Differential Fluid Color Chart Explained For Better Maintenance

Differential Fluid Color Chart

Car owners may easily confuse differential oil with the transmission or gear oil, which are distinctive from one another. Over time the differential fluid breaks down and doesn’t protect the bearings and gears as it used to, which can lead to a quickly heated and prematurely worn-out differential. Differential fluid has a translucent light golden … Read more

Polishing Compound Grit Chart: Read This Before You Take Any Wrong Decision

Polishing Compound Grit Chart

What is grit in polishing compounds? In short, this is the measurement of coarseness to the fineness of the polishing compound. There are dozens of different polishing compounds available, and they all have different uses, side effects, and grits – it’s enough to make your head spin. If you’re just starting on your polishing journey, … Read more

Transmission Fluid Compatibility Chart Explained for All Vehicles

Transmission Fluid Compatibility Chart

You might be puzzled about which transmission fluid to choose for your automobile among the many aftermarket and stock options. The type of fluid, license and authorization of the fluid for your transmission all play a role in getting the finest transmission fluid. The transmission fluid compatibility chart will help you to decide when choosing … Read more