Can You Add 360 Camera To F150? If Yes Know How!

A few years back, no one would have thought that it was possible to add a 360 camera to an F150. The automotive world is rapidly changing. New technology is being developed and implemented at an unprecedented rate. One of the most popular new technologies is the 360-degree camera. So, can you add 360 camera to F150?

The answer is yes! Ford offers a 360-degree camera as an optional extra on the Ford F-150. This camera gives you a full view of your surroundings, which makes it easier to park and avoid obstacles.

There is no denying that 360-degree cameras are popular right now. People like you and us, as well as big businesses, use this kind of gear to record video from every angle. So, it makes sense that you would want to know if it is possible to put a 360-degree camera in your earlier Ford F-150 models.

Continue reading if you’re considering installing it in your F150. This article will discuss the benefits of it and how you can add or install one to your F150.

Can You Add 360 Camera To F150?

Yes, you can add a 360 camera to F-150. The 360-degree camera would show the driver everything around the car, improving visibility and safety in confined situations. There are several options for adding 360 cameras to F150, including professional installation or DIY kits.

The Ford F-150 now comes standard with a camera that can capture footage in all 360 degrees. The purpose of this camera is to give the driver a better view of the truck’s environment and assist with parking, riding, and navigating the vehicle.

However, according to Naviks,

“The 2016 to 2020 version module has not come up with this camera, so you must buy a kit to install it. So, it is possible to add 360 views of the camera to F150.”

Also, it’s important to know that adding a 360-degree camera could affect the warranty on the car. If you want to change your F150, it’s best to get expert advice first. A 360-degree camera is a live-view device that captures content in every aspect.

“It is used for recording videos and taking pictures. 360 cameras are becoming increasingly popular for Virtual Reality (VR) applications, allowing users to immerse themselves in a completely realistic environment.”

If you’re interested in capturing panoramic images or videos, then a 360-degree camera might be a good option.

How To Add A 360-degree Camera To Ford F-150

360-degree cameras are a great way to get a broader view of your surroundings and are especially useful when driving. Adding 360 cameras to F150 will necessitate the completion of several tasks.

Step 1: First, you’ll need to order and purchase the 360 camera kit compatible with your truck from Ford. Make sure to get one specifically designed for the Ford F-150, as some cameras may not be compatible with your vehicle.

Step 2: Secondly, make sure your vehicle is in a park or neutral. Then determine the best location on your vehicle for mounting the camera, and getting a complete 360-camera vision requires perfectly synchronized data from four cameras strategically placed around your car.

Step 3: After you’ve placed the camera, take a look at the manual kit and inspect it. Follow the instructions that accompany the majority of 360-degree cameras precisely. If you don’t have it, then follow the next step.

Step 4: The speaker cover may be found on top of the touchscreen in the car. You can gain access to that by using a pocket screwdriver. The two seven-millimeter bolts are hidden beneath the cover. Remove the plate by unscrewing the bolts with a screwdriver and prying them loose with your thumbs. You can apply pressure under the plate with a spanner instead of your fingertips if you like. Under the plate will be a single electrical connector that will be attached to the plate.

Step 5: Again, you’ll discover two seven-millimeter bolts, the same as before. Repeat the previous steps to remove those screws using the same method. What you see before you is the image processing model b (IPMB), which you must now remove.

Step 6: Since there is a plastic bezel over the touchscreen, we know it has been slightly curved. To remove plastic clips, pull forward. Put it somewhere out of the way and unplug a few components to get to the front-facing display control module. There are six screws around the display. Therefore, remove those screws. You may now pull out the radio display panel.

It’s OK if you only screw out the top four bolts and loosen the rest. Pull out the display interface and press and pull the latch on the black connector to disconnect it.

Step 7: Now all you need to do is take the T-harness connectors that came with your kit and plug them into the rear of the pin using the same lever action. Repeatedly and tightly reseeded the latch.

You’ll discover a twisted pair of single connectors on the IPMB. And you’ve already detached the suitable side connector. You can now connect the factory harness provided by the package in the same place the old one was removed.

Step 8: In order to use the NAV TV, you must now attach the 8-pin plug.

Your kit will come with a box-shaped interface. Simply reverse your unplugging process to reconnect the wires and plugs. Adjust the bolts. After mounting the NAV TV on the touchscreen, reinstall everything.

Changing the image module’s menu now reveals a 360-degree perspective. This is the procedure for adding 360 cameras to the F150.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the 360-degree camera package worth it?

The 360-degree camera package is worth it for the Ford 150. The package comes with a camera that can take pictures of the vehicle’s surroundings from every angle. There are many benefits to this package. It’s great for capturing footage of accidents and collisions as well as being able to be used in marketing campaigns by showing off the vehicle’s features.

Can you add a front camera to the 2021 F150?

Yes, you can add the front camera to the 2021 F150. The front camera is a great way to provide an additional safety feature for drivers. It can also help with parking and other driving-related activities.


So, can you add 360 camera to F150? Yes, you can, and at this point, it is considered a worthwhile bundle for F-150 drivers. Adding a 360-degree camera to your F-150 is a phenomenal way to enhance commuting safety. With this cutting-edge gadget, you may see anything in your immediate vicinity, making it simpler to prevent accidents and park securely.

Given how quickly and easily you can install it now so, there’s no reason to delay giving your F-150 the advantage of this helpful accessory. I hope, the answer to your question is clear to you, but before you purchase the equipment, check to see whether or not the version of the Ford F-150 you own supports 360-degree cameras.

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