Dodge Ram Transmission Identification

How do you identify the transmission system in Dodge Ram? Dodge Ram features both manual transmission and automatic transmission. So to check if you have a manual or automatic transmission, try finding the clutch pedal in the truck cab.

Why is the Dodge Ram transmission identification so important? An incompatible transmission system will fail to generate sufficient torque, thus creating problems turning the wheels.

An automatic transmission system contains numbers and letters like “PRNDL”. It automatically allows the driver to select any of the reverse, neutral, low, drive, and park gears.

Without any further delay, let’s get into the step-by-step guide to identify the Dodge Ram transmission system.

Dodge Ram Transmission Identification

Identifying the car’s identification system is the trickiest part. Tough but cannot be ignored! As we all know, Dodge Ram sold its last manual transmission pickup, car in 2018. The automatic transmission system was already in vogue.

So how can you differentiate between the two? In such a case Dodge Ram transmission identification chart can be of great help.

Dodge Ram Transmission Chart

YearTransmission Speed & WheelType And Size Of The EngineModel Of The TransmissionFinal Remarks
1969-913 SP RWDA727 / TF8A727 / TF8
1965-913 SP RWDA904 / TF6A904 / TF6
1988-024 SP RWD3.9L 42RE/ HA500
2002-044 SP RWD3.7, 4.7L45RFE
2003-044 SP RWD4.7, 5.7L5-45RFE
1990-024 SP RWD5.2, 5.9L46RE/ HA518
95-024 SP RWD5.9L Diesel, 8.0L48REA618
20034 SP RWD5.9L46RE/ HA518
03-044 SP RWD5.9L Diesel, 8.0L48REA618
87-894 SP RWDRam 50KM148 A44D
Dodge Ram Transmission Chart

Besides, follow these simple steps to identify your transmission type and model.

Steps to identify manual transmission in Dodge Ram

Find Out the Owner’s Manual

This structural and informative bootleg contains all kinds of information related to the vehicle. In addition, you can also get the troubleshooting guide and other necessary advice from it. It has mentioned your vehicle’s transmission system.

The 2007 Dodge Ram transmission identification is pretty easy. Though it mainly features a manual transmission system, it has a five-speed optional automatic transmission system.

If you can find your manual you do not have to take other hassles. But if you have lost the booklets, follow the steps below to find your transmission system.

Look for the information sticker under the hood

Start by looking for the hood release button. Once you find it, press the button. Moving to the front of the car, push the safety switch to the left and lift the hood.

After lifting the hood, try to locate the transmission sticker. It contains all the numbers and signs that denote the type of your transmission system. For example, a 2006 Dodge Ram transmission identification sticker shows a manual of six-speed equipment.

Look for the white card

So what is this white card? This card mainly contains specifications about your car and can be found easily on the door near the driver’s seat. It contains the type of your transmission system, model, vehicle identification numbers, and much more information.

For confirmation, you can call your vehicle dealer and share the code number. They will explain to you the details.

These Are 3 Simple Hacks To Identify Your Manual Transmission System

Steps to identify automatic transmission system in Dodge ram

Now let’s move to the step-by-step guide for the automatic transmission system in dodge ram.

1. Look into the manual

This is the easiest way to find out the transmission system in your car or pickup truck.

For example, a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 transmission identification system shows Moveras – 42RE/A500. So what does it mean? It is specified as the first Chrysler four-speed version model.

2. Search for the clutch pedal

The clutch pedal is situated inside the truck cab. But the automatic transmission system does not feature any clutch pedal. So you can easily differentiate between the manual and automatic transmission systems in your dodge ram.

 The 1999 Dodge Ram transmission identification process confirms the presence of two clutch pedals. So you can confirm it as a manual transmission model.

3. Look for the information on the transmission fluid container

The structure and shape of the oil pan give a lot of information about the transmission system. Similar to the previous dodge ram model, the 1997 Dodge Ram transmission identification system features a 46RE model. Look carefully into the transmission fuel container. The type and model number are mentioned there!

So now we are accustomed to the process of identification for both manual and automatic transmission systems. Is the 2012 Dodge Ram transmission identification process the same as the processes mentioned above? Yes! All you need is to follow the above steps for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what transmission I have in my Dodge Ram?

Check the user’s manual to know about your transmission model and type. Commonly a vehicle without a clutch pedal indicated an automatic transmission and a clutch pedal indicated a manual transmission.

Does the VIN tell your transmission?

The question we often face from customers is if they can identify the transmission system from the vehicle identification number. Speaking the truth, you can’t. It does not provide the complete information to identify the transmission system.

What VIN digit is the transmission?

To know your transmission type and model number you have to go through number 4 to number 9 of the vehicle identification number. In addition, you can get information about the engine and resistance system.

What kind of transmission is in a Dodge Ram?

A dodge ram features both manual and automatic transmission systems. For example, a 2003 Dodge Ram transmission identification system features an effective five-speed, lightweight manual transmission model.

Final Verdict

The exact identification of the transmission system is not a cup of cake. To solve any transmission-related problems you have to know the transmission type and model of your vehicle. So how are you going to find out the model number? An in-depth 2004 Dodge Ram transmission identification process showed that the vehicle features a 5-45RFE 5- high speed, automatic, and light-duty transmission system.

Do you have your manuals? Yes? Then look for this information in it. This is the easiest way. So make sure not to lose it. If you have any further inquiries about the Dodge Ram transmission identification process let us know in the comment section. And share your progress with us!

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