Electronic Brake Control Module Price Estimation for Different Brands

Is your vehicle’s electronic brake not responding? Then the control module must be faulty and require replacement. But first, you may want to know the electronic brake control module price.

An electronic brake control module (EBCM) costs around $150 to $300. However, depending on your location, the price may vary. Most of the modules available in the market are remanufactured.

The braking system of a vehicle is essential for safe driving. Hence, before replacing the EBCM you should know all about it. Let’s discuss EBCM, its prices, and repair fees.

What is An Electronic Brake Control Module?

The electronic brake control module is an essential component of your car’s braking system. It works with the car’s ABS (anti-lock braking system) to ensure maximum control over its brakes.

It has a microprocessor that diagnoses and checks the antilock braking system, then processes the wheel hydraulic pressure and wheel speed sensor information to release the braking pressure.

The electronic brake control module is connected to the engine to manage the signals for brake operations. It is responsible for managing the electronic brakes in your car, and it is integral to the safe and efficient process of your car’s brakes.

It receives signals from different sensor inputs, then compares the sensors’ status to all logical maps for correct brake operations. Whenever the EBCM sensors detect the vehicle is losing traction or skidding, it sends signals to the module to quickly pump the brakes.

Electronic Brake Control Module Price Chart

Here we provide a cost chart for different brands of EBCM from different brands so that you can get an overall idea of the price.

Estimation in state/ locationBrand/ModelEstimated EBCM Price
Los AngelesACDelco$206
MiamiGeneral Motors$164

Electronic Brake Control Module Repair Cost

Electronic brake control module repair cost varies depending on your vehicle’s model and brand. It can be between 320$ to over 1000$ for new or as low as 200$ if using the remanufactured.

It is better to get it repaired by a certified professional mechanic, so labor costs may also vary. The average labor cost for EBCM repair can be between 80$-120$. So if you are going to repair EBCM by using a new one, it can be 300$ for small vehicles to 1000$ plus for higher-end cars.

People often go for the alternative option, rebuilding the original module. It is more cost-effective. You may need to spend an average 150$-350$ for the brake module parts. It may cost you between 250 $ to 450 $ when using a remanufactured electronic brake module system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the electronic brake control module of my car located?

In most of, the vehicle’s electronic brake control module is located in the engine bay alongside the brake fluid reservoir. But in some cars, you may also find it in the frame rail on the left side of your vehicle.

Does a brake control module need to be programmed?

Yes, it is a must thing to do. Every brake control module needs to be programmed after the installation. The programming process may vary depending on the manufacturer, but every module is programmed. You will be unable to execute the operations until programmed it.

How much is it to repair an ABS module?

The cost of repairing an ABS module can vary depending on the problem, labor cost, and type of repair. It can be as low as 200$ or high up to 1000$.


So, you now got some gist of electronic brake control module price. For safe brake operations, modern vehicles have an electronic brake module system. You immediately get it repaired once it is problematic.

You can replace the electronic brake control module with a new one or a remanufactured one. Using a remanufactured EBCM is cost-effective; you can save hundreds of dollars than installing the new one.

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