Car AC Temperature Chart That All You Need To Know

Are you worried about why the fuel economy drops? Well, it typically happens for many reasons including inappropriate air conditioning temperature. How much temperature you need to set for the AC is unknown to many. The car AC temperature chart will be an X-factor in this circumstance.

To enjoy a cooler and more enjoyable ride, you need to set your car’s AC temperature appropriately. Different seasons demand different air conditioning temperatures to keep the driver and passengers comfortable. Also, humidity and sun intensity are the other factors that play a crucial role to set the AC temperature accordingly.

Therefore, setting the AC temperature isn’t an avoidable aspect. Hence, you should know the right ac temperature in different climates to adjust it accordingly. Luckily, this article will cover the exact temperature chart and some tips.

Car AC Temperature Chart For Different Humidity

No matter what cars you have. Any inappropriate attempt to decide AC temperature in hot weather will reduce significant fuel economy. In a regular vehicle, air conditioning reduces up to 25% fuel economy while plug-in, electric, and hybrid cars are involved figured out by Fuel Economy. However, let’s know the exact ac temperature for different humidity.

Relative Humidity (RH) (%)Ambient Air Temperature RangeDischarge Air Temperature At Center Vent
Less than 40%    19-24    66.2-75.2642.8
More than 40%948.2
35-60  25-29  77-84.21050
>30    30-35    86-951253.6
>20    36-41    96.8-105.81660.8
>20  42-46  107.6-11481762.6

The chart given above is the standard ac temperature according to the humidity level. Also, you found there a column with discharging air temperature from center ventilation.

If you are still confused about what this data means and how you know the car airconditioning system work efficiently, scroll down your cursor. Let’s break down all the numbers according to the AC Diagnosis’s explanation.

First, determine the outside temperature and humidity level. To thins make it easier, let’s say the outside air ambient temperature is 75℉ (24℃). So simply according to the chart, the humidity level is less or more than 40%.

Now, check the discharging air temperature coming out from the center vent. If the ventilation temperature is between 42.8 and 48.2℉ (6 and 9℃) [see the chart], assume the car ac functioning right. But if you find the temperature coming out of the center vent is not compatible with the chart, take action immediately.

What’s the Key Point we’ve got from the Chart?

It’s clear to understand that the AC temperature directly relies upon humidity. Humidity level affects the reading of the ac temperature of your car. The higher the humidity level, the more your AC unit needs to work to function right. So be careful when going for a ride on a humid day.

How To Check AC Temperature In A Car

From time to time, it’s usual to blow out the air conditioning system in your car. Therefore, you should check or test it now and then. Here’s how you check the AC temperature in a car.

Step 1: Preparation

To make things simpler, ensure you have the right materials in your hand. Also, turn the AC performance trial when checking the temperature on your AC. thermometer like a digital thermometer for car ac or a digital car vent thermometer works efficiently to check AC temperature.

Step 2: Measure The Necessary Data

The second step you need to perform is to take the necessary measurement. Don’t forget to measure the temperature from the center ventilation. Then, measure the whole surrounding air’s ambient temperature.  It should be done for precise temperature readings.

Step 3: Turn On The AC

Before going to this step, make sure your car is set in a shaded area. Then, start your car and roll down the window. Next, turn the Air Condition to the maximum level. Keep turning at least for 60 seconds to escape the hot air.

After that, close the window and start your car for a shorter span of time (5-10 minutes). Remember never to drive the car at high speed in this situation. It’s advisable to keep the speed between low and medium speed. Keeping the car in recycle mode is also a good practice when checking a car’s AC temperature.

Step 4: Checking Process

Finally, position the thermometer in the ac vent. This will let you know the temperature coming from the ventilation. If the thermometer shows the temperature between 30 to 50 degrees, don’t worry about the car’s temperature then. If the number exceeds this limit, take immediate action or take the car to the auto repair shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Normal AC Temperature In A Car?

Typically, keeping the ac temperature under 45 degrees Fahrenheit is normal for a car. There are several factors that directly affect the car’s AC temperature. Among them, humidity and sun intensity is significant. However, anything above 45 degrees causes the AC to blow out.
You are allowed to keep the temperature between 45-55 degrees, depending on the outside temperatures. If the center vent temperature is between 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is 60%, you can set the car temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Temp Should The Air Be At The AC Vent?

The ideal AC vent temperature shouldn’t exceed the 40 Degrees Fahrenheit limit. Higher than 42 degrees is a concerning matter for every car owner. However, the right discharge center vent temperature depends on the relative humidity (RH) and ambient air temperature.
According to Auto AC Repair, suppose the air ambient temperature is between 77℉ and 95℉ and the humidity is between 50 and 60%. Then, the air temp at the ac vent should be 50℉ to 70℉.

Are 27 Degrees Celcius Good For AC?

Temperatures between 24-30 are considered the appropriate temperature for any AC, said WION News. Specifically, for the car AC, temperatures between 22 and 25℉ are ideal to provide you with extreme comfort. However, check the owner’s manual to understand better. Any mistake to set the right ac temperature cause poor fuel economy.

Are 20 Degrees Celcius Cold For AC?

The 20 degrees Celsius are not a cold temperature for AC. Indeed, temperatures less than 18 degrees Celcius are considered to be cold temperatures. So it’s advisable not to set the ac temperature below 20 degrees.

Last Few Words

In general, how much car ac temperature should be set depends on humidity and climate change. According to AC Diagnosis, when the temperatures (air ambient temperatures) are 70 (21) with 20% humidity, make sure the outlet temperature ranges from 35-40.

Again, if the ambient temperature is extreme (80) with high humidity (90%), check if the outlet temperature ranges from 45 to 50. Anyway, to make things understandable above is the car AC temperature chart. Check that out to determine the proper AC temperature and keep your ride satisfying.

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