Quaker State Oil Problems: Is It Concerning?

Quaker State Oil Problems

Do you consider switching to Quaker State motor oil in place of other engine oils? Before that, you should know its pros and cons. The quality and quantity are good of this oil. But Quaker State oil problems are not beyond. Synthetic blend or full synthetic motor oil is always a top choice for better … Read more

Transmission Control Module Location [Explained]

Transmission Control Module Location

Where is the transmission control module of your car located? The transmission control module location depends on the car’s make and model. However, the possible locations of the transmission control unit (TCU) are inside the glovebox, under the air filter, under the transmission case cover, etc. Even if you take good care of your car, … Read more

Is Transfer Case Fluid The Same As Transmission Fluid? A Detailed Explanation

Is Transfer Case Fluid The Same As Transmission Fluid

Like many vehicle owners, are you wondering, “is transfer case fluid the same as transmission fluid?” Well, both of these lubricants are completely different. The transfer case and tranny oil both have a great impact on the car’s overall performance. Based on their respective purposes, these liquids’ working process is quite the opposite. We have … Read more

Polishing Compound Grit Chart: Read This Before You Take Any Wrong Decision

Polishing Compound Grit Chart

What is grit in polishing compounds? In short, this is the measurement of coarseness to the fineness of the polishing compound. There are dozens of different polishing compounds available, and they all have different uses, side effects, and grits – it’s enough to make your head spin. If you’re just starting on your polishing journey, … Read more