AC DELCO Battery Size Chart Including BCI Group Size

Do you use an AC Delco battery in your car, truck, or SUV? During the replacement of the battery, it is important to select the right AC Delco battery size. Your car will not perform at its best regardless of the specification and regular maintenance if you buy the wrong one. For this reason, it is important to know the AC Delco battery size chart

AC Delco battery comes in different sizes depending on the engine size, battery tray, and the number of powered components. Some are larger and heavy-duty, suitable for SUVs and trucks. Others are small and compact, an ideal choice for luxury cars.

This guide shares a size chart of AC Delco car batteries. Let’s get going.

Different AC DELCO Battery Size Chart

The below chart shows the physical size of the ACDelco car batteries (length X width X height) in millimeters and inches units for better understanding.

Before changing your battery, it is always best to read the user manual to know which car battery size is suitable.

Product NameMillimetersInchesBCI Group Size
ACDelco Gold 65XAGM300.72182.62190.2411.67.47.665
ACDelco 655AGM304.8190.5190.5127.57.565
ACDelco Gold 65AGMHRC299.72190.5187.9611.87.57.465
ACDelco 48AGM302.26190.5193.0411.97.57.648
ACDelco Gold 94RGM314.96175.26190.512.46.97.594
ACDelco Gold 49AGM153.06175.26190.513.96.97.549
ACDelco AUX12149.8688.9129.545.93.55.112-BS
ACDelco Gold 47AGMA241.3175.26175.
ACDelco Gold M27AGM307.34223.52175.2612.16.88.827
ACDelco Gold LN1AGM208.28190.5175.
ACDelco Gold 49AGMHR153.06190.5175.2613.96.97.549
ACDelco Gold AUX14-200149.8686.36144.785.93.45.814-BS
ACDelco Gold B24R469.9289.56241.318.511.49.5 
ACDelco Gold AUX12149.8686.36129.545.93.55.112-BS
ACDelco Silver 31C950A228.6330.2177.8913731
ACDelco Gold 94RGM314.96175.26190.512.46.97.594
ACDelco Gold 48GHR276.86175.26190.510.96.97.548
ACDelco Gold 48AGM302.26190.5193.0411.97.57.648
ACDelco Gold 34XAGM275.84171.96200.1510.866.777.8834
ACDelco 47AGM241.3175.26175.
ACDelco Gold 31XAGMA331.98175.51246.3813.076.739.5331T, 31A
ACDelco Gold 78XAGM275.84179.83186.4710.96.97.278
ACDelco Silver EVLN2AGM241.3175.26175.
ACDelco Gold 24GHR254223.52172.72106.88.724
ACDelco Gold 65XAGM300.74182.63190.2511.96.98.727
ACDelco Gold (Professional Voyagar)203.2304.8127126.98.727
ACDelco Gold 31XAGMT331.98175.51246.3813.076.89.331T
ACDelco Gold 771A563.88279.4251.4622.2119.98D
ACDelco Gold GC2-208261.62180.34287.0210.27.111.1GC2, GC8
ACDelco Gold 845A6V281.84256.54180.3410.27.111.1GC2, GC8
ACDelco Gold U1G250205.74185.42132.
ACDelco Silver 31S660T330.2238.76172.72136.739.5331T, 31A
ACDelco Gold GC12V287.02261.62182.8810.27.111.1GC2, GC8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you put the wrong ACDelco battery size in your car?

Sadly, many car owners are unaware that the battery size of their cars matters. Whether you accidentally or intentionally choose the wrong ACDelco battery size accidentally or intentionally for your car, you will experience the issues below.
Inappropriate Fit: A larger battery than your car’s tray will not be fit and secured safely.
Touching the Hood and Arc: If you buy and install a tall battery, the terminals may touch the hood and arc.
Shorten Battery Cable: If you select a battery opposite your required battery size, the positive and negative terminals may fall short of reaching the posts.
Starting Problem: An undersized battery will be unable to provide enough power to your car’s components. As a result, you will face a starting problem.

Can the wrong ACDelco battery size damage the alternator?

A wrong ACDelco battery size battery will damage the alternator by overheating it. Thus, the alternator’s service life will be short.

Final Words

You can’t choose an oversized or undersized car battery. Choosing and buying the right battery size is vital for your car’s efficient performance.

ACDelco has a wide range of car batteries of different sizes. This ACDelco battery size chart will help you select the correct sized battery for your car.

If you choose the wrong one, the battery will fail eventually. So, selecting the correct size compatible with your vehicle should be vital for car repairs to occur for vehicle owners.

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