Wrong Programmed KeyReprogramming
Erased Key CodeReprogramming
Immobilizing System ErrorReplacing the Immobilizer System
Damaged StarterReplacing the Starter

Unrecognized Key Program

A flashing green key means your car’s immobilizer system can’t recognize the key program. If it’s a 2007 Honda CRV green key light flashing or for any other Honda CRV car’s problem, try to use another key.

This solution should work the right way. You must contact a Honda dealer to reprogram the keys if the issue persists.

According to a user reported on iFixit,

“Apparently this is a fairly common problem caused by the seatbelt being caught in the door and catching the switch.”

So, if your car unluckily got such issues, you need to check the wiring of the alarm connected to the driver’s side door opening switch.

Just remove the cover of the switch and take it out carefully. Then, check and ensure the wiring connection.

Wrong Programmed Key

In some models of Honda, like a 2006 Honda CRV green key light flashing issue may arise with a jumping speedometer. When you get this issue with your vehicle, it happens because of the wrong programmed key.

If you insert a key that your car can’t recognize, the immobilizer system prevents starting it. Sometimes it can misbehave with the correct key as well.

 To run your car with the valid key, insert the key, but don’t start instantly; wait for a moment and allow your vehicle to be primed, and the green key light gets off. Then, start the car, and it should work without ado.

Erased Key Code

Some users find a 2009 Honda CRV green key light flashing with or without a glowing engine check light. It’s also the issue that causes the immobilizer system.

Like the improper key with the wrong program or code that’s unrecognizable to the immobilizer, it prevents starting the engine with green key light flashing because of erased key code. Try with a different key to solve the issue. If it doesn’t work, you need to reprogram the key.

Immobilizing System Error

The Honda green key flashing 5 times or keeps flashing continuously, won’t start, or turning over causes different reasons. If everything is OK, but your car won’t start with green key light flashing, it indicates an immobilizing system error.

When you insert and try to ignite it, the immobilizer can’t read the code and avoid starting the vehicle. Also, it may be due to the error of the immobilizer system itself. Using another key should solve the issue. Otherwise, you must contact the Honda dealer to reprogram or recode your keys, or it may require replacing the entire immobilizer system.

Damaged Starter

We have already learned that a wrongly programmed key is the main reason for the green key light flashing. But, it’s not surprising that the issue may sometimes happen for the damaged starter.

So, replace the starter and try to restart your car. If it also flashes the green key light, reprogram it from the Honda dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Blinking Green Key Mean On A Honda CRV?

When your car key is no longer programmed, the immobilizer system can’t read it which sends a warning signal throughout the blinking green light key.

What Does The Green Key Light Mean On Honda?

Your car warns you by the flashing green light key. It tells you that it’s unable to read or recognize the key you inserted for ignition.

Can You Reset An Immobilizer?

Yes, it’s possible to reset the immobilizer system. Press the panic button and hold it for five seconds. After that, press its lock button two times, and wait for ten minutes (10 meters away from your car) to reset the immobilizer system.


Flashing green key light Honda CRV issue rises if your car key is deprogrammed and the immobilizer can’t recognize it. This means that the issue happens because of the wrong programmed key. Also, it may occur when your key is no longer programmed correctly.

Some reasons can cause this issue, and the most common one is the green key light flashes, and your car doesn’t start. If you experience this issue despite everything being normal, it indicates the immobilizer system error.

No matter the reason for the problem, it would help if you fixed it as soon as possible. You should contact the nearest Honda dealer to reprogram or recode your key, which is the best solution to the issue.

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