Why 7.3 Powerstroke Won’t Start No Smoke- Included Details!

The most current problem with a 7.3 Powerstroke engine could be that the 7.3 Powerstroke won’t start no smoke. And this may happen for different reasons, including the oil level, the battery running out, or extra pressure on the engine.

Today, in this article, we will look for some everyday situations that can make the 7.3 Powerstroke engine not start, and no smoke comes out. And, more interestingly, the common problems with the current and practical solutions. So, let’s get into it.

7.3 Powerstroke won’t start & no smoke

7.3 Powerstroke won’t start with no smoke may happen due to the low battery in most cases we find. But this is not the only situation where you can be stuck with it. Suppose you have a low oil level and are running your vehicle for a significant period. Powerstroke may trouble you there too.

Now, let’s have a look at what are the possible solutions for these frustrating situations.

Possible ReasonsSolutions to Try
Low power battery  Charging backups or replacements  
Low oil level  Having a backup tank or filler for critical situations  
Shutting off the electric fuelChecking for unplugged wire or malfunctions with wire connection  
Fuel drain clogged  Checking and fixing the drain line  
Irrelevant pump timing  Ensure the injection time and fix the pump timing for a more extended period regularly.
Plugging wires and checking connections  Make sure the connections are regular, and the plugs are appropriately placed.  

There are a couple of reasons why a 7.3 Powerstrokewon’t start, and no smoke is coming out. You can find those discussed below:

Low Power Battery

The first reason that could be is having a low battery. Check if your battery has an over-voltage of 11.5 or not. If not, that could be a reason.

When you try to crank the engine, it drops under the rate and causes the fault. If that happens,  you should replace your battery or repair it. You can often find them as 1999 7.3 cranks no start main problem.

Low Oil Level

Low oil levels could be another reason for causing such failures. When your Powerstroke runs out of oil it may behave in such a manner.

This problem could be solved by putting backups like extra oil tanks.

Shutting Off the Electric Fuel

The electric fuel pump only runs for 20-30 seconds if the engine isn’t running. A PCM tach signal keeps the fuel pump running. The fuel pump should be unaffected by the HPOP supply hose.

Check the fuel pump fuse. It may be loose if someone used a fuse tap. An easy fix is to stick a spade terminal next to the fuse, but the proper fix is to remove and disassemble the fuse box

Fuel Drain Clogged

Another problem could be the clogged fuel line. When the fuel line is clogged, it might not be possible to drain the fuel.

For that, you need to open a container under the drain while the engine is running to clear it. Or open the filter lid before draining it; it can create a vacuum and prevent fuel from draining.

It might happen if the car is kept unused for a long time. This could cause the 7.3 Powerstroke not to start after sitting for a long time.

Irrelevant Pump Timing

One of the other problems could be the wrong pump timing. When the crankshaft and camshaft are linked, the injection pump can be driven by a chain, gears, or timing belt.

It is the pump’s timing that determines when it will inject fuel into the cylinder when the piston is at BTDC. If this goes wrong you might suffer from no start of the engine. Moreover, 1999 7.3 cranks won’t start without ether.

Plugging Wires and Checking Connections

Sometimes there might be disturbances in the wires and connections. 7.3 Powerstroke won’t start without proper connections.

It is better to make sure the connections are regular and the plugs are appropriately placed.

5 Steps to Make the Engine Right

These most common situations will pursue you with fuel bowl fire which is a massive problem of Powerstroke. Let’s find a step-by-step solution to make the damage go down.

Step 1: You need to check the oil level first. Because there’s a high possibility that the low oil level causes a hard start for your vehicle, this is a doubtful situation to fall in. If you do not have a backup oil pump, it may trouble you greatly.

Step 2: Blowing off the fuse could damage the Powerstroke. So, let’s check on it by starting with the key sitting in the driver’s position. The fuse is mainly located under the steering wheel. That’s why you need to look back on it and manually make the power circuit control it. 

Step 3: Without having a tach signal, the fuel won’t turn on. In this particular situation, you must ensure that the crank is fast enough to generate a signal to the computer’s sensor. It is crucial to ensure safety.

Step 4: You must ensure that the relay is running with the proper control of the glow plugs. It is mandatory to check because the engine must be correctly wired to different tests. Most of the time, it has four relay stations. 

Step 5: Ensure the battery level and the Powerstroke control module. This could be the last thing you need to check for because most engines may go down just because of the careless reason of low battery. It may seem simple, but it will create significant difficulties. 

Hopefully, this step-by-step process will help you to crack the code and get you to a permanent solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What would cause a 7.3 Powerstroke not to start?

It may not start because of leakage to the fuel tank, having a low battery issue, or the low oil level, which are the most common problems not starting the Powerstroke. The 7.3 Powerstroke is the most refined engine that needs good care for first-class service. It needs to be checked for tiny issues and, no little doubt should remain unsolved.

Can you test a 7.3 ICP sensor?

It is elementary to test the ICP sensor. You need to unplug the ICP and ensure a default value for IPR. Now, if the ICP shows accurate info on the screen, it indicates good health. But, if you are having an issue with showing the info on screen, don’t jump to a conclusion. Firstly check the plugging properly and recheck the reading.

What does an injector control pressure sensor do?

ICP sensor means the Injector “Control Pressure Sensor”, which indicates the rough and heavy load applied to the engine. This condition will eventually cut off the power section for the engine and make it disabled for use. It is a straightforward machine that helps to make the engine safer by creating a default defense technique.

Why the IPR is needed for?

IPR means the valve that creates a feedback circuit along with the ICP that makes sure the oil pressure is appropriate for the fuel system. This creates a great and easy mechanism that helps the engine to stay safe. It also helps in creating the proper cycle to get feedback. This feedback will help you to understand the oil pressure.

Final Words

A Powerstroke engine is an excellent experience while driving with a high-performance value until 7.3 Powerstroke won’t start no smoke. These are some rare situations that may happen in a while. In this article, we tried to solve one of those common problems that may cause trouble for Powerstroke owners. Moreover, there are some common reasons for troubles and solutions that you can apply practically.

Theoretically, there can be more reasons that can cause the problem with starting. But, we discussed the most common problems that most manufacturers and owners are facing recently. We also tried to cover all the possible solutions you can try and hopefully crack the nut and make a fit engine again.

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