Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs?

Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs

Harley Davidson motorcycles may be iconic, but the company doesn’t manufacture all of the parts that go into them, such as spark plugs. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace the spark plugs on your Harley, be sure to choose a trusted brand. But who manufactures Harley Davidson spark plugs?  Harley Davidson spark plugs are … Read more

You Need Harley Davidson Drive Belt Size Chart With Measuring Guide!

Harley Davidson Drive Belt Size Chart

A wrong drive belt can overheat your engine and let your motorcycle engine work inefficiently. Harley-Davidson drive belts require replacement every 100,000 miles. So, choosing the correct drive belt size is crucial to get the most out of your motorcycle. When choosing the replacement drive belt, you will need to consider 2 metrics: belt width … Read more

You Need This Harley Davidson Wheel Bearing Size Chart Before the DIY!

Harley Davidson Wheel Bearing Size Chart

Is your HD bike going through tougher terrain, and now it’s time to change the wheel bearing? But you don’t know what is the right size for your bike model, right? Tension not! We are here with this complete Harley Davidson wheel bearing size chart that will assist you in choosing the right one for … Read more

Synthetic Transmission Fluid Vs Regular: Know What To Use And Why

Synthetic Transmission Fluid Vs Regular

Have you ever wondered why different types of transmission fluid are made for your vehicle’s gearbox? Various contributing factors in these two types of transmission fluid impact the performance and longevity of the gearbox of an engine system. A synthetic transmission fluid vs regular fluid comparison reveals the core differences in usage, making, chemical composition, … Read more

Bosch R10 To NGK: Compatibility For Swapping

Bosch R10 To NGK

Bosch and NGK are famous for making quality and durable spark plugs. Are you planning to switch the Bosch R10 series of spark plugs with an NGK one? Well, you cannot simply swap a Bosch spark plug with any NGK one. There are many important factors, such as tread length, thread diameter, electrode gap length, … Read more