Are Duralast Alternators Good? Latest 2023 Review Update!

The major issue with a faulty alternator is that it can leave you stranded in the middle of the road. There are numerous types of alternators in the market. But we are talking about the Duralast alternators in this article.

Are Duralast alternators good? We will find out whether the Duralast alternators are any good or if they do not deserve the hype. There are both good and bad reviews about them. Now, we will disclose the truth with real data and fact-based opinions. Let’s jump right in!

Are Duralast Alternators Good? What Are The Features Of Duralast Alternators?

The Duralast alternator is a product of AutoZone Auto Parts, the largest American retail company in the US that produces aftermarket automotive parts & accessories. Like any alternator, Duralast alternators play a vital role, providing extra battery power by converting mechanical power into electrical power and thus recharging the battery when you are driving.

Therefore, this electrical part has to be made from the original components and not the remanufactured versions. Even though this brand is popular for producing quality electronic parts, they also come with pros and cons.

Duralast produces two types of alternators for its customers. Duralast and Duralast Gold. Both alternators have distinguishable features and perform on different levels, which the given chart shows clearly.

FeaturesDuralastDuralast Gold
Product ConditionPremium RemanufacturedNew
Free Replacement WarrantyLifetimeLifetime
Component ConditionAll wearable components are 100% newThe whole product, including the wearable components, is 100% new
Comparison to OEMeets OE fitMeets or exceeds OE parts
Triple TestedYesYes

The above table shows that Duralast Gold is a completely new product made from 100% original components, whereas, in the remanufactured Duralast alternator, only the wearable parts have 100% new components. Apart from that, both alternators come with a limited lifetime warranty and are triple tested for the best performance. So, you can stop worrying about the replacement even if the alternator goes bad.

The Positive And Negatives Of Duralast Alternators

The users have given both positive and negative reviews on Duralast Alternators. Now before deciding whether it is a reliable alternator for your car battery or not, let’s first see what the positive and negative aspects of the Duralast alternators are.

Positive Attributes Of Duralast Alternator

The Duralast alternator stands out from the crowd by featuring the following attributes:

  • Among the different mounting options, Duralast alternators come with the easiest one, and you can do it yourself without much hassle.
  • The best part of buying a Duralast alternator is that AutoZone offers a limited lifetime warranty for it. So, even if the alternator fails, you can always go for a replacement without spending another penny.

Car Talk Community member shared his personal opinion-

“Duralast from Autozone works fine–if it craps, take it in, and they’ll give you another (wash out any mud first).”

  • High output alternators are a prerequisite to meet the system demand. Duralast alternator offers superior torque performance than many of its competitors. Therefore, it can relentlessly supply the massive amperage requirements that your car’s charging system demands. And more importantly, a high-output alternator does not harm the system or the components. So, you can go boundless with the amps when buying one.

Negatives Attributes Of Duralast Alternators

Everything comes with its own kind of disadvantages, and the Duralast alternators are no different. Here are some notable negative sides of this alternator-

  • When compared to its competitors, Duralast has a history of failing in the earlier period of its lifetime. And it is more true for the Duralast regular alternator compared to its fellow Gold version.
  • Duralast alternators are quite expensive. The price starts at around $125, and it can reach up to $510.
  • If you are about to mount the alternator all by yourself, then do not expect any assistance from AutoZone since they do not provide any customer service. Also, they won’t replace the alternator for you. However, they can test it for you if you bring it in by removing it from the mounting.

A member of the CarTalk community, db4690, expressed his disappointment over the Duralast alternators like this,

“From a professional standpoint . . .

I’m not a fan of ANY store-brand rebuilt electrical items, such as starters and alternators. Every time we got one “in a pinch” because the vehicle had to be ready asap, we ended up regretting it because the part(s) didn’t last very long.

I watched my colleague go through FOUR alternators before he finally got one that actually worked. And they were for a Ford, coincidentally. Don’t be surprised if the alternator lasts 3 years or less. There are lots of choices between store-brand and dealer, by the way. It doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Duralast alternators remanufactured?

Not all Duralast alternators are remanufactured, but some are. For example- Duralast Gold alternators are not remanufactured. Duralast reproduces some of the alternators. They rebuild them removing the wearable parts in them that can malfunction later.

What is a Duralast Gold alternator?

Duralast Gold alternators are new additions to the alternator category by AutoZone that are not remanufactured. More importantly, every unit of these alternators is 100% brand new. They are compatible with giving the maximum amp output for your car. The Duralast Gold alternators are made of proprietary components and have a longer life expectancy, providing better performance than the regular Duralast alternators.

What is the warranty on a Duralast alternator?

Duralast provides a lifetime warranty for their alternators. The company produces its alternators to meet or exceed OEM specifications while removing the wearable components; hence they do not do misery on the warranty period of their alternators. Also, they use brand-new parts as replacements for the remanufactured products, all of which come with a lifetime warranty.

Finally, what do you think? Are Duralast alternators good? If you want to buy a reliable alternator, Duralast can be a good choice. It comes with an extended warranty period. Also, whether you need to repair or replace, the Duralast alternators are ultimately ideal for OE replacement. However, like other parts, an alternator can wear out pretty easily on the go. So, do your research in advance.

Should You Choose Or Avoid Duralast Alternator?

It’s pretty difficult to find the right alternator for your vehicle that can accurately cope with the engine’s rotational motion and convert it into electricity without wearing out or failing. The Duralast alternators are known for their premium components, quality engineering, and maximum performance.

Moreover, the specialty of Duralast alternators is that you can find the exact requirement from the AutoZone website based on your vehicle’s engine size, make, model, and year, which are typically priced between $200-$300, but rarely can exceed $500. So, compared to the lower-end, cheaply remanufactured alternators, you can get a better deal with all-new Duralast Gold.

One of the members of the Toyota 4Runner Forum shares this,

“I have used the Duralast on couple of other vehicles with excellent results, most recently was on my 98 Jeep Cherokee daily driver, original one went to 150k miles & died, I replaced with a Duralast lifetime & it went another 8 years & 60k miles with no signs of failing, sold the jeep 2 years ago & still see it driving around town on I assume the same alt.”

Toyota 4Runner Forum

So, the experience is personalized, and we don’t suggest only relying on others’ opinions. Do your research and check out for yourself which one matches your car’s requirements best.

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