Dodge Ram Transmission Identification

Dodge Ram Transmission Identification

How do you identify the transmission system in Dodge Ram? Dodge Ram features both manual transmission and automatic transmission. So to check if you have a manual or automatic transmission, try finding the clutch pedal in the truck cab. Why is the Dodge Ram transmission identification so important? An incompatible transmission system will fail to … Read more

How To Deal With GMC Sierra Climate Control Problems

GMC Sierra Climate Control Problems

Why GMC Sierra climate control display not working? Commonly, it occurs due to wire disconnections or circuit issues. Besides, the GMC Sierra climate control problems can include the air conditioning not cooling or freezing the vehicle’s interior, the air conditioning not working at all, the heat not working, and the temperature inside the vehicle being … Read more

Differential Fluid Color Chart Explained For Better Maintenance

Differential Fluid Color Chart

Car owners may easily confuse differential oil with the transmission or gear oil, which are distinctive from one another. Over time the differential fluid breaks down and doesn’t protect the bearings and gears as it used to, which can lead to a quickly heated and prematurely worn-out differential. Differential fluid has a translucent light golden … Read more