Car Headlight Lumens Chart- Data All You Need is Here!

Lumen is a brightness measuring unit. And if you can get an idea of a light bulb lumen, you can get what brightness you need or are allowed in your state.

The government imposed laws for car light lumens, and you will have to face the consequences by using something above. So, you can imagine how beneficial it can be to have a complete car headlight lumens chart, right?

Keep reading this article to get the squeeze.

How Many Lumens Can Headlights Be Legal?

60-lumen flashlights can blind a human in a dark place. So the car headlights need a restriction.

The law of headlight brightness varies according to the area. In California, 500-2513 lumen is the highest range you can use for car headlights. Anything over 2513 lumens for a car headlight will be illegal.

The affordable regular car headlights are 500-1500 lumens as manufacturers install halogen car headlights. But fancy and sports cars use LED bulbs. How many lumens are in a sports car headlight as they are so bright?

Usually, LED bulb-installed sports car headlights are 6000-12000 lumens. The code of Federal Regulation imposed “The luminous intensity of car headlights must range in between 500-3000 lumens.” You should look for the DOT and SAE certifications because if your car headlights pass DOT, you can travel all over the United States.

Car Headlight Lumens Chart For Different Types Of Bulb

Lumen is used to measuring light brightness depending on candlelight. If your car headlights are 1500 lumen, they will produce light and brightness will be the same as 1500 candle lights.

Halogen lights use 1 watt to produce 100 lumens, but for LED lights, 1 watt will emit 80 lumens. However, it is possible to have higher lumens by consuming lower energy.

Here we are adding an automotive light bulb lumens chart and a headlight bulb lumens comparison.

Light TypeColorWattageModelLumens(Lm) 
                  Halogen                  Yellow                  55H1800 lm
HidWhite35 3200lm 
LedWhite30 2150lm 
LaserGreen/Blue20 50/150lm 

Lux and surface region have two qualities for lasers: solid or feeble. These permit an exchange flux between the source aspect and the complete result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many lumens is a typical car headlight?

Among the three main types, regular cars come with halogen car headlights. They are cheap and affordable with great efficiency. 500-1200 lumens are used for standard car headlights. But the car headlight lumen in newer models for upgraded LED light will be around 2000-4000.

Are 12000 lumens too bright for headlights?

Yes, 12000 lumen is too bright. However, for a low beam, 12000 lumens will be a great choice as it will emit more light and the road will be bright. But it can blind the driver coming in your direction. For safety and law, you should not pick 12000-lumen headlights.

How many lumens should a LED headlight be?

According to consumer reports, a LED automobile headlight can be up to 12000 lumens. You will find the lumen mark in the light and can easily find 4000/6000 lumens in LED. But the standard LED car headlights will discharge around 1800-2000 lumens. This lumen range with LED headlights will be the best choice for a considerable budget.

Is the 55W headlight bright?

Yes, 55 W headlights are bright. A 55W HID (High-Intensity Discharge) light will emit almost double the brightness compared to a 35W. By increasing light wattage, color changes noticeably. 55 W bulb is, of course, a bright one with white color light and up to 8000 kelvin.

How many lumens is a car headlight high beam?

High beams are used for longing the distance that light will cross. Where a low beam gives 200 feet, high beams can extend the car light up to 400 feet because they tend to go straight in the road. 700-1200 lumen is enough for high-beam car headlights.
If you use 2500-3000 lumens, they will catch the eyes of the opposite car and they will not be able to see anything.

Are 20000 lumens bright for headlights?

H4 and H7 bulbs use 55W and emit 20000 lumens. These types will fit most model cars. 20000-lumen lights are white light and brightness is more than enough.
Many vehicles move around you with 20000 lumens car headlights. But you should avoid them if you are a loyal citizen of your state.

How bright is 10000 lumens headlight?

10000-lumen headlights are bright. No matter how bad the conditions are, a 10000-lumen can give you a clear view. The sunlight is equivalent to 10000 lumens. Having a 10000-lumen headlight will give you a daylight view.


Headlights are something you may not notice when buying a car, but the importance of quality lights is unavoidable. Halogen bulbs consume more energy to heat the filaments, which is why they are outdated. HID, LED, and xenon are efficient car headlight upgrades. They can emit 2000-20000 lumens and so on.

If you break the headlights brightness law, you will be penalized for it. Always look for certification marks in a headlight before installing them. And so we hope this car headlight lumens chart war helpful for you. So, with clearance certifications, installing a headlight can be good for you.

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