Dexron VI Compatibility Chart: Breakdown of the Compatibility

What is the Dexron VI compatibility chart? Well, it’s a chart for which car you can use the transmission fluid. So, you cannot use Dexron VI in all types of vehicles.

When hunting for the best transmission fluid for your car with an automatic transmission and an AF6 type, most suggest the Dexron VI. It has the best durability.

However, remember that this semi-synthetic fluid does not support all kinds of vehicles. Check below to see it for various cars.

Dexron VI Compatibility Chart for Some Popular Brands

Transmission fluids are vital so that an automobile can perform smoothly. The fluid lubricates the moving parts and gives friction and hydraulic pressure. As a result, it improves the work of the vehicle’s internal components. Furthermore, it assists in cooling the transmission of the car as well.

Dexron VI is a high-quality transmission fluid that increases a car’s performance. The liquid has a robust performance in low temperatures. Also, it has a strong resistance against deposits and sludges. The fluid also has an increased lifetime that provides better protection for anti-wearing.

Additionally, the liquid offers a superior frictional property that assists in better gear shifting even during low temperatures. Due to this, it prevents transmission vibration from occurring. Using this fluid vastly improves your car’s performance in the harshest situation. Before using this liquid, we recommend you follow the compatibility chart properly.

General Motors makes the Dexron VI, so the liquid seamlessly supports all vehicles by GM. In the case of other cars, you must look out for a suitable transmission and model. Dexron VI is known to be a backward compatible fluid. It means you can mix it with earlier versions of the liquid.

So, “Is Dexron 6 compatible with Dexron 3?” Yes, it is as long as the transmission is automatic.

Check the chart below to see the compatibility for the Dexron VI.

ConcernBest Compatible Models
Acura 1996-2010, SLF
BMW2008-2011, AF6
Dodge2009 Durango Hybrid, AF6
GM2006-2022, AF6
Saturn2005-2007, L series, AF6
Saab2005-2008, AF6
Saturn2000-20005 L series, 2005-07, All Sky, Aura, Outlook
SuzukiTracker models, 2009 XL
NissanIn place of Matic S
ToyotaIn place of Type WS

The chart above represents the compatibility of the Dexron VI with some widely used vehicles. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Is Dexron VI compatible with ATF+4?”

Yes, the Dexron VI is fully compatible with the ATF+4 fluid. The reason for the compatibility is both of the fluids are synthetic. Hence, you can mix both liquids without any complications.

Now, you cannot use the Dexron VI in all types of vehicles. The transmission fluid can be used only for specific cars and their distinct models. Using an Acura, you can use the transmission fluid starting from the 1996 to 2020 SLF model. As we mentioned earlier, the Dexron VI has backward compatibility.

So, a question stands “Can I use Dexron 3 instead of 4?” Yes, you can. Both fluids are well-matched, enabling the ability to mix them.

For GM automobiles, the Dexron VI supports all models starting from 2006. Furthermore, you can use Dexron 3 or other similar synthetic fluid in the GM.

Keep in mind that the GM is AF6. The only exception in the chart is the Acura SLF, while all the other vehicles are AF6. Again, the 2009 Dodge Durango’s hybrid versions support the Dexron VI transmission fluid.

For Saturn, you can use the L series transmission fluid from 2005-2007. The transmission type of the vehicle is also an AF6. While for the BMW, you can use the Dexron between the 2008-2011 models. Remember that if you want to mix, you can use the Dexron 3 as it syncs with the Dexron VI very well. ATF 4 is an excellent alternative as it is also a synthetic blend and supports automatic transmission.

Any Exception for Using Dexron VI Fluid?

Remember, most people recommend not to use the Dexron VI on cars like Wave and Pontiac Vibe. Also, you shouldn’t use the fluid in vehicles with AF23 or CVT transmissions. If you are an owner of Saturn S between the 1991-2002 models, we recommend you avoid using the Dexron VI on the vehicle. The reason for this incompatibility is the transmission is different. As a result, the fluid won’t work as intended.

Dexron VI also works in another hybrid vehicle, the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid. Asides from the Chrysler, the transmission fluid is also compatible with the 2005-2008 Saab. These versions of Saab also have the AF6 transmission, for which you can use the Dexron VI.

While for Suzuki vehicles, the fluid works for all years of the Tracker model. The fluid will work without complications if the car has an automatic transmission and a specific type like AF6. Furthermore, if we compare the Dexron VI with the Dexron 3, the VI has better durability.

You can mix it with the previous fluids as an alternative to the Dexron VI. “What can I use instead of Dexron 3?

Instead of Dexron 3, you can use Dexron 6. Asides from that, you can use ATF 4 as well. The Mercon V is also a great alternative to the Dexron 3. For Dexron VI, the Mercon LV is a suitable option as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DEXRON VI compatible with?

Dexron VI is compatible with any of its previous versions as it has backward compatibility.

Is DEXRON VI the same as DEXRON II?

Yes, Dexron VI essentially replaced Dexron II and III. So, the Dexron VI is the newer version compared to the Dexron II. In the case of mixing, yes, you can mix both of them.

Is Mercon LV and DEXRON VI the same?

The Mercon LV and Dexron VI are backward compatible. As a result, you can mix both without any problems.

What happens if you mix different types of transmission fluid?

You cannot mix different types of transmission fluid due to different characteristics. If you mix, it will damage your vehicle’s transmission.

Is all DEXRON VI synthetic?

Yes, the Dexron VI has a blend of synthetic formulations. So, Dexron VI is a synthetic transmission fluid.

Final Words

In the above, you can see the Dexron VI compatibility chart with all the necessary information. The Dexron VI is a high-quality synthetic blend fluid that improves your vehicle’s transmission. Yet, the transmission fluid does not support all kinds of vehicles, hence the compatibility chart above shows everything you need to know about the compatibility.

The Dexron VI does not support certain types of transmission, so it’s best to avoid using it on those types of transmission. Using the wrong type of fluid will kill the transmission of your vehicle. So, if you want to use the Dexron VI, follow the compatibility chart.

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